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Flash Graphene from Plastic Waste133
Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Attenuate Mitochondrial Damage and Inflammation by Stabilizing Mitochondrial DNA133
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High-Efficiency N2 Electroreduction Enabled by Se-Vacancy-Rich WSe2–x in Water-in-Salt Electrolytes133
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Flexible Graphene Nanocomposites with Simultaneous Highly Anisotropic Thermal and Electrical Conductivities Prepared by Engineered Graphene with Flat Morphology132
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Continuous and Scalable Manufacture of Hybridized Nano-Micro Triboelectric Yarns for Energy Harvesting and Signal Sensing131
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Standards for the Characterization of Endurance in Resistive Switching Devices131
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Smart Fibers and Textiles for Personal Health Management129
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