Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews

(The TQCC of Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews is 78. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-03-01 to 2023-03-01.)
Blockchain technology in the energy sector: A systematic review of challenges and opportunities1109
A review on recent advances in hybrid supercapacitors: Design, fabrication and applications738
A review on thermoelectric renewable energy: Principle parameters that affect their performance548
Review of energy storage systems for electric vehicle applications: Issues and challenges529
Peer-to-peer and community-based markets: A comprehensive review460
Lignin utilization: A review of lignin depolymerization from various aspects426
Second generation bioethanol production: A critical review409
Data-driven health estimation and lifetime prediction of lithium-ion batteries: A review404
A technical, economical and market review of organic Rankine cycles for the conversion of low-grade heat for power generation392
Microbial fuel cells: An overview of current technology378
Recent advances in application of nanofluids in heat transfer devices: A critical review351
A comprehensive review of battery modeling and state estimation approaches for advanced battery management systems343
Study of energy storage systems and environmental challenges of batteries338
A review on catalyst development for dry reforming of methane to syngas: Recent advances314
State estimation for advanced battery management: Key challenges and future trends310
Power-to-Gas: Electrolysis and methanation status review299
5th generation district heating and cooling systems: A review of existing cases in Europe277
Review on the development of natural dye photosensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cells275
Microbial fuel cell: Critical factors regulating bio-catalyzed electrochemical process and recent advancements266
A review on energy management system for fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle: Issues and challenges264
A review on the role, cost and value of hydrogen energy systems for deep decarbonisation250
Overview of model-based online state-of-charge estimation using Kalman filter family for lithium-ion batteries245
Underground hydrogen storage: Characteristics and prospects244
Vertical Greenery Systems (VGS) for energy saving in buildings: A review242
Synthesis of magnetic biochar from agricultural waste biomass to enhancing route for waste water and polymer application: A review240
Recent advances in biological pretreatment of microalgae and lignocellulosic biomass for biofuel production239
Fourth generation biofuel: A review on risks and mitigation strategies238
Patent landscape review on biodiesel production: Technology updates238
Optimisation of demand response in electric power systems, a review230
Algae based biorefinery—How to make sense?223
Cryogenic-based CO2 capture technologies: State-of-the-art developments and current challenges222
Sustainability of direct biodiesel synthesis from microalgae biomass: A critical review222
Artificial intelligence-based fault detection and diagnosis methods for building energy systems: Advantages, challenges and the future219
Full energy system transition towards 100% renewable energy in Germany in 2050217
Catalytic thermochemical conversion of biomass for biofuel production: A comprehensive review215
Renewable energy consumption-economic growth nexus in emerging countries: A bootstrap panel causality test213
A review of sustainable hydrogen production using seed sludge via dark fermentation211
Electrode for proton exchange membrane fuel cells: A review207
Hydrothermal carbonization for energy-efficient processing of sewage sludge: A review198
Comprehensive investigation on hydrogen and fuel cell technology in the aviation and aerospace sectors194
Recent advances in syngas production from biomass catalytic gasification: A critical review on reactors, catalysts, catalytic mechanisms and mathematical models188
Renewable energy communities under the 2019 European Clean Energy Package – Governance model for the energy clusters of the future?182
A review on torrefied biomass pellets as a sustainable alternative to coal in power generation176
Moving towards the second generation of lignocellulosic biorefineries in the EU: Drivers, challenges, and opportunities175
A review of energy efficiency in ports: Operational strategies, technologies and energy management systems175
Application and suitability analysis of the key technologies in nearly zero energy buildings in China175
Foundations of offshore wind turbines: A review174
Insights into the microalgae cultivation technology and harvesting process for biofuel production: A review173
Review of blockchain-based distributed energy: Implications for institutional development172
Direct conversion technologies of methane to methanol: An overview169
A review of crop straw pretreatment methods for biogas production by anaerobic digestion in China169
Power systems with high renewable energy sources: A review of inertia and frequency control strategies over time169
Acid pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass for energy vectors production: A review focused on operational conditions and techno-economic assessment for bioethanol production169
Empirical and machine learning models for predicting daily global solar radiation from sunshine duration: A review and case study in China165
China's renewable energy law and policy: A critical review163
A review on clean ammonia as a potential fuel for power generators160
HVDC Transmission: Technology Review, Market Trends and Future Outlook160
Potentials and challenges in lignocellulosic biofuel production technology159
A techno-economic review of silicon photovoltaic module recycling159
Industrial technologies for bioethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass158
A review of biomass gasification modelling157
Prospects of dedicated biodiesel engine vehicles in Malaysia and Indonesia156
A review of biochar properties and their roles in mitigating challenges with anaerobic digestion156
Development and applications of photovoltaic–thermal systems: A review154
Biomass torrefaction: properties, applications, challenges, and economy153
A review of semiconductor materials as sensitizers for quantum dot-sensitized solar cells152
A high-resolution geospatial assessment of the rooftop solar photovoltaic potential in the European Union150
Microwave vacuum pyrolysis of waste plastic and used cooking oil for simultaneous waste reduction and sustainable energy conversion: Recovery of cleaner liquid fuel and techno-economic analysis147
Overview of micro-channel design for high heat flux application146
Progress in microwave pyrolysis conversion of agricultural waste to value-added biofuels: A batch to continuous approach146
Solar stills: A comprehensive review of designs, performance and material advances145
Integrated process of lignocellulosic biomass torrefaction and pyrolysis for upgrading bio-oil production: A state-of-the-art review144
Review of the current technologies and performances of hydrogen compression for stationary and automotive applications142
Power tracking techniques for efficient operation of photovoltaic array in solar applications – A review141
Recent advances in catalytic conversion of biomass to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural and 2, 5-dimethylfuran141
Microbial fuel cell hybrid systems for wastewater treatment and bioenergy production: Synergistic effects, mechanisms and challenges140
Modified Nafion membranes for direct alcohol fuel cells: An overview138
A literature review on hydrogen refuelling stations and infrastructure. Current status and future prospects138
Life Cycle Analysis with Multi-Criteria Decision Making: A review of approaches for the sustainability evaluation of renewable energy technologies137
A review on the selection of anode materials for solid-oxide fuel cells136
Battery charge equalization controller in electric vehicle applications: A review136
Comparison of evaluation standards for green building in China, Britain, United States135
Role of solvents in CO2 capture processes: The review of selection and design methods135
A critical review of organic manure biorefinery models toward sustainable circular bioeconomy: Technological challenges, advancements, innovations, and future perspectives135
Phase change materials and carbon nanostructures for thermal energy storage: A literature review132
A critical review on wireless charging for electric vehicles132
Microgrid architectures for low voltage distributed generation130
A review on current advances in the energy and environmental performance of buildings towards a more sustainable built environment129
A review of thermophysical properties of water based composite nanofluids129
A review and evaluation of thermal insulation materials and methods for thermal energy storage systems129
The Calcium-Looping (CaCO3/CaO) process for thermochemical energy storage in Concentrating Solar Power plants129
Auger reactors for pyrolysis of biomass and wastes128
Automatic hourly solar forecasting using machine learning models127
A review on prognostics and health management (PHM) methods of lithium-ion batteries127
Europe, China and the United States: Three different approaches to the development of offshore wind energy127
Advanced energy storage materials for building applications and their thermal performance characterization: A review126
A review of heat transfer enhancement techniques in plate heat exchangers126
Coupling anaerobic digestion with gasification, pyrolysis or hydrothermal carbonization: A review125
Towards the implementation of sustainable biofuel production systems125
Impact of distributed generation on protection and voltage regulation of distribution systems: A review124
Recent advances in methods and technologies for enhancing bubble detachment during electrochemical water splitting124
Analysis of emerging technologies in the hydropower sector124
A review of net zero energy buildings in hot and humid climates: Experience learned from 34 case study buildings122
Recent advances in BiVO4 semiconductor materials for hydrogen production using photoelectrochemical water splitting121
Enhancing the performance of automotive radiators using nanofluids120
Examining the multiple impacts of technological progress on CO2 emissions in China: A panel quantile regression approach120
A review on the selected applications of forecasting models in renewable power systems119
Biocathode in microbial electrolysis cell; present status and future prospects119
Waste to energy technology: The potential of sustainable biogas production from animal waste in Indonesia119
Current status and future perspectives for energy production from solid biomass in the European industry119
Climate change impacts on renewable energy generation. A review of quantitative projections118
Latest advances on solar thermal collectors: A comprehensive review118
Utmost limits of various solid electrolytes in all-solid-state lithium batteries: A critical review118
Surface modification of activated carbon for adsorption of SO2 and NOX: A review of existing and emerging technologies116
A comprehensive study of the effect of bipolar plate (BP) geometry design on the performance of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells115
Glycerol for renewable acrolein production by catalytic dehydration114
Recent developments on thermal municipal sludge pretreatment technologies for enhanced anaerobic digestion114
Integrating plug-in electric vehicles into power grids: A comprehensive review on power interaction mode, scheduling methodology and mathematical foundation114
Machine-learning methods for integrated renewable power generation: A comparative study of artificial neural networks, support vector regression, and Gaussian Process Regression113
Progress on the pre-treatment of lignocellulosic biomass employing ionic liquids113
Air pollution terrain nexus: A review considering energy generation and consumption113
Propagation mechanisms and diagnosis of parameter inconsistency within Li-Ion battery packs112
A review of multi-criteria decision making approaches for evaluating energy storage systems for grid applications111
Potential use of alkaline hydrogen peroxide in lignocellulosic biomass pretreatment and valorization – A review111
Review: Progress in solar cells from hydrogenated amorphous silicon109
A comprehensive review of organic rankine cycle waste heat recovery systems in heavy-duty diesel engine applications109
The use of phase change materials in domestic heat pump and air-conditioning systems for short term storage: A review108
Significant wave height forecasting via an extreme learning machine model integrated with improved complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition108
Integration of transport and energy sectors in island communities with 100% intermittent renewable energy sources108
Biomass recovery and lipid extraction processes for microalgae biofuels production: A review107
A review on low temperature combustion engines: Performance, combustion and emission characteristics107
Exploring the role of ICT on household behavioural energy efficiency to mitigate global warming107
The outlook of the production of advanced fuels and chemicals from integrated oil palm biomass biorefinery107
Recent progress in the thermal and catalytic conversion of lignin107
Assessment of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems to supplied energy to Autonomous Desalination Systems in two islands of the Canary Archipelago106
A review on catalytic pyrolysis of microalgae to high-quality bio-oil with low oxygeneous and nitrogenous compounds104
Anaerobic digestion: A review on process monitoring104
Mitigating the current energy crisis in Nepal with renewable energy sources103
Energy-Life cycle assessment on applying solar technologies for greenhouse strawberry production103
Solar energy dust and soiling R&D progress: Literature review update for 2016103
A review of microscopic interactions between cavitation bubbles and particles in silt-laden flow103
Feasibility of using kitchen waste as future substrate for bioethanol production: A review102
Organic phase change materials confined in carbon-based materials for thermal properties enhancement: Recent advancement and challenges102
A review of microencapsulated and composite phase change materials: Alteration of strength and thermal properties of cement-based materials102
Carbon dioxide capture and bioenergy production using biological system – A review102
Proton conducting oxides: A review of materials and applications for renewable energy conversion and storage102
Improved SuDoKu reconfiguration technique for total-cross-tied PV array to enhance maximum power under partial shading conditions101
Islanded ammonia power systems: Technology review & conceptual process design101
Pretreatment and co-digestion of wastewater sludge for biogas production: Recent research advances and trends101
Photocatalytic conversion of CO2 using earth-abundant catalysts: A review on mechanism and catalytic performance99
Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane desalination driven by wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) energy: State of the art and challenges for large-scale implementation99
Evaluation and development of empirical models for estimating daily and monthly mean daily diffuse horizontal solar radiation for different climatic regions of China99
A comprehensive review of fuel cell-based micro-combined-heat-and-power systems97
A review on the utilized machine learning approaches for modeling the dynamic viscosity of nanofluids97
Prioritization of sustainability indicators for promoting the circular economy: The case of developing countries97
Hybrid machine intelligent SVR variants for wind forecasting and ramp events96
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a medium-term option in the transition to sustainable fuels and transport96
Future emerging technologies in the wind power sector: A European perspective96
Review of photovoltaic module cooling methods and performance evaluation of the radiative cooling method95
Review of building energy performance certification schemes towards future improvement95
A review on beet sugar industry with a focus on implementation of waste-to-energy strategy for power supply95
A comprehensive survey of flexibility options for supporting the low-carbon energy future94
Optimization techniques to enhance the performance of induction motor drives: A review94
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Evaluating the global potential of aquifer thermal energy storage and determining the potential worldwide hotspots driven by socio-economic, geo-hydrologic and climatic conditions91
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Global policy of rural electrification83
Energy from closed mines: Underground energy storage and geothermal applications83
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Environmental impacts of power-to-X systems - A review of technological and methodological choices in Life Cycle Assessments83
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Developments in evaporative cooling and enhanced evaporative cooling - A review82
Circular Integration of processes, industries, and economies82
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Catalytic thermal conversion of CO2 into fuels: Perspective and challenges81
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Electrospinning in solid oxide fuel cells – A review80
Bioinformatics analysis of metagenomics data of biogas-producing microbial communities in anaerobic digesters: A review80
Analysing the feasibility of powering the Americas with renewable energy and inter-regional grid interconnections by 203080
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Synthesis of γ-valerolactone from different biomass-derived feedstocks: Recent advances on reaction mechanisms and catalytic systems78