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Political Studies

Publisher: SAGE
Founded in: 1953
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Twitter: @PolStudies
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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

The Populist Conjuncture: Legitimation Crisis in the Age of Globalized Capitalism

Crisis, Ideology, and Interventionist Policy Ratchets

Redistribution in an Age of Neoliberalism: Market Economics, ‘Poverty Knowledge’, and the Growth of Working-Age Benefits in Britain, c. 1979–2010

Political Parties and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows among Developing Countries

Participating Locally and Nationally: Explaining the Offline and Online Activism of British Party Members

The Pivotal Role of the Enemy in Inducing Hope for Peace

Repression, Cooptation, and Movement Fragmentation in Authoritarian Regimes: Evidence from the Youth Movement in Egypt

The Grit in the Oyster? Women’s Parliamentary Organizations and the Substantive Representation of Women

The Role and the Future of Deliberative Mini-publics: A Citizen Perspective

Political Leaders and Public Engagement: The Hidden World of Informal Elite–Citizen Interaction