Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering

(The TQCC of Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering is 18. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-05-01 to 2024-05-01.)
Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and Its Applications: A Systematic Review275
Machine Learning Algorithms in Civil Structural Health Monitoring: A Systematic Review196
Computer Vision Techniques in Construction: A Critical Review174
Image Fusion Techniques: A Survey162
RETRACTED ARTICLE: A Review and State of Art of Internet of Things (IoT)158
A Review on Machine Learning and Deep Learning Perspectives of IDS for IoT: Recent Updates, Security Issues, and Challenges136
A Survey of Learning-Based Intelligent Optimization Algorithms127
A Comparative Study of Metaheuristic Algorithms for Reliability-Based Design Optimization Problems121
A Systematic Review of Hidden Markov Models and Their Applications114
Advances in Sparrow Search Algorithm: A Comprehensive Survey110
The Revolution of Blockchain: State-of-the-Art and Research Challenges108
State-of-the-Art and Comparative Review of Adaptive Sampling Methods for Kriging105
Computer Vision Models in Intelligent Aquaculture with Emphasis on Fish Detection and Behavior Analysis: A Review99
An Intensive and Comprehensive Overview of JAYA Algorithm, its Versions and Applications88
Machine Learning and Deep Learning Based Computational Techniques in Automatic Agricultural Diseases Detection: Methodologies, Applications, and Challenges87
A State of the Art Review of the Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM)84
Methodological-Technological Framework for Construction 4.082
Review on Machine Learning Algorithm Based Fault Detection in Induction Motors82
Latest Advancements in Heat Transfer Enhancement in the Micro-channel Heat Sinks: A Review81
A Systematic Review on Firefly Algorithm: Past, Present, and Future81
A Review of Hydraulic Fracturing Simulation79
Performance Assessment of Concrete and Steel Material Models in LS-DYNA for Enhanced Numerical Simulation, A State of the Art Review78
A Systematic Review of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Cancer Prediction and Diagnosis76
The Number of Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 by using Machine Learning: Methods and Challenges70
State-of-the-Art Review on Responses of RC Structures Subjected to Lateral Impact Loads67
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From Photonic Crystals to Seismic Metamaterials: A Review via Phononic Crystals and Acoustic Metamaterials66
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A Comparative Study of Recent Multi-objective Metaheuristics for Solving Constrained Truss Optimisation Problems63
Advances in Computational Intelligence of Polymer Composite Materials: Machine Learning Assisted Modeling, Analysis and Design63
Big Data Analytics in Weather Forecasting: A Systematic Review61
Advanced Metaheuristic Techniques for Mechanical Design Problems: Review60
Integrating BIM and AI for Smart Construction Management: Current Status and Future Directions59
Emerging Trends in Machine Learning to Predict Crop Yield and Study Its Influential Factors: A Survey57
Slime Mould Algorithm: A Comprehensive Survey of Its Variants and Applications57
A Comprehensive Survey on Portfolio Optimization, Stock Price and Trend Prediction Using Particle Swarm Optimization54
State-of-the-Art Review of Machine Learning Applications in Constitutive Modeling of Soils53
Advances in Spotted Hyena Optimizer: A Comprehensive Survey53
Exploring the Domain of Interpretive Structural Modelling (ISM) for Sustainable Future Panorama: A Bibliometric and Content Analysis52
UAV Path Planning Using Optimization Approaches: A Survey52
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Selection of Renewable Energy Alternatives for Green Blockchain Investments: A Hybrid IT2-based Fuzzy Modelling51
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Optimization of Thermal and Structural Design in Lithium-Ion Batteries to Obtain Energy Efficient Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS): A Critical Review45
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A Review on the Size-Dependent Models of Micro-beam and Micro-plate Based on the Modified Couple Stress Theory39
Application of Artificial Neural Network for Internal Combustion Engines: A State of the Art Review39
Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) Localization Techniques: A Survey38
Review of ML and AutoML Solutions to Forecast Time-Series Data38
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Past, Present and Perspective Methodology for Groundwater Modeling-Based Machine Learning Approaches34
Review and State of Art of Fog Computing34
Measurement and Mitigation of Residual Stress in Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing: A Review of Macro-Scale Continuum Modelling Approach34
Computational Techniques and Tools for Omics Data Analysis: State-of-the-Art, Challenges, and Future Directions34
State-of-the-Art Survey of Quantum Cryptography34
Weather Forecasting for Renewable Energy System: A Review34
Artificial Intelligence in Materials Modeling and Design33
Machine Learning for Smart Agriculture and Precision Farming: Towards Making the Fields Talk33
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A Review of Available Theories and Methodologies for the Analysis of Nano Isotropic, Nano Functionally Graded, and CNT Reinforced Nanocomposite Structures32
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Deep Transfer Learning Approaches to Predict Glaucoma, Cataract, Choroidal Neovascularization, Diabetic Macular Edema, DRUSEN and Healthy Eyes: An Experimental Review32
Flow Damping Devices in Tuned Liquid Damper for Structural Vibration Control: A Review32
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Unified Framework and Survey for Model Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification25
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2D-to-3D: A Review for Computational 3D Image Reconstruction from X-ray Images24
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Deep Reinforcement Learning Techniques in Diversified Domains: A Survey24
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Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Predictive Modeling of Vector-Borne Diseases and its Pathogens: A Systematic Review23
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Computational Techniques Based on Artificial Intelligence for Extracting Optimal Parameters of PEMFCs: Survey and Insights23
A Systematic Literature Review of Blockchain Technology for Smart Villages23
A Systematic Review on Physiological-Based Biometric Recognition Systems: Current and Future Trends23
Merits and Limitations of Mathematical Modeling and Computational Simulations in Mitigation of COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comprehensive Review22
An Investigational Approach for the Prediction of Gastric Cancer Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques: A Systematic Review22
A Review on the Computational Methods of Power System Stabilizer for Damping Power Network Oscillations22
Self-supervised Learning: A Succinct Review22
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A Systematic Review of the Techniques for the Automatic Segmentation of Organs-at-Risk in Thoracic Computed Tomography Images21
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A Comprehensive Study on Computational Pansharpening Techniques for Remote Sensing Images21
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Finite Element Modeling of Soil Structure Interaction System with Interface: A Review20
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Application of Soft Computing Models for Simulating Nitrate Contamination in Groundwater: Comprehensive Review, Assessment and Future Opportunities20
Application of Structural Control Systems for the Cables of Cable-Stayed Bridges: State-of-the-Art and State-of-the-Practice20
Mental Health Analysis in Social Media Posts: A Survey19
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Fiber Reinforced Composite Manufacturing With the Aid of Artificial Intelligence – A State-of-the-Art Review18
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Hybridisable Discontinuous Galerkin Formulation of Compressible Flows18
Progress in Modeling Wetting Phenomena on Structured Substrates18
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A Comprehensive Study of Cloud Forensics18
A Review of Recent Progress in Molecular Dynamics and Coarse-Grain Simulations Assisted Understanding of Wettability18