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(The TQCC of Nature Communications is 64. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-03-01 to 2023-03-01.)
Double-slit photoelectron interference in strong-field ionization of the neon dimer5587
Metascape provides a biologist-oriented resource for the analysis of systems-level datasets4690
SMARCAD1 ATPase activity is required to silence endogenous retroviruses in embryonic stem cells1554
Over 16% efficiency organic photovoltaic cells enabled by a chlorinated acceptor with increased open-circuit voltages1241
TYGS is an automated high-throughput platform for state-of-the-art genome-based taxonomy1005
Quantifying the triboelectric series731
CUT&Tag for efficient epigenomic profiling of small samples and single cells711
Permafrost is warming at a global scale693
Evaluation of 16S rRNA gene sequencing for species and strain-level microbiome analysis648
Structure of the SARS-CoV nsp12 polymerase bound to nsp7 and nsp8 co-factors565
Chinese CO2 emission flows have reversed since the global financial crisis564
Detection of air and surface contamination by SARS-CoV-2 in hospital rooms of infected patients542
Prospects for low-toxicity lead-free perovskite solar cells517
Control of MXenes’ electronic properties through termination and intercalation505
Additive-free MXene inks and direct printing of micro-supercapacitors503
Plant-inspired adhesive and tough hydrogel based on Ag-Lignin nanoparticles-triggered dynamic redox catechol chemistry480
Analysis of polygenic risk score usage and performance in diverse human populations478
Polygenic prediction via Bayesian regression and continuous shrinkage priors469
Non-noble metal-nitride based electrocatalysts for high-performance alkaline seawater electrolysis469
Single-cell RNA-seq denoising using a deep count autoencoder463
Multi-platform discovery of haplotype-resolved structural variation in human genomes462
Cascade anchoring strategy for general mass production of high-loading single-atomic metal-nitrogen catalysts458
Fungal-bacterial diversity and microbiome complexity predict ecosystem functioning432
Color-stable highly luminescent sky-blue perovskite light-emitting diodes426
Global monitoring of antimicrobial resistance based on metagenomics analyses of urban sewage422
Scale-free networks are rare416
Halide lead perovskites for ionizing radiation detection408
Targeting photodynamic and photothermal therapy to the endoplasmic reticulum enhances immunogenic cancer cell death408
Unmasking Clever Hans predictors and assessing what machines really learn407
Duration and key determinants of infectious virus shedding in hospitalized patients with coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19)401
Tumor exosome-based nanoparticles are efficient drug carriers for chemotherapy394
Scalable synthesis of ant-nest-like bulk porous silicon for high-performance lithium-ion battery anodes388
Zinc anode-compatible in-situ solid electrolyte interphase via cation solvation modulation387
Ultrasensitive detection of miRNA with an antimonene-based surface plasmon resonance sensor376
The art of using t-SNE for single-cell transcriptomics370
Forest stand growth dynamics in Central Europe have accelerated since 1870367
Highly selective oxygen reduction to hydrogen peroxide on transition metal single atom coordination367
Enhancing the performance of pure organic room-temperature phosphorescent luminophores366
A strongly adhesive hemostatic hydrogel for the repair of arterial and heart bleeds360
Non defect-stabilized thermally stable single-atom catalyst354
Strain engineering in perovskite solar cells and its impacts on carrier dynamics353
Enhanced strength–ductility synergy in ultrafine-grained eutectic high-entropy alloys by inheriting microstructural lamellae352
Pure PEDOT:PSS hydrogels350
New elevation data triple estimates of global vulnerability to sea-level rise and coastal flooding349
Bulk tissue cell type deconvolution with multi-subject single-cell expression reference347
Metal-organic frameworks with photocatalytic bactericidal activity for integrated air cleaning347
Modulation of recombination zone position for quasi-two-dimensional blue perovskite light-emitting diodes with efficiency exceeding 5%341
Boosting oxygen evolution of single-atomic ruthenium through electronic coupling with cobalt-iron layered double hydroxides339
Atomically dispersed nickel–nitrogen–sulfur species anchored on porous carbon nanosheets for efficient water oxidation338
Overall electrochemical splitting of water at the heterogeneous interface of nickel and iron oxide337
Gasdermin pores permeabilize mitochondria to augment caspase-3 activation during apoptosis and inflammasome activation337
Dual microglia effects on blood brain barrier permeability induced by systemic inflammation337
Structural defects on converted bismuth oxide nanotubes enable highly active electrocatalysis of carbon dioxide reduction336
CO2 hydrogenation to high-value products via heterogeneous catalysis334
9.2%-efficient core-shell structured antimony selenide nanorod array solar cells333
Ruthenium atomically dispersed in carbon outperforms platinum toward hydrogen evolution in alkaline media331
Establishing microbial composition measurement standards with reference frames331
Highly stable and efficient all-inorganic lead-free perovskite solar cells with native-oxide passivation330
Sustained microglial depletion with CSF1R inhibitor impairs parenchymal plaque development in an Alzheimer’s disease model329
Influence of fake news in Twitter during the 2016 US presidential election326
Symbiotic cardiac pacemaker323
Single platinum atoms embedded in nanoporous cobalt selenide as electrocatalyst for accelerating hydrogen evolution reaction323
Over 56.55% Faradaic efficiency of ambient ammonia synthesis enabled by positively shifting the reaction potential321
m6A mRNA demethylase FTO regulates melanoma tumorigenicity and response to anti-PD-1 blockade321
Single-cell transcriptomics of human T cells reveals tissue and activation signatures in health and disease315
Coming together to define membrane contact sites312
Widespread losses of pollinating insects in Britain310
A GPX4-dependent cancer cell state underlies the clear-cell morphology and confers sensitivity to ferroptosis310
Morphology and surface chemistry engineering toward pH-universal catalysts for hydrogen evolution at high current density309
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Promoting electrocatalytic CO2 reduction to formate via sulfur-boosting water activation on indium surfaces307
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Interplay between the human gut microbiome and host metabolism305
Enabling low voltage losses and high photocurrent in fullerene-free organic photovoltaics304
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Two-dimensional semiconducting covalent organic frameworks via condensation at arylmethyl carbon atoms302
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Genome-wide association analyses of chronotype in 697,828 individuals provides insights into circadian rhythms301
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RNA m6A methylation regulates the epithelial mesenchymal transition of cancer cells and translation of Snail297
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Network-based prediction of drug combinations294
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An atlas of the aging lung mapped by single cell transcriptomics and deep tissue proteomics288
Integrated charge excitation triboelectric nanogenerator287
Stem cell-associated heterogeneity in Glioblastoma results from intrinsic tumor plasticity shaped by the microenvironment287
Estimating the success of re-identifications in incomplete datasets using generative models283
Ambient black carbon particles reach the fetal side of human placenta283
Checkpoint blockade and nanosonosensitizer-augmented noninvasive sonodynamic therapy combination reduces tumour growth and metastases in mice283
Fecal pollution can explain antibiotic resistance gene abundances in anthropogenically impacted environments282
Single atom tungsten doped ultrathin α-Ni(OH)2 for enhanced electrocatalytic water oxidation280
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Simple non-fused electron acceptors for efficient and stable organic solar cells279
Rapid identification of pathogenic bacteria using Raman spectroscopy and deep learning278
Trifluoroacetate induced small-grained CsPbBr3 perovskite films result in efficient and stable light-emitting devices276
Mechanically strong MXene/Kevlar nanofiber composite membranes as high-performance nanofluidic osmotic power generators275
Anti-quenching NIR-II molecular fluorophores for in vivo high-contrast imaging and pH sensing275
Approaching coupled cluster accuracy with a general-purpose neural network potential through transfer learning275
Theabrownin from Pu-erh tea attenuates hypercholesterolemia via modulation of gut microbiota and bile acid metabolism275
Patient-derived lung cancer organoids as in vitro cancer models for therapeutic screening274
Chromium-ruthenium oxide solid solution electrocatalyst for highly efficient oxygen evolution reaction in acidic media273
Hypoxia-enhanced Blood-Brain Barrier Chip recapitulates human barrier function and shuttling of drugs and antibodies273
Single-atom cobalt array bound to distorted 1T MoS2 with ensemble effect for hydrogen evolution catalysis272
Moving beyond the glial scar for spinal cord repair271
Tuning orbital orientation endows molybdenum disulfide with exceptional alkaline hydrogen evolution capability265
Dynamic oxygen adsorption on single-atomic Ruthenium catalyst with high performance for acidic oxygen evolution reaction265
Conductive 2D metal-organic framework for high-performance cathodes in aqueous rechargeable zinc batteries265
The future of Blue Carbon science265
Atomic and electronic modulation of self-supported nickel-vanadium layered double hydroxide to accelerate water splitting kinetics258
Single-cell analysis reveals fibroblast heterogeneity and myeloid-derived adipocyte progenitors in murine skin wounds258
Divalent europium-doped near-infrared-emitting phosphor for light-emitting diodes256
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Atomically dispersed nickel as coke-resistant active sites for methane dry reforming255
Spectra stable blue perovskite light-emitting diodes254
Absolute energy level positions in tin- and lead-based halide perovskites252
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Differential PROTAC substrate specificity dictated by orientation of recruited E3 ligase249
Machine-learning reprogrammable metasurface imager248
Highly efficient decomposition of ammonia using high-entropy alloy catalysts248
pH effects on the electrochemical reduction of CO(2) towards C2 products on stepped copper248
Mild photothermal therapy potentiates anti-PD-L1 treatment for immunologically cold tumors via an all-in-one and all-in-control strategy247
International meta-analysis of PTSD genome-wide association studies identifies sex- and ancestry-specific genetic risk loci247
Radical transformation pathway towards sustainable electricity via evolutionary steps246
Microglia are an essential component of the neuroprotective scar that forms after spinal cord injury245
Controllable ion transport by surface-charged graphene oxide membrane244
Modified carbon nitride nanozyme as bifunctional glucose oxidase-peroxidase for metal-free bioinspired cascade photocatalysis244
Genome-wide association study identifies genetic loci for self-reported habitual sleep duration supported by accelerometer-derived estimates244
Arctic amplification is caused by sea-ice loss under increasing CO2243
Observation of parity-time symmetry breaking transitions in a dissipative Floquet system of ultracold atoms243
A silicon-on-insulator slab for topological valley transport243
Multi-functional soft-bodied jellyfish-like swimming241
Lithium anode stable in air for low-cost fabrication of a dendrite-free lithium battery241
Regulating the coordination structure of single-atom Fe-NxCy catalytic sites for benzene oxidation241
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Flexible and durable wood-based triboelectric nanogenerators for self-powered sensing in athletic big data analytics237
High efficiency perovskite quantum dot solar cells with charge separating heterostructure237
A few Ascomycota taxa dominate soil fungal communities worldwide236
A global analysis of coral bleaching over the past two decades235
Doping strain induced bi-Ti3+ pairs for efficient N2 activation and electrocatalytic fixation234
Tuning Pt-CeO2 interactions by high-temperature vapor-phase synthesis for improved reducibility of lattice oxygen234
Atomically engineering activation sites onto metallic 1T-MoS2 catalysts for enhanced electrochemical hydrogen evolution232
Broadband transparent optical phase change materials for high-performance nonvolatile photonics231
Simplicial models of social contagion230
Noncovalently fused-ring electron acceptors with near-infrared absorption for high-performance organic solar cells229
Extremely stretchable and self-healing conductor based on thermoplastic elastomer for all-three-dimensional printed triboelectric nanogenerator228
Zinc-doped Prussian blue enhances photothermal clearance of Staphylococcus aureus and promotes tissue repair in infected wounds227
The lncRNA Neat1 promotes activation of inflammasomes in macrophages225
A broadband achromatic polarization-insensitive metalens consisting of anisotropic nanostructures225
Mettl3-mediated mRNA m6A methylation promotes dendritic cell activation225
First-in-human trial of blood–brain barrier opening in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using MR-guided focused ultrasound225
Penaeid shrimp genome provides insights into benthic adaptation and frequent molting225
Carbon dioxide electroreduction to C2 products over copper-cuprous oxide derived from electrosynthesized copper complex223
SKP2 attenuates autophagy through Beclin1-ubiquitination and its inhibition reduces MERS-Coronavirus infection223
All-small-molecule organic solar cells with over 14% efficiency by optimizing hierarchical morphologies223
A highly transparent and ultra-stretchable conductor with stable conductivity during large deformation222
Host diet and evolutionary history explain different aspects of gut microbiome diversity among vertebrate clades222
Highly efficient photothermal nanoagent achieved by harvesting energy via excited-state intramolecular motion within nanoparticles222
Genome-wide association study of alcohol consumption and use disorder in 274,424 individuals from multiple populations222
Strengthening in multi-principal element alloys with local-chemical-order roughened dislocation pathways221
Electrochemically activated spinel manganese oxide for rechargeable aqueous aluminum battery221
Pan-cancer molecular subtypes revealed by mass-spectrometry-based proteomic characterization of more than 500 human cancers221
High performance n-type Ag2Se film on nylon membrane for flexible thermoelectric power generator220
Porous hypercrosslinked polymer-TiO2-graphene composite photocatalysts for visible-light-driven CO2 conversion220
Laguerre-Gaussian mode sorter219
Nickel-molybdenum nitride nanoplate electrocatalysts for concurrent electrolytic hydrogen and formate productions219
Gut bacterial tyrosine decarboxylases restrict levels of levodopa in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease219
Reducing aggregation caused quenching effect through co-assembly of PAH chromophores and molecular barriers219
A high-speed search engine pLink 2 with systematic evaluation for proteome-scale identification of cross-linked peptides219
Self-assembled single-atom nanozyme for enhanced photodynamic therapy treatment of tumor218
Lignin-polysaccharide interactions in plant secondary cell walls revealed by solid-state NMR217
Fluorinated MOF platform for selective removal and sensing of SO2 from flue gas and air217
Design principles of ion selective nanostructured membranes for the extraction of lithium ions216
Network-based prediction of protein interactions216
Eutrophication will increase methane emissions from lakes and impoundments during the 21st century215
Mitochondria-specific drug release and reactive oxygen species burst induced by polyprodrug nanoreactors can enhance chemotherapy215
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A global assessment of marine heatwaves and their drivers215
Benchmarking an 11-qubit quantum computer215
Evolution of the electrochemical interface in sodium ion batteries with ether electrolytes214
Caspase-1 initiates apoptosis in the absence of gasdermin D214
High capacity silicon anodes enabled by MXene viscous aqueous ink213
Lower synaptic density is associated with depression severity and network alterations213
Atomic-level passivation mechanism of ammonium salts enabling highly efficient perovskite solar cells213
Unifying machine learning and quantum chemistry with a deep neural network for molecular wavefunctions212
CO2 electrochemical catalytic reduction with a highly active cobalt phthalocyanine212
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Neutrophil activation and NETosis are the major drivers of thrombosis in heparin-induced thrombocytopenia210
Metabolic landscape of the tumor microenvironment at single cell resolution209
Circularly polarized light detection using chiral hybrid perovskite209
Enhancing photoelectrochemical water splitting by combining work function tuning and heterojunction engineering209
A versatile route to fabricate single atom catalysts with high chemoselectivity and regioselectivity in hydrogenation209
Adaptive responses of animals to climate change are most likely insufficient209
Abundance of non-conservative microplastics in the upper ocean from 1957 to 2066208
Conductive carbon nanofiber interpenetrated graphene architecture for ultra-stable sodium ion battery208
Directly transforming copper (I) oxide bulk into isolated single-atom copper sites catalyst through gas-transport approach208
Engineering dendritic cell vaccines to improve cancer immunotherapy207
The rise in ocean plastics evidenced from a 60-year time series207
Microbial abundance, activity and population genomic profiling with mOTUs2207
A general synthesis approach for amorphous noble metal nanosheets207
Artificial photosynthetic cell producing energy for protein synthesis206
Exceptional hydrogen storage achieved by screening nearly half a million metal-organic frameworks206
Efficient sky-blue perovskite light-emitting diodes via photoluminescence enhancement206
The configuration of Northern Hemisphere ice sheets through the Quaternary206
Two-dimensional molecular brush-functionalized porous bilayer composite separators toward ultrastable high-current density lithium metal anodes205
Liquid metal-filled magnetorheological elastomer with positive piezoconductivity205
Global impacts of future cropland expansion and intensification on agricultural markets and biodiversity204
CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing induces megabase-scale chromosomal truncations204
Senescent cells evade immune clearance via HLA-E-mediated NK and CD8+ T cell inhibition204
Genetic programming of macrophages to perform anti-tumor functions using targeted mRNA nanocarriers203
Atypical functional connectome hierarchy in autism203
Inkjet-printed unclonable quantum dot fluorescent anti-counterfeiting labels with artificial intelligence authentication202
DRP1-mediated mitochondrial shape controls calcium homeostasis and muscle mass202
A CRISPR-Cas12a-derived biosensing platform for the highly sensitive detection of diverse small molecules202
Lead halide perovskites for photocatalytic organic synthesis201
A critique of pure learning and what artificial neural networks can learn from animal brains200
Room-temperature ferroelectricity in MoTe2 down to the atomic monolayer limit199
Microporous methacrylated glycol chitosan-montmorillonite nanocomposite hydrogel for bone tissue engineering198
Circular RNA CircFndc3b modulates cardiac repair after myocardial infarction via FUS/VEGF-A axis198
Engineering of CRISPR-Cas12b for human genome editing196
Metasurface orbital angular momentum holography196
Boundary activated hydrogen evolution reaction on monolayer MoS2196
Anisotropic and self-healing hydrogels with multi-responsive actuating capability196
circTP63 functions as a ceRNA to promote lung squamous cell carcinoma progression by upregulating FOXM1196
Extracellular matrix hydrogel derived from decellularized tissues enables endodermal organoid culture196
Color-tunable ultralong organic room temperature phosphorescence from a multicomponent copolymer195
Tailoring heterogeneities in high-entropy alloys to promote strength–ductility synergy195
A complex hydride lithium superionic conductor for high-energy-density all-solid-state lithium metal batteries195
Conductivity and lithiophilicity gradients guide lithium deposition to mitigate short circuits193
Genome sequence of the date palm Phoenix dactylifera L192
Selective electroreduction of carbon dioxide to methanol on copper selenide nanocatalysts192
Thermodynamically stable whilst kinetically labile coordination bonds lead to strong and tough self-healing polymers192
High-performance silk-based hybrid membranes employed for osmotic energy conversion192
Matrix mechanical plasticity regulates cancer cell migration through confining microenvironments191
Understanding memristive switching via in situ characterization and device modeling191
Structure of the plastic-degrading Ideonella sakaiensis MHETase bound to a substrate191
Piezoresponse force microscopy and nanoferroic phenomena190
Accurate, scalable and integrative haplotype estimation190
Amorphization activated ruthenium-tellurium nanorods for efficient water splitting190
Sr[Li2Al2O2N2]:Eu2+—A high performance red phosphor to brighten the future190
Involvement of cigarette smoke-induced epithelial cell ferroptosis in COPD pathogenesis190
Electrosynthesis of high-entropy metallic glass nanoparticles for designer, multi-functional electrocatalysis189
Atomic-scale engineering of indium oxide promotion by palladium for methanol production via CO2 hydrogenation188
The short-chain fatty acid pentanoate suppresses autoimmunity by modulating the metabolic-epigenetic crosstalk in lymphocytes188
High entropy alloys as a bold step forward in alloy development187
Exceptionally active iridium evolved from a pseudo-cubic perovskite for oxygen evolution in acid187
CAR exosomes derived from effector CAR-T cells have potent antitumour effects and low toxicity186
Poly(bis-arylimidazoliums) possessing high hydroxide ion exchange capacity and high alkaline stability186
Synthetic biology strategies for microbial biosynthesis of plant natural products185
Amine-responsive cellulose-based ratiometric fluorescent materials for real-time and visual detection of shrimp and crab freshness185
Phase segregation due to ion migration in all-inorganic mixed-halide perovskite nanocrystals185
Phosphorylation-deficient G-protein-biased μ-opioid receptors improve analgesia and diminish tolerance but worsen opioid side effects185
Power generation from the interaction of a liquid droplet and a liquid membrane185
Ultrastretchable and superior healable supercapacitors based on a double cross-linked hydrogel electrolyte184
Stable radical anions generated from a porous perylenediimide metal-organic framework for boosting near-infrared photothermal conversion184
Cervicovaginal microbiota and local immune response modulate the risk of spontaneous preterm delivery184
Simplified synthetic routes for low cost and high photovoltaic performance n-type organic semiconductor acceptors184
NASICON-type air-stable and all-climate cathode for sodium-ion batteries with low cost and high-power density184
Discovery of TaFeSb-based half-Heuslers with high thermoelectric performance184
Monolithic lithium niobate photonic circuits for Kerr frequency comb generation and modulation183
Improved polygenic prediction by Bayesian multiple regression on summary statistics183
Quantum nanophotonics with group IV defects in diamond182
Synthetic control over orientational degeneracy of spacer cations enhances solar cell efficiency in two-dimensional perovskites182
High levels of AAV vector integration into CRISPR-induced DNA breaks182
Molecular mechanisms underlying phytochrome-controlled morphogenesis in plants181
DNA methylation loss promotes immune evasion of tumours with high mutation and copy number load181
Manganese acting as a high-performance heterogeneous electrocatalyst in carbon dioxide reduction181
A comprehensive single cell transcriptional landscape of human hematopoietic progenitors180
Whole-genome resequencing reveals Brassica napus origin and genetic loci involved in its improvement180
Exploring the ternary interactions in Cu–ZnO–ZrO2 catalysts for efficient CO2 hydrogenation to methanol179
Aberrant FGFR signaling mediates resistance to CDK4/6 inhibitors in ER+ breast cancer179
Platinum–copper single atom alloy catalysts with high performance towards glycerol hydrogenolysis177
Apparent latent structure within the UK Biobank sample has implications for epidemiological analysis177
Costless metabolic secretions as drivers of interspecies interactions in microbial ecosystems176
A recent increase in global wave power as a consequence of oceanic warming176
Heteroepitaxial passivation of Cs2AgBiBr6 wafers with suppressed ionic migration for X-ray imaging176
YTHDF1 links hypoxia adaptation and non-small cell lung cancer progression176
An inter-model assessment of the role of direct air capture in deep mitigation pathways175
A chemically inert bismuth interlayer enhances long-term stability of inverted perovskite solar cells175
Automated optimized parameters for T-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding improve visualization and analysis of large datasets174
The simplest construction of single-site catalysts by the synergism of micropore trapping and nitrogen anchoring174
m6A in mRNA coding regions promotes translation via the RNA helicase-containing YTHDC2174
Unveiling the operation mechanism of layered perovskite solar cells173
Enhancing electron diffusion length in narrow-bandgap perovskites for efficient monolithic perovskite tandem solar cells173
Decoupling of mechanical properties and ionic conductivity in supramolecular lithium ion conductors173
B cells sustain inflammation and predict response to immune checkpoint blockade in human melanoma173
Suppression of magnetic ordering in XXZ-type antiferromagnetic monolayer NiPS3172
A gut microbiome signature for cirrhosis due to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease172
Model selection may not be a mandatory step for phylogeny reconstruction171
Extremes of summer climate trigger thousands of thermokarst landslides in a High Arctic environment171
Topological unification of time-reversal and particle-hole symmetries in non-Hermitian physics171
Thermo-responsive triple-function nanotransporter for efficient chemo-photothermal therapy of multidrug-resistant bacterial infection171
Oligodendrocyte precursor cells present antigen and are cytotoxic targets in inflammatory demyelination171
Community assessment to advance computational prediction of cancer drug combinations in a pharmacogenomic screen171
Climate change exacerbates hurricane flood hazards along US Atlantic and Gulf Coasts in spatially varying patterns170
Transcriptional profiling of human microglia reveals grey–white matter heterogeneity and multiple sclerosis-associated changes170
Ultrahigh β-phase content poly(vinylidene fluoride) with relaxor-like ferroelectricity for high energy density capacitors170
Identification and characterization of Cardiac Glycosides as senolytic compounds170
Excessive miR-25-3p maturation via N6-methyladenosine stimulated by cigarette smoke promotes pancreatic cancer progression169
Associations between blood type and COVID-19 infection, intubation, and death168
Packaging materials with desired mechanical and barrier properties and full chemical recyclability168
Sequential LASER ART and CRISPR Treatments Eliminate HIV-1 in a Subset of Infected Humanized Mice167
Multimaterial actinic spatial control 3D and 4D printing166
Block copolymer derived uniform mesopores enable ultrafast electron and ion transport at high mass loadings166
Cross-linked beta alumina nanowires with compact gel polymer electrolyte coating for ultra-stable sodium metal battery166
The antimicrobial potential of Streptomyces from insect microbiomes166
Black phosphorene as a hole extraction layer boosting solar water splitting of oxygen evolution catalysts165
The role of platelets in mediating a response to human influenza infection165
AXL confers intrinsic resistance to osimertinib and advances the emergence of tolerant cells165
Self-trapped state enabled filterless narrowband photodetections in 2D layered perovskite single crystals164
Uncovering the structure of self-regulation through data-driven ontology discovery164
Three-dimensional open nano-netcage electrocatalysts for efficient pH-universal overall water splitting164
Diabetes causes marked inhibition of mitochondrial metabolism in pancreatic β-cells164
LncRNA GLCC1 promotes colorectal carcinogenesis and glucose metabolism by stabilizing c-Myc164
RORγt inhibition selectively targets IL-17 producing iNKT and γδ-T cells enriched in Spondyloarthritis patients164
Site-specific manipulation of Arabidopsis loci using CRISPR-Cas9 SunTag systems163
Highly emissive excitons with reduced exchange energy in thermally activated delayed fluorescent molecules163
Anchoring Cu1 species over nanodiamond-graphene for semi-hydrogenation of acetylene163
Intrinsic magnetic topological insulator phases in the Sb doped MnBi2Te4 bulks and thin flakes163
Recent trend reversal for declining European seagrass meadows163
Multi-stimuli-responsive programmable biomimetic actuator162
Oxygen vacancy associated single-electron transfer for photofixation of CO2 to long-chain chemicals162
Neutrophils promote the development of reparative macrophages mediated by ROS to orchestrate liver repair162
Simultaneous production of fresh water and electricity via multistage solar photovoltaic membrane distillation162
Impaired mitochondrial calcium efflux contributes to disease progression in models of Alzheimer’s disease162
Higher energy and safer sodium ion batteries via an electrochemically made disordered Na3V2(PO4)2F3 material161
Packaging and delivering enzymes by amorphous metal-organic frameworks161
Synergistic Mn-Co catalyst outperforms Pt on high-rate oxygen reduction for alkaline polymer electrolyte fuel cells161
Reversing the charge transfer between platinum and sulfur-doped carbon support for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution161
Microbiota-derived acetate protects against respiratory syncytial virus infection through a GPR43-type 1 interferon response161
Distributed sensing of microseisms and teleseisms with submarine dark fibers159
Amplification of future energy demand growth due to climate change158
Bacteroidetes use thousands of enzyme combinations to break down glycans158
Metabolic reaction network-based recursive metabolite annotation for untargeted metabolomics158
Detection of DNA base modifications by deep recurrent neural network on Oxford Nanopore sequencing data158
Shaping triple-conducting semiconductor BaCo0.4Fe0.4Zr0.1Y0.1O3-δ into an electrolyte for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells158
The ALFA-tag is a highly versatile tool for nanobody-based bioscience applications158
Whole genome sequencing of canids reveals genomic regions under selection and variants influencing morphology158
Albumin tailoring fluorescence and photothermal conversion effect of near-infrared-II fluorophore with aggregation-induced emission characteristics158
Integrated evolutionary analysis reveals antimicrobial peptides with limited resistance158
Skyrmion phase and competing magnetic orders on a breathing kagomé lattice158
Paraffin-enabled graphene transfer157
Resting brain dynamics at different timescales capture distinct aspects of human behavior157
Reconfiguration of interfacial energy band structure for high-performance inverted structure perovskite solar cells157
A systematic evaluation of single cell RNA-seq analysis pipelines156
Ligand design strategies to increase stability of gadolinium-based magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents156
Anomalous hydrogen evolution behavior in high-pH environment induced by locally generated hydronium ions156
Boosting the efficiency of organic persistent room-temperature phosphorescence by intramolecular triplet-triplet energy transfer156
Gut microbiota confers host resistance to obesity by metabolizing dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids156
Highly selective detection of methanol over ethanol by a handheld gas sensor155
Single-cell transcriptomic analysis of mouse neocortical development155
Surpassing the single-atom catalytic activity limit through paired Pt-O-Pt ensemble built from isolated Pt1 atoms155
Multiferroicity in atomic van der Waals heterostructures154
Non-reciprocal robotic metamaterials154
Three-dimensional monolithic integration in flexible printed organic transistors154
Ultralong UV/mechano-excited room temperature phosphorescence from purely organic cluster excitons154
Genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 library screening identified PHGDH as a critical driver for Sorafenib resistance in HCC154
A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies multiple longevity genes154
A sodium-ion sulfide solid electrolyte with unprecedented conductivity at room temperature153
Brain age prediction using deep learning uncovers associated sequence variants153
A generic approach towards afterglow luminescent nanoparticles for ultrasensitive in vivo imaging153
Spin-optoelectronic devices based on hybrid organic-inorganic trihalide perovskites153
Brain tyrosinase overexpression implicates age-dependent neuromelanin production in Parkinson’s disease pathogenesis153
High efficiency and fast van der Waals hetero-photodiodes with a unilateral depletion region153
A single-nucleus RNA-sequencing pipeline to decipher the molecular anatomy and pathophysiology of human kidneys153
H3K27M induces defective chromatin spread of PRC2-mediated repressive H3K27me2/me3 and is essential for glioma tumorigenesis153
Ultrafast multi-focus 3-D nano-fabrication based on two-photon polymerization152
Template-directed RNA polymerization and enhanced ribozyme catalysis inside membraneless compartments formed by coacervates152
Manganese based layered oxides with modulated electronic and thermodynamic properties for sodium ion batteries152
Boosting selective nitrogen reduction to ammonia on electron-deficient copper nanoparticles152
Uncertainty in ensembles of global biodiversity scenarios152
Transforming activity of an oncoprotein-encoding circular RNA from human papillomavirus151
Capturing site-specific heterogeneity with large-scale N-glycoproteome analysis151
Surface diffusion-limited lifetime of silver and copper nanofilaments in resistive switching devices151
Enhancing carbon dioxide gas-diffusion electrolysis by creating a hydrophobic catalyst microenvironment151
Probing the impact of sulfur/selenium/carbon linkages on prodrug nanoassemblies for cancer therapy151
Ether-compatible sulfurized polyacrylonitrile cathode with excellent performance enabled by fast kinetics via selenium doping150
Highly active nanostructured CoS2/CoS heterojunction electrocatalysts for aqueous polysulfide/iodide redox flow batteries150
A high-quality apple genome assembly reveals the association of a retrotransposon and red fruit colour150
Unconventional CN vacancies suppress iron-leaching in Prussian blue analogue pre-catalyst for boosted oxygen evolution catalysis150
Single-cell transcriptomic atlas of the human retina identifies cell types associated with age-related macular degeneration150
SREBP-dependent lipidomic reprogramming as a broad-spectrum antiviral target150
Controlling the shape of 3D microstructures by temperature and light149
Genetic mapping of cell type specificity for complex traits149
Unusual synergistic effect in layered Ruddlesden−Popper oxide enables ultrafast hydrogen evolution149
Tailoring sodium intercalation in graphite for high energy and power sodium ion batteries149
The human gut Firmicute Roseburia intestinalis is a primary degrader of dietary β-mannans149
Identifying substitutional oxygen as a prolific point defect in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides149
A systems biology approach towards understanding and treating non-neovascular age-related macular degeneration148
Whole-genome landscape of mucosal melanoma reveals diverse drivers and therapeutic targets148
Nanostructured polymer films with metal-like thermal conductivity147
Strigolactone perception and deactivation by a hydrolase receptor DWARF14147
Ulcerative colitis mucosal transcriptomes reveal mitochondriopathy and personalized mechanisms underlying disease severity and treatment response147
Quantifying the factors limiting rate performance in battery electrodes146
Oxytocin pathway gene networks in the human brain146
Inkjet-printed stretchable and low voltage synaptic transistor array146
Na-doped ruthenium perovskite electrocatalysts with improved oxygen evolution activity and durability in acidic media146
High-throughput targeted long-read single cell sequencing reveals the clonal and transcriptional landscape of lymphocytes146
A meta-analysis of global fungal distribution reveals climate-driven patterns146
Tumor-associated reactive astrocytes aid the evolution of immunosuppressive environment in glioblastoma146
CXCR1- or CXCR2-modified CAR T cells co-opt IL-8 for maximal antitumor efficacy in solid tumors146
Immunostimulatory nanomedicines synergize with checkpoint blockade immunotherapy to eradicate colorectal tumors145
Holographic colour prints for enhanced optical security by combined phase and amplitude control145
In vivo engineered extracellular matrix scaffolds with instructive niches for oriented tissue regeneration145
Exosome reporter mice reveal the involvement of exosomes in mediating neuron to astroglia communication in the CNS145
Ancient European dog genomes reveal continuity since the Early Neolithic144
Size control in mammalian cells involves modulation of both growth rate and cell cycle duration144
Genomic diversity landscape of the honey bee gut microbiota144
Achieving three-dimensional lithium sulfide growth in lithium-sulfur batteries using high-donor-number anions144
Small extracellular vesicles containing arginase-1 suppress T-cell responses and promote tumor growth in ovarian carcinoma143
tACS motor system effects can be caused by transcutaneous stimulation of peripheral nerves142
eg occupancy as an effective descriptor for the catalytic activity of perovskite oxide-based peroxidase mimics142
Unwinding a spiral of cellulose nanocrystals for stimuli-responsive stretchable optics141
Impacts of alkaline on the defects property and crystallization kinetics in perovskite solar cells141
Soluble TREM2 ameliorates pathological phenotypes by modulating microglial functions in an Alzheimer’s disease model141
In situ spectroscopy-guided engineering of rhodium single-atom catalysts for CO oxidation140
Adjacent cationic–aromatic sequences yield strong electrostatic adhesion of hydrogels in seawater140
Engineered E. coli Nissle 1917 for the delivery of matrix-tethered therapeutic domains to the gut140
Linkage between endosomal escape of LNP-mRNA and loading into EVs for transport to other cells140
Phylogenomics of 10,575 genomes reveals evolutionary proximity between domains Bacteria and Archaea140
UCHL1 provides diagnostic and antimetastatic strategies due to its deubiquitinating effect on HIF-1α139
A genetically encoded single-wavelength sensor for imaging cytosolic and cell surface ATP139
Virus-specific memory T cells populate tumors and can be repurposed for tumor immunotherapy139
A consensus S. cerevisiae metabolic model Yeast8 and its ecosystem for comprehensively probing cellular metabolism139
Deletion of a Csf1r enhancer selectively impacts CSF1R expression and development of tissue macrophage populations139
Optical space-time wave packets having arbitrary group velocities in free space138
Direct functionalization of methane into ethanol over copper modified polymeric carbon nitride via photocatalysis138
Bio-inspired nitric-oxide-driven nanomotor138
Proteome-wide solubility and thermal stability profiling reveals distinct regulatory roles for ATP138
Taming the stability of Pd active phases through a compartmentalizing strategy toward nanostructured catalyst supports138
Comprehensive evaluation and characterisation of short read general-purpose structural variant calling software138
IP3 receptor isoforms differently regulate ER-mitochondrial contacts and local calcium transfer138
RNA secondary structure prediction using an ensemble of two-dimensional deep neural networks and transfer learning137
Shuttling a single charge across a one-dimensional array of silicon quantum dots137
Asgard archaea capable of anaerobic hydrocarbon cycling137
Perinatal factors affect the gut microbiota up to four years after birth137
Anthropogenic shift towards higher risk of flash drought over China137
Deep learning enabled smart mats as a scalable floor monitoring system137
Genome editing in primary cells and in vivo using viral-derived Nanoblades loaded with Cas9-sgRNA ribonucleoproteins137
Blood–brain barrier permeable nano immunoconjugates induce local immune responses for glioma therapy137
Are microtubules tension sensors?136
Theory of correlated insulating behaviour and spin-triplet superconductivity in twisted double bilayer graphene136
Utilizing solar energy to improve the oxygen evolution reaction kinetics in zinc–air battery136
Facilitating nitrogen accessibility to boron-rich covalent organic frameworks via electrochemical excitation for efficient nitrogen fixation136
A global multi-hazard risk analysis of road and railway infrastructure assets136
Efficient metal halide perovskite light-emitting diodes with significantly improved light extraction on nanophotonic substrates136
Single cell RNA analysis identifies cellular heterogeneity and adaptive responses of the lung at birth136
Therapeutic role of miR-19a/19b in cardiac regeneration and protection from myocardial infarction136
Tree height explains mortality risk during an intense drought135
How lasing happens in CsPbBr3 perovskite nanowires135
Active generation and magnetic actuation of microrobotic swarms in bio-fluids135
Direct RNA sequencing on nanopore arrays redefines the transcriptional complexity of a viral pathogen135
Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals midbrain dopamine neuron diversity emerging during mouse brain development135
Microbe-host interplay in atopic dermatitis and psoriasis135
Recognizing the quiet extinction of invertebrates134
Diversity-triggered deterministic bacterial assembly constrains community functions134
A bio-inspired coordination polymer as outstanding water oxidation catalyst via second coordination sphere engineering134
Framework nucleic acids as programmable carrier for transdermal drug delivery134
Coral bacterial community structure responds to environmental change in a host-specific manner134
Single-cell trajectories reconstruction, exploration and mapping of omics data with STREAM134
General technoeconomic analysis for electrochemical coproduction coupling carbon dioxide reduction with organic oxidation134
Enabling long-lived organic room temperature phosphorescence in polymers by subunit interlocking134
Flavonoid intake is associated with lower mortality in the Danish Diet Cancer and Health Cohort134
Hydro-Seq enables contamination-free high-throughput single-cell RNA-sequencing for circulating tumor cells134
Assembly and seasonality of core phyllosphere microbiota on perennial biofuel crops133
Selective light absorber-assisted single nickel atom catalysts for ambient sunlight-driven CO2 methanation133
NLRP3 inflammasome in fibroblasts links tissue damage with inflammation in breast cancer progression and metastasis133
Alterations in ALK/ROS1/NTRK/MET drive a group of infantile hemispheric gliomas133
Competition for nutrients and its role in controlling immune responses132
Soil carbon sequestration accelerated by restoration of grassland biodiversity132
Nanoparticle-enabled phase control for arc welding of unweldable aluminum alloy 7075132
High-resolution structure determination of sub-100 kDa complexes using conventional cryo-EM132
Engineering atomic-level complexity in high-entropy and complex concentrated alloys132
The architecture of functional lateralisation and its relationship to callosal connectivity in the human brain131
Defect engineered bioactive transition metals dichalcogenides quantum dots131
Small contact resistance and high-frequency operation of flexible low-voltage inverted coplanar organic transistors131
4-Octyl itaconate inhibits aerobic glycolysis by targeting GAPDH to exert anti-inflammatory effects131
Impact of delivery mode-associated gut microbiota dynamics on health in the first year of life131
Metformin induces lipogenic differentiation in myofibroblasts to reverse lung fibrosis131
Direct band-gap crossover in epitaxial monolayer boron nitride131
Naturally-occurring cholesterol analogues in lipid nanoparticles induce polymorphic shape and enhance intracellular delivery of mRNA130
Optical soliton molecular complexes in a passively mode-locked fibre laser130
Active control of anapole states by structuring the phase-change alloy Ge2Sb2Te5130
NPC1 regulates ER contacts with endocytic organelles to mediate cholesterol egress130
Rh single atoms on TiO2 dynamically respond to reaction conditions by adapting their site130
A stable zirconium based metal-organic framework for specific recognition of representative polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin molecules130
Tuning porosity in macroscopic monolithic metal-organic frameworks for exceptional natural gas storage130
Subcortical electrophysiological activity is detectable with high-density EEG source imaging129
Revealing exciton masses and dielectric properties of monolayer semiconductors with high magnetic fields129
Phase-field modeling and machine learning of electric-thermal-mechanical breakdown of polymer-based dielectrics129
Crizotinib-induced immunogenic cell death in non-small cell lung cancer129
Genetic studies of accelerometer-based sleep measures yield new insights into human sleep behaviour129
A metabolic profile of all-cause mortality risk identified in an observational study of 44,168 individuals129
Origin of apparent light-enhanced and negative capacitance in perovskite solar cells128
Modulating the mechanism of electrocatalytic CO2 reduction by cobalt phthalocyanine through polymer coordination and encapsulation127
Macrophage spatial heterogeneity in gastric cancer defined by multiplex immunohistochemistry127
Phenazine production promotes antibiotic tolerance and metabolic heterogeneity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms127
Sustained ocean changes contributed to sudden Antarctic sea ice retreat in late 2016127
Room temperature CO2 reduction to solid carbon species on liquid metals featuring atomically thin ceria interfaces127
Directed self-assembly of herbal small molecules into sustained release hydrogels for treating neural inflammation127
High-fidelity spin and optical control of single silicon-vacancy centres in silicon carbide127
CAF hierarchy driven by pancreatic cancer cell p53-status creates a pro-metastatic and chemoresistant environment via perlecan127
Non-stationary coherent quantum many-body dynamics through dissipation126
Metastable brain waves126
Selective photoelectrochemical oxidation of glycerol to high value-added dihydroxyacetone126
Purification of cross-linked RNA-protein complexes by phenol-toluol extraction126
Age and pattern of the southern high-latitude continental end-Permian extinction constrained by multiproxy analysis126
Fast lithium growth and short circuit induced by localized-temperature hotspots in lithium batteries126
Interplay of protein corona and immune cells controls blood residency of liposomes126
Hydroxide promotes carbon dioxide electroreduction to ethanol on copper via tuning of adsorbed hydrogen126
Superhydrophobic hemostatic nanofiber composites for fast clotting and minimal adhesion126
Cytomembrane nanovaccines show therapeutic effects by mimicking tumor cells and antigen presenting cells126
Genomic landscape and chronological reconstruction of driver events in multiple myeloma126
Integration of single photon emitters in 2D layered materials with a silicon nitride photonic chip125
Band-like transport in small-molecule thin films toward high mobility and ultrahigh detectivity phototransistor arrays125
Non-classical tissue monocytes and two functionally distinct populations of interstitial macrophages populate the mouse lung125
Electrically pumped photonic integrated soliton microcomb125
A bimodal soft electronic skin for tactile and touchless interaction in real time125
The viral protein corona directs viral pathogenesis and amyloid aggregation125
NAD+ augmentation restores mitophagy and limits accelerated aging in Werner syndrome125
Closing yield gaps for rice self-sufficiency in China124
Quantum absorption refrigerator with trapped ions124
Cathode porosity is a missing key parameter to optimize lithium-sulfur battery energy density124
Near-infrared light and tumor microenvironment dual responsive size-switchable nanocapsules for multimodal tumor theranostics124
RNA is a critical element for the sizing and the composition of phase-separated RNA–protein condensates124
Physically informed artificial neural networks for atomistic modeling of materials124
Epigenetic dysregulation of enhancers in neurons is associated with Alzheimer’s disease pathology and cognitive symptoms124
Snow depth variability in the Northern Hemisphere mountains observed from space124
A comprehensive examination of Nanopore native RNA sequencing for characterization of complex transcriptomes124
AZD7648 is a potent and selective DNA-PK inhibitor that enhances radiation, chemotherapy and olaparib activity124
Environmental co-benefits and adverse side-effects of alternative power sector decarbonization strategies124
Mendelian randomization integrating GWAS and eQTL data reveals genetic determinants of complex and clinical traits124
On the predictability of infectious disease outbreaks123
Suicide among cancer patients123
Formation and current-induced motion of synthetic antiferromagnetic skyrmion bubbles123
Bacteroides fragilis polysaccharide A induces IL-10 secreting B and T cells that prevent viral encephalitis123
Enhanced future changes in wet and dry extremes over Africa at convection-permitting scale123
Ultra-long coherence times amongst room-temperature solid-state spins123
Relationship between gut microbiota and circulating metabolites in population-based cohorts123
Small intestinal microbial dysbiosis underlies symptoms associated with functional gastrointestinal disorders123
State-of-the-art global models underestimate impacts from climate extremes123
Tuning the activity and selectivity of electroreduction of CO2 to synthesis gas using bimetallic catalysts122
Predictive metabolomic profiling of microbial communities using amplicon or metagenomic sequences122
Supramolecular peptide constructed by molecular Lego allowing programmable self-assembly for photodynamic therapy122
Polymer gels with tunable ionic Seebeck coefficient for ultra-sensitive printed thermopiles122
Structural color three-dimensional printing by shrinking photonic crystals122
Tuning wettability of molten lithium via a chemical strategy for lithium metal anodes122
Identification of serum metabolites associating with chronic kidney disease progression and anti-fibrotic effect of 5-methoxytryptophan122
Association analyses identify 31 new risk loci for colorectal cancer susceptibility122
Capturing chemical intuition in synthesis of metal-organic frameworks121
Layer-by-layer self-assembly of pillared two-dimensional multilayers121
Gas identification with graphene plasmons121
Giant valley splitting in monolayer WS2 by magnetic proximity effect121
Correlative cryo-electron microscopy reveals the structure of TNTs in neuronal cells121
Human-sized magnetic particle imaging for brain applications121
Membrane adsorbers with ultrahigh metal-organic framework loading for high flux separations121
Structural basis for reversible amyloids of hnRNPA1 elucidates their role in stress granule assembly121
SCALE method for single-cell ATAC-seq analysis via latent feature extraction121
Outcomes of controlled human malaria infection after BCG vaccination121
A reference-grade wild soybean genome121
Ultra-high performance wearable thermoelectric coolers with less materials120
On the degradation mechanisms of quantum-dot light-emitting diodes120
Both fallopian tube and ovarian surface epithelium are cells-of-origin for high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma120
Lysine/RNA-interactions drive and regulate biomolecular condensation120
Irreversible electroporation reverses resistance to immune checkpoint blockade in pancreatic cancer120
Low-carbon innovation induced by emissions trading in China120
Structural heterogeneity of α-synuclein fibrils amplified from patient brain extracts120
Modulation of M2 macrophage polarization by the crosstalk between Stat6 and Trim24120
Bacterial hopping and trapping in porous media119
Genome-wide association study of body fat distribution identifies adiposity loci and sex-specific genetic effects119
Distributed sensing of earthquakes and ocean-solid Earth interactions on seafloor telecom cables119
Deep learning extends de novo protein modelling coverage of genomes using iteratively predicted structural constraints119
Single-shot on-chip spectral sensors based on photonic crystal slabs119
A safe and non-flammable sodium metal battery based on an ionic liquid electrolyte119
Adenosine receptor agonism protects against NETosis and thrombosis in antiphospholipid syndrome119
Modular enzyme assembly for enhanced cascade biocatalysis and metabolic flux119
Correlation between manganese dissolution and dynamic phase stability in spinel-based lithium-ion battery119
Ethylene-mediated nitric oxide depletion pre-adapts plants to hypoxia stress119
Characterizing large-scale quantum computers via cycle benchmarking119
Agreement between two large pan-cancer CRISPR-Cas9 gene dependency data sets119
Full-color laser displays based on organic printed microlaser arrays118
Dietary fatty acids fine-tune Piezo1 mechanical response118
Embedding laser generated nanocrystals in BiVO4 photoanode for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting118
Regulation of priming effect by soil organic matter stability over a broad geographic scale118
Rapid decline of neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 among infected healthcare workers118
Facile syntheses of conjugated polymers for photothermal tumour therapy117
Nacre-mimetic composite with intrinsic self-healing and shape-programming capability117
Sterol regulatory element binding protein 1 couples mechanical cues and lipid metabolism117
Combining LOPIT with differential ultracentrifugation for high-resolution spatial proteomics117
Phosphate acts directly on the calcium-sensing receptor to stimulate parathyroid hormone secretion117
Dual stem cell therapy synergistically improves cardiac function and vascular regeneration following myocardial infarction117
CDK12 loss in cancer cells affects DNA damage response genes through premature cleavage and polyadenylation117
The mTORC1/4E-BP1 axis represents a critical signaling node during fibrogenesis117
Extracellular vesicles from CLEC2-activated platelets enhance dengue virus-induced lethality via CLEC5A/TLR2116
Meta-analysis shows positive effects of plant diversity on microbial biomass and respiration116
Artificial light-driven ion pump for photoelectric energy conversion116
Tissue-resident memory CD8+ T cells amplify anti-tumor immunity by triggering antigen spreading through dendritic cells116
Global urban expansion offsets climate-driven increases in terrestrial net primary productivity116
All-printed large-scale integrated circuits based on organic electrochemical transistors116
Collective excitation of plasmon-coupled Au-nanochain boosts photocatalytic hydrogen evolution of semiconductor116
IRE1α-XBP1s pathway promotes prostate cancer by activating c-MYC signaling116
Intestinal microbiome composition and its relation to joint pain and inflammation116
Enhancer hijacking activates oncogenic transcription factor NR4A3 in acinic cell carcinomas of the salivary glands116
Heterogeneity of human bone marrow and blood natural killer cells defined by single-cell transcriptome116
Genome-wide analysis of dental caries and periodontitis combining clinical and self-reported data116
Direct solution-phase synthesis of 1T’ WSe2 nanosheets115
Optogenetic stimulation of medial prefrontal cortex Drd1 neurons produces rapid and long-lasting antidepressant effects115
Ingestible hydrogel device115
Consciousness-specific dynamic interactions of brain integration and functional diversity115
Suppressed phase separation of mixed-halide perovskites confined in endotaxial matrices115
Bivariate causal mixture model quantifies polygenic overlap between complex traits beyond genetic correlation115
A versatile functionalized ionic liquid to boost the solution-mediated performances of lithium-oxygen batteries115
TurboID-based proximity labeling reveals that UBR7 is a regulator of N NLR immune receptor-mediated immunity115
Time-reversal symmetry breaking type-II Weyl state in YbMnBi2115
Excessive mechanical loading promotes osteoarthritis through the gremlin-1–NF-κB pathway115
Mapping lung cancer epithelial-mesenchymal transition states and trajectories with single-cell resolution115
Gut microbiome-derived phenyl sulfate contributes to albuminuria in diabetic kidney disease115
A colloidal quantum dot infrared photodetector and its use for intraband detection114
Cascade enzymes within self-assembled hybrid nanogel mimicked neutrophil lysosomes for singlet oxygen elevated cancer therapy114
Nickel sulfide nanocrystals on nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanotubes with high-efficiency electrocatalysis for room-temperature sodium-sulfur batteries114
Enhancing materials property prediction by leveraging computational and experimental data using deep transfer learning114
Pore elimination mechanisms during 3D printing of metals114
A Bayesian machine learning approach for drug target identification using diverse data types114
Dynamic beam steering with all-dielectric electro-optic III–V multiple-quantum-well metasurfaces114
ImmGen report: sexual dimorphism in the immune system transcriptome114
Breast cancer quantitative proteome and proteogenomic landscape114
Origin of band gaps in 3d perovskite oxides114
Staged developmental mapping and X chromosome transcriptional dynamics during mouse spermatogenesis114
LC3/GABARAPs drive ubiquitin-independent recruitment of Optineurin and NDP52 to amplify mitophagy114
Transforming insect population control with precision guided sterile males with demonstration in flies114
A polymer-direct-intercalation strategy for MoS2/carbon-derived heteroaerogels with ultrahigh pseudocapacitance114
Printable magnesium ion quasi-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors for flexible solar-charging integrated units114
CRISPR-Cas9-based mutagenesis frequently provokes on-target mRNA misregulation113
Plant leaves inspired sunlight-driven purifier for high-efficiency clean water production113
Nonlinearity of root trait relationships and the root economics spectrum113
Hidden structural and chemical order controls lithium transport in cation-disordered oxides for rechargeable batteries113
Arbitrarily routed mode-division multiplexed photonic circuits for dense integration113
Ageing affects DNA methylation drift and transcriptional cell-to-cell variability in mouse muscle stem cells113
Purified F-ATP synthase forms a Ca2+-dependent high-conductance channel matching the mitochondrial permeability transition pore113
Building a global alliance of biofoundries113
Unsupervised discovery of solid-state lithium ion conductors112
Pharmacologic ATF6 activation confers global protection in widespread disease models by reprograming cellular proteostasis112
Fast and selective fluoride ion conduction in sub-1-nanometer metal-organic framework channels112
High-quality mesoporous graphene particles as high-energy and fast-charging anodes for lithium-ion batteries112
Auxin-sensitive Aux/IAA proteins mediate drought tolerance in Arabidopsis by regulating glucosinolate levels112
Tumor-reprogrammed resident T cells resist radiation to control tumors112
Cation-induced chirality in a bifunctional metal-organic framework for quantitative enantioselective recognition112
Enhancing and shaping the immunogenicity of native-like HIV-1 envelope trimers with a two-component protein nanoparticle112
Meta-analysis of epigenome-wide association studies in neonates reveals widespread differential DNA methylation associated with birthweight112
Brain-targeted drug delivery by manipulating protein corona functions111
Visible light-induced direct α C–H functionalization of alcohols111
Spatiotemporal control of coacervate formation within liposomes111
Evidence for a prolonged Permian–Triassic extinction interval from global marine mercury records111
Visible and infrared three-wavelength modulated multi-directional actuators111
Real-time decoding of question-and-answer speech dialogue using human cortical activity111
SERS discrimination of single DNA bases in single oligonucleotides by electro-plasmonic trapping111
In-situ local phase-transitioned MoSe2 in La0.5Sr0.5CoO3-δ heterostructure and stable overall water electrolysis over 1000 hours111
Sequencing of human genomes with nanopore technology111
Longitudinal HIV sequencing reveals reservoir expression leading to decay which is obscured by clonal expansion111
Flexible, sticky, and biodegradable wireless device for drug delivery to brain tumors111
Molecular architecture of softwood revealed by solid-state NMR111
Decrease in coccolithophore calcification and CO2 since the middle Miocene110
Whole genome re-sequencing of date palms yields insights into diversification of a fruit tree crop110
Enantioselective benzylic C–H arylation via photoredox and nickel dual catalysis110
A green metal-free fused-ring initiating substance110
Plasmonic photosynthesis of C1–C3 hydrocarbons from carbon dioxide assisted by an ionic liquid110
Reconfigurable two-dimensional optoelectronic devices enabled by local ferroelectric polarization110
Extreme slow growth as alternative strategy to survive deep starvation in bacteria110
Electrical pulse-induced electrochemical biosensor for hepatitis E virus detection110
Rewiring carbon metabolism in yeast for high level production of aromatic chemicals110
Surpassing the 10% efficiency milestone for 1-cm2 all-polymer solar cells110
PD-1 blockade potentiates HIV latency reversal ex vivo in CD4+ T cells from ART-suppressed individuals110
4-Coumarate 3-hydroxylase in the lignin biosynthesis pathway is a cytosolic ascorbate peroxidase110
Lithiophilic montmorillonite serves as lithium ion reservoir to facilitate uniform lithium deposition110
A tumour-selective cascade activatable self-detained system for drug delivery and cancer imaging110
Genome-wide associated study identifies NAC42-activated nitrate transporter conferring high nitrogen use efficiency in rice110
Genome-wide association study of eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis reveals genomic loci stratified by ANCA status110
The negative emission potential of alkaline materials109
Emergence of plasmid stability under non-selective conditions maintains antibiotic resistance109
Longshot enables accurate variant calling in diploid genomes from single-molecule long read sequencing109
Quadruple perovskite ruthenate as a highly efficient catalyst for acidic water oxidation109
Dynamic fibroblast contractions attract remote macrophages in fibrillar collagen matrix109
Photo-induced ultrafast active ion transport through graphene oxide membranes109
Universal scaling relations for the rational design of molecular water oxidation catalysts with near-zero overpotential109
Discovery of key whole-brain transitions and dynamics during human wakefulness and non-REM sleep109
PFA ependymoma-associated protein EZHIP inhibits PRC2 activity through a H3 K27M-like mechanism109
Transcriptional landscape and clinical utility of enhancer RNAs for eRNA-targeted therapy in cancer109
Extensive intraspecific gene order and gene structural variations in upland cotton cultivars109
Quantifying dissipation using fluctuating currents108
Scalable preparation of alternating block copolymer particles with inverse bicontinuous mesophases108
Magnetic-field-dependent quantum emission in hexagonal boron nitride at room temperature108
A gRNA-tRNA array for CRISPR-Cas9 based rapid multiplexed genome editing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae108
Targeting lonidamine to mitochondria mitigates lung tumorigenesis and brain metastasis108
Photocatalytic water splitting by N-TiO2 on MgO (111) with exceptional quantum efficiencies at elevated temperatures108
DNA methylation as a mediator of HLA-DRB1*15:01 and a protective variant in multiple sclerosis108
Global mycorrhizal plant distribution linked to terrestrial carbon stocks108
Impacts of air pollutants from rural Chinese households under the rapid residential energy transition108
Meta-analysis reveals that pollinator functional diversity and abundance enhance crop pollination and yield108
The emergence of cost effective battery storage107
Dissecting the role of H3K27 acetylation and methylation in PRC2 mediated control of cellular identity107
Bridging the gap between transition metal- and bio-catalysis via aqueous micellar catalysis107
Multifunctional flexible membranes from sponge-like porous carbon nanofibers with high conductivity107
Photoinduced semiconductor-metal transition in ultrathin troilite FeS nanosheets to trigger efficient hydrogen evolution107
−60 °C solution synthesis of atomically dispersed cobalt electrocatalyst with superior performance107
Colossal barocaloric effects near room temperature in plastic crystals of neopentylglycol107
5-Fluorouracil treatment induces characteristic T>G mutations in human cancer107
Discovery of hexagonal ternary phase Ti2InB2 and its evolution to layered boride TiB107
Transition metal-free phosphonocarboxylation of alkenes with carbon dioxide via visible-light photoredox catalysis107
Hypervirulent Listeria monocytogenes clones’ adaption to mammalian gut accounts for their association with dairy products107
Galectin-3 is required for the microglia-mediated brain inflammation in a model of Huntington’s disease107
A genome-wide positioning systems network algorithm for in silico drug repurposing107
Towards super-clean graphene107
Multiple plant diversity components drive consumer communities across ecosystems107
The indica nitrate reductase gene OsNR2 allele enhances rice yield potential and nitrogen use efficiency107
P2X7 receptor induces mitochondrial failure in monocytes and compromises NLRP3 inflammasome activation during sepsis107
Most Earth-surface calcites precipitate out of isotopic equilibrium106
Remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil by asymmetrical alternating current electrochemistry106
Measuring topology from dynamics by obtaining the Chern number from a linking number106
Multispectral optoacoustic imaging of dynamic redox correlation and pathophysiological progression utilizing upconversion nanoprobes106
Targeting lysyl oxidase (LOX) overcomes chemotherapy resistance in triple negative breast cancer106
Optimising surface d charge of AuPd nanoalloy catalysts for enhanced catalytic activity106
Low-voltage high-performance flexible digital and analog circuits based on ultrahigh-purity semiconducting carbon nanotubes106
Circulating myocardial microRNAs from infarcted hearts are carried in exosomes and mobilise bone marrow progenitor cells106
Resonant catalysis of thermally activated chemical reactions with vibrational polaritons106
Exosomes harbor B cell targets in pancreatic adenocarcinoma and exert decoy function against complement-mediated cytotoxicity106
Saturation mutagenesis of twenty disease-associated regulatory elements at single base-pair resolution106
Non-invasive in vivo hyperspectral imaging of the retina for potential biomarker use in Alzheimer’s disease106
Metabolomic adaptations and correlates of survival to immune checkpoint blockade106
Altered structural brain asymmetry in autism spectrum disorder in a study of 54 datasets106
Floquet group theory and its application to selection rules in harmonic generation105
Functional interpretation of single cell similarity maps105
Assessing the Policy gaps for achieving China’s climate targets in the Paris Agreement105
Electrochromic semiconductors as colorimetric SERS substrates with high reproducibility and renewability105
Decoupling of brain function from structure reveals regional behavioral specialization in humans105
Solid-state polymer electrolytes for high-performance lithium metal batteries105
Exploring the landscape of focal amplifications in cancer using AmpliconArchitect105
Cytosolic ROS production by NADPH oxidase 2 regulates muscle glucose uptake during exercise105
Structural definition of a neutralization epitope on the N-terminal domain of MERS-CoV spike glycoprotein105
A practical guide for mutational signature analysis in hematological malignancies105
Non-aromatic annulene-based aggregation-induced emission system via aromaticity reversal process105
Sulfisoxazole inhibits the secretion of small extracellular vesicles by targeting the endothelin receptor A105
Online photochemical derivatization enables comprehensive mass spectrometric analysis of unsaturated phospholipid isomers104
Recent increases in tropical cyclone intensification rates104
Meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials testing behavioural interventions to promote household action on climate change104
Deep brain activities can be detected with magnetoencephalography104
Absorbable hemostatic hydrogels comprising composites of sacrificial templates and honeycomb-like nanofibrous mats of chitosan104
G-quadruplex DNA drives genomic instability and represents a targetable molecular abnormality in ATRX-deficient malignant glioma104
Intradermal delivery of modified mRNA encoding VEGF-A in patients with type 2 diabetes104
Chromosome-level assembly of the water buffalo genome surpasses human and goat genomes in sequence contiguity104
Integration of a (–Cu–S–)n plane in a metal–organic framework affords high electrical conductivity104
Single cell census of human kidney organoids shows reproducibility and diminished off-target cells after transplantation104
The sharing economy promotes sustainable societies103
Catalytic inverse vulcanization103
Analysis of human acetylation stoichiometry defines mechanistic constraints on protein regulation103
Tailoring the component of protein corona via simple chemistry103
Controlling the fluorescence and room-temperature phosphorescence behaviour of carbon nanodots with inorganic crystalline nanocomposites103
Subtyping of circulating exosome-bound amyloid β reflects brain plaque deposition103
Optimized CRISPR guide RNA design for two high-fidelity Cas9 variants by deep learning103
Structural insights into the formation and voltage degradation of lithium- and manganese-rich layered oxides103
The greenhouse gas impacts of converting food production in England and Wales to organic methods103
Engineering crystalline quasi-two-dimensional polyaniline thin film with enhanced electrical and chemiresistive sensing performances103
ATM orchestrates the DNA-damage response to counter toxic non-homologous end-joining at broken replication forks103
Deconvolution of single-cell multi-omics layers reveals regulatory heterogeneity103
Controlling CRISPR-Cas9 with ligand-activated and ligand-deactivated sgRNAs103
Structures of BCL-2 in complex with venetoclax reveal the molecular basis of resistance mutations103
A GWAS in Latin Americans highlights the convergent evolution of lighter skin pigmentation in Eurasia103
Strength of carbon nanotubes depends on their chemical structures102
Discovery of colossal Seebeck effect in metallic Cu2Se102
Computational and experimental demonstrations of one-pot tandem catalysis for electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction to methane102
Curvature induction and membrane remodeling by FAM134B reticulon homology domain assist selective ER-phagy102
Antibiotic collateral sensitivity is contingent on the repeatability of evolution102
Visible light induced alkene aminopyridylation using N-aminopyridinium salts as bifunctional reagents102
Large-scale proteomic analysis of human brain identifies proteins associated with cognitive trajectory in advanced age102
Integrative analysis of genomic and transcriptomic characteristics associated with progression of aggressive thyroid cancer102
Genome-wide identification of DNA methylation QTLs in whole blood highlights pathways for cardiovascular disease102
Single spin localization and manipulation in graphene open-shell nanostructures101
Electrooxidative para-selective C–H/N–H cross-coupling with hydrogen evolution to synthesize triarylamine derivatives101
The Escherichia coli transcriptome mostly consists of independently regulated modules101
BRCA2 abrogation triggers innate immune responses potentiated by treatment with PARP inhibitors101
Exploiting interconnected synthetic lethal interactions between PARP inhibition and cancer cell reversible senescence101
Profiling surface proteins on individual exosomes using a proximity barcoding assay101
Autophagy regulates lipid metabolism through selective turnover of NCoR1101
On-chip wavefront shaping with dielectric metasurface101
Different soluble aggregates of Aβ42 can give rise to cellular toxicity through different mechanisms101
Variation of a major facilitator superfamily gene contributes to differential cadmium accumulation between rice subspecies101
A general approach for detecting expressed mutations in AML cells using single cell RNA-sequencing101
Wireless, battery-free, fully implantable multimodal and multisite pacemakers for applications in small animal models101
The allotetraploid origin and asymmetrical genome evolution of the common carp Cyprinus carpio101
Genome maps across 26 human populations reveal population-specific patterns of structural variation101
Zika virus replicates in adult human brain tissue and impairs synapses and memory in mice101
Australian vegetated coastal ecosystems as global hotspots for climate change mitigation101
Bidirectional prefrontal-hippocampal dynamics organize information transfer during sleep in humans100
Next steps of quantum transport in Majorana nanowire devices100
Ultrabright gap-enhanced Raman tags for high-speed bioimaging100
Spontaneous droplets gyrating via asymmetric self-splitting on heterogeneous surfaces100
Syngas to light olefins conversion with high olefin/paraffin ratio using ZnCrOx/AlPO-18 bifunctional catalysts100
Site-selectively generated photon emitters in monolayer MoS2 via local helium ion irradiation100
Multi-immersion open-top light-sheet microscope for high-throughput imaging of cleared tissues100
LRRK2 kinase activity regulates lysosomal glucocerebrosidase in neurons derived from Parkinson’s disease patients100
A novel rapamycin analog is highly selective for mTORC1 in vivo100
Mitochondrial oxidative capacity and NAD+ biosynthesis are reduced in human sarcopenia across ethnicities100
AMPA receptor GluA2 subunit defects are a cause of neurodevelopmental disorders100
Self-selective van der Waals heterostructures for large scale memory array99
Highly efficient genome editing by CRISPR-Cpf1 using CRISPR RNA with a uridinylate-rich 3′-overhang99
The role of irrigation in changing wheat yields and heat sensitivity in India99
Evidence for electron Landau damping in space plasma turbulence99
Intrinsic enzymatic properties modulate the self-propulsion of micromotors99
Man-made microbial resistances in built environments99
Multifunctional CRISPR-Cas9 with engineered immunosilenced human T cell epitopes99
KIBRA controls exosome secretion via inhibiting the proteasomal degradation of Rab27a99
The role of energy storage in deep decarbonization of electricity production99
Ceramides bind VDAC2 to trigger mitochondrial apoptosis99
MEK inhibitors activate Wnt signalling and induce stem cell plasticity in colorectal cancer99
Anti-CRISPR-mediated control of gene editing and synthetic circuits in eukaryotic cells99
Effects of changing population or density on urban carbon dioxide emissions99
Gene correction for SCID-X1 in long-term hematopoietic stem cells99
Suppression of autophagic activity by Rubicon is a signature of aging99
LIF regulates CXCL9 in tumor-associated macrophages and prevents CD8+ T cell tumor-infiltration impairing anti-PD1 therapy99
Obesity and disease severity magnify disturbed microbiome-immune interactions in asthma patients99
ONECUT2 is a driver of neuroendocrine prostate cancer99
Dynamic molecular changes during the first week of human life follow a robust developmental trajectory99
ABCG2 transports anticancer drugs via a closed-to-open switch98
Low-frequency vibrational modes of stable glasses98
Permanent porous hydrogen-bonded frameworks with two types of Brønsted acid sites for heterogeneous asymmetric catalysis98
Single-molecule sequencing detection of N6-methyladenine in microbial reference materials98
Mid infrared gas spectroscopy using efficient fiber laser driven photonic chip-based supercontinuum98
Aluminum with dispersed nanoparticles by laser additive manufacturing98
NIR-light-mediated spatially selective triggering of anti-tumor immunity via upconversion nanoparticle-based immunodevices98
Prostaglandin E2 mediates sensory nerve regulation of bone homeostasis98
Transposable element expression in tumors is associated with immune infiltration and increased antigenicity98
Comprehensive genomic and immunological characterization of Chinese non-small cell lung cancer patients98
Machine learning and structural analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis pan-genome identifies genetic signatures of antibiotic resistance97
Camouflaging bacteria by wrapping with cell membranes97
Ultra-strong long-chain polyamide elastomers with programmable supramolecular interactions and oriented crystalline microstructures97
Calcium-activated 14-3-3 proteins as a molecular switch in salt stress tolerance97
Biointerfacial self-assembly generates lipid membrane coated bacteria for enhanced oral delivery and treatment97
Screening highly active perovskites for hydrogen-evolving reaction via unifying ionic electronegativity descriptor97
Reversal of transmission and reflection based on acoustic metagratings with integer parity design97
Reversible histone glycation is associated with disease-related changes in chromatin architecture97
Disorder-induced nonlinear Hall effect with time-reversal symmetry97
A small molecule promotes cartilage extracellular matrix generation and inhibits osteoarthritis development97
Single-cell microRNA-mRNA co-sequencing reveals non-genetic heterogeneity and mechanisms of microRNA regulation97
A large size-selective DNA nanopore with sensing applications97
Inference of transcription factor binding from cell-free DNA enables tumor subtype prediction and early detection97
Rapid mechanochemical encapsulation of biocatalysts into robust metal–organic frameworks97
Capturing variation impact on molecular interactions in the IMEx Consortium mutations data set97
Importance of potassium ions for ribosome structure and function revealed by long-wavelength X-ray diffraction96
Comprehensive characterization of RAS mutations in colon and rectal cancers in old and young patients96
Androgen deprivation promotes neuroendocrine differentiation and angiogenesis through CREB-EZH2-TSP1 pathway in prostate cancers96
How face perception unfolds over time96
Reconfigurable shape-morphing dielectric elastomers using spatially varying electric fields96
Ocean colour signature of climate change96
Engineering of high-precision base editors for site-specific single nucleotide replacement96
Ion mobility conformational lipid atlas for high confidence lipidomics96
A tightly-bonded and flexible mesoporous zeolite-cotton hybrid hemostat96
Rice production threatened by coupled stresses of climate and soil arsenic96
Direct electrochemical oxidation of alcohols with hydrogen evolution in continuous-flow reactor96
Enhanced antibiotic resistance development from fluoroquinolone persisters after a single exposure to antibiotic96
Current fossil fuel infrastructure does not yet commit us to 1.5 °C warming96
Lateralized hippocampal oscillations underlie distinct aspects of human spatial memory and navigation96
Multi-metal electrohydrodynamic redox 3D printing at the submicron scale96
Quantum electrodynamics at room temperature coupling a single vibrating molecule with a plasmonic nanocavity96
Cryo-EM structure of a light chain-derived amyloid fibril from a patient with systemic AL amyloidosis96
FANCM limits ALT activity by restricting telomeric replication stress induced by deregulated BLM and R-loops96
Observation of the 4π-periodic Josephson effect in indium arsenide nanowires96
A pan-cancer analysis of synonymous mutations96
A metal–organic framework for efficient water-based ultra-low-temperature-driven cooling96
WUSCHEL acts as an auxin response rheostat to maintain apical stem cells in Arabidopsis96
Upper tract urothelial carcinoma has a luminal-papillary T-cell depleted contexture and activated FGFR3 signaling96
Urban pollution greatly enhances formation of natural aerosols over the Amazon rainforest96
Miro clusters regulate ER-mitochondria contact sites and link cristae organization to the mitochondrial transport machinery95
Inflammation induced by incomplete radiofrequency ablation accelerates tumor progression and hinders PD-1 immunotherapy95
Deciphering the complex role of thrombospondin-1 in glioblastoma development95
Dissecting heterogeneity in malignant pleural mesothelioma through histo-molecular gradients for clinical applications95
Quantum mechanics and the covariance of physical laws in quantum reference frames95
FraC nanopores with adjustable diameter identify the mass of opposite-charge peptides with 44 dalton resolution95
Robust and synthesizable photocatalysts for CO2 reduction: a data-driven materials discovery95
Photothermal conversion triggered thermal asymmetric catalysis within metal nanoparticles loaded homochiral covalent organic framework95
Continuous and scalable manufacture of amphibious energy yarns and textiles95
Evaporation-induced sintering of liquid metal droplets with biological nanofibrils for flexible conductivity and responsive actuation95
Integrating electric field modeling and neuroimaging to explain inter-individual variability of tACS effects95
Enhanced control of self-doping in halide perovskites for improved thermoelectric performance95
Genetic risk for autoimmunity is associated with distinct changes in the human gut microbiome95
Vegetation structural change since 1981 significantly enhanced the terrestrial carbon sink94
A variable-stiffness tendril-like soft robot based on reversible osmotic actuation94
Prioritizing Parkinson’s disease genes using population-scale transcriptomic data94
Detecting topology freezing transition temperature of vitrimers by AIE luminogens94
Optogenetic gamma stimulation rescues memory impairments in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model94
An inhalable nanoparticulate STING agonist synergizes with radiotherapy to confer long-term control of lung metastases94
A molecular switch from STAT2-IRF9 to ISGF3 underlies interferon-induced gene transcription94
AAV-ie enables safe and efficient gene transfer to inner ear cells94
Lymphocyte innateness defined by transcriptional states reflects a balance between proliferation and effector functions94
Van der Waals negative capacitance transistors94
Inhibition of amyloid beta toxicity in zebrafish with a chaperone-gold nanoparticle dual strategy94
Serine 25 phosphorylation inhibits RIPK1 kinase-dependent cell death in models of infection and inflammation94
Macrophage achieves self-protection against oxidative stress-induced ageing through the Mst-Nrf2 axis94
An exceptionally flexible hydrogen-bonded organic framework with large-scale void regulation and adaptive guest accommodation abilities94
SMARCA4 loss is synthetic lethal with CDK4/6 inhibition in non-small cell lung cancer94
Structure and immunogenicity of a stabilized HIV-1 envelope trimer based on a group-M consensus sequence94
Chemical fuel-driven living and transient supramolecular polymerization93
Volume expansion and TRPV4 activation regulate stem cell fate in three-dimensional microenvironments93
Hierarchical self-assembly of organic heterostructure nanowires93
Fate-mapping post-hypoxic tumor cells reveals a ROS-resistant phenotype that promotes metastasis93
Cryo-EM structure of a transthyretin-derived amyloid fibril from a patient with hereditary ATTR amyloidosis93
CRISPR-Cas9 fusion to dominant-negative 53BP1 enhances HDR and inhibits NHEJ specifically at Cas9 target sites93
Tailoring vertical phase distribution of quasi-two-dimensional perovskite films via surface modification of hole-transporting layer93
Metabolic potential of uncultured bacteria and archaea associated with petroleum seepage in deep-sea sediments93
Photoinduced, reversible phase transitions in all-inorganic perovskite nanocrystals93
Terminator-free template-independent enzymatic DNA synthesis for digital information storage93
Selective hematopoietic stem cell ablation using CD117-antibody-drug-conjugates enables safe and effective transplantation with immunity preservation93
Whole-genome resequencing of 472 Vitis accessions for grapevine diversity and demographic history analyses93
The genomic landscape of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancers reveals multiple distinct genotypes with potential clinical impact93
The nasal methylome as a biomarker of asthma and airway inflammation in children93
Phase separation of TPX2 enhances and spatially coordinates microtubule nucleation92
Emergence of a field-driven U(1) spin liquid in the Kitaev honeycomb model92
Foliar-feeding insects acquire microbiomes from the soil rather than the host plant92
Lithium intercalation into bilayer graphene92
Cation-swapped homogeneous nanoparticles in perovskite oxides for high power density92
Cryo-EM fibril structures from systemic AA amyloidosis reveal the species complementarity of pathological amyloids92
Magnetic field alignment of stable proton-conducting channels in an electrolyte membrane92
CRISPR-Cas3 induces broad and unidirectional genome editing in human cells92
Effects of chloride ions in acid-catalyzed biomass dehydration reactions in polar aprotic solvents92
Structure of the human frataxin-bound iron-sulfur cluster assembly complex provides insight into its activation mechanism92
A next-generation tumor-targeting IL-2 preferentially promotes tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T-cell response and effective tumor control92
Noninvasive sub-organ ultrasound stimulation for targeted neuromodulation92
Identification of peripheral neural circuits that regulate heart rate using optogenetic and viral vector strategies92
A mathematical-descriptor of tumor-mesoscopic-structure from computed-tomography images annotates prognostic- and molecular-phenotypes of epithelial ovarian cancer92
Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 antagonizes DNA resection at double-strand breaks92
Targeting enhancer switching overcomes non-genetic drug resistance in acute myeloid leukaemia92
Integrative and comparative genomic analyses identify clinically relevant pulmonary carcinoid groups and unveil the supra-carcinoids92
Genetic architecture of human plasma lipidome and its link to cardiovascular disease92
Evidence for external forcing of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation since termination of the Little Ice Age91
Dissociable cognitive strategies for sensorimotor learning91
The mediodorsal pulvinar coordinates the macaque fronto-parietal network during rhythmic spatial attention91
Atlas of quantitative single-base-resolution N6-methyl-adenine methylomes91
Central dogma rates and the trade-off between precision and economy in gene expression91
RNA structure drives interaction with proteins91
Unifying scrambling, thermalization and entanglement through measurement of fidelity out-of-time-order correlators in the Dicke model91
All-fiber tribo-ferroelectric synergistic electronics with high thermal-moisture stability and comfortability91
Origin of synergistic effects in bicomponent cobalt oxide-platinum catalysts for selective hydrogenation reaction91
Emerging roles of eraser enzymes in the dynamic control of protein ADP-ribosylation91
Graphite-protected CsPbBr3 perovskite photoanodes functionalised with water oxidation catalyst for oxygen evolution in water91
Upconversion amplification through dielectric superlensing modulation91
A mitochondrial megachannel resides in monomeric F1FO ATP synthase91
Trans-provincial health impacts of atmospheric mercury emissions in China91
LncRNA-p21 alters the antiandrogen enzalutamide-induced prostate cancer neuroendocrine differentiation via modulating the EZH2/STAT3 signaling91
Topological transitions among skyrmion- and hedgehog-lattice states in cubic chiral magnets91
Resolution of the ordinal phylogeny of mosses using targeted exons from organellar and nuclear genomes91
Distinct methylation levels of mature microRNAs in gastrointestinal cancers91
A 3,2-Hydroxypyridinone-based Decorporation Agent that Removes Uranium from Bones In Vivo91
Nobiletin fortifies mitochondrial respiration in skeletal muscle to promote healthy aging against metabolic challenge91
Zwitterionically modified alginates mitigate cellular overgrowth for cell encapsulation91
Blunting neuroinflammation with resolvin D1 prevents early pathology in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease91
IL-33-mediated mast cell activation promotes gastric cancer through macrophage mobilization91
Global ecological predictors of the soil priming effect91
Gut-associated IgA+ immune cells regulate obesity-related insulin resistance91
Accurate estimation of cell-type composition from gene expression data90
Differential damage and repair of DNA-adducts induced by anti-cancer drug cisplatin across mouse organs90
Quantum localization and delocalization of charge carriers in organic semiconducting crystals90
Systematic benchmarking of omics computational tools90
Platinum-trimer decorated cobalt-palladium core-shell nanocatalyst with promising performance for oxygen reduction reaction90
YAP-independent mechanotransduction drives breast cancer progression90
Diagnosis of fusion genes using targeted RNA sequencing90
Cryo-EM structure of cardiac amyloid fibrils from an immunoglobulin light chain AL amyloidosis patient90
Dickkopf-3 links HSF1 and YAP/TAZ signalling to control aggressive behaviours in cancer-associated fibroblasts90
The chromosome-scale reference genome of black pepper provides insight into piperine biosynthesis90
Emergence of the Ug99 lineage of the wheat stem rust pathogen through somatic hybridisation90
Modification of messenger RNA by 2′-O-methylation regulates gene expression in vivo90
Insulin inhibits glucagon release by SGLT2-induced stimulation of somatostatin secretion90
Highly efficient multiplex human T cell engineering without double-strand breaks using Cas9 base editors90
A chemical biology toolbox to study protein methyltransferases and epigenetic signaling90
Ribosome biogenesis during cell cycle arrest fuels EMT in development and disease90
High-potency ligands for DREADD imaging and activation in rodents and monkeys90
Insights into malaria susceptibility using genome-wide data on 17,000 individuals from Africa, Asia and Oceania90
Three-dimensional view of ultrafast dynamics in photoexcited bacteriorhodopsin89
A widespread alternate form of cap-dependent mRNA translation initiation89
The future of Southeast Asia’s forests89
An effector protein of the wheat stripe rust fungus targets chloroplasts and suppresses chloroplast function89
Coordinative metabolism of glutamine carbon and nitrogen in proliferating cancer cells under hypoxia89
Triboelectric micromotors actuated by ultralow frequency mechanical stimuli89
Factors other than hTau overexpression that contribute to tauopathy-like phenotype in rTg4510 mice89
Unveiling the synergistic effect of precursor stoichiometry and interfacial reactions for perovskite light-emitting diodes89
Malonylation of GAPDH is an inflammatory signal in macrophages89
Key determinants of global land-use projections89
Single particle cryo-EM reconstruction of 52 kDa streptavidin at 3.2 Angstrom resolution89
Isolating contiguous Pt atoms and forming Pt-Zn intermetallic nanoparticles to regulate selectivity in 4-nitrophenylacetylene hydrogenation89
Early life stress alters transcriptomic patterning across reward circuitry in male and female mice89
The temporal dynamics and infectiousness of subpatent Plasmodium falciparum infections in relation to parasite density89
Hierarchical motor control in mammals and machines88
Global ocean methane emissions dominated by shallow coastal waters88
The mutational landscape of a prion-like domain88
Negative dielectric constant of water confined in nanosheets88
New estimates of flood exposure in developing countries using high-resolution population data88
China’s coal mine methane regulations have not curbed growing emissions88
Influenza A virus ribonucleoproteins form liquid organelles at endoplasmic reticulum exit sites88
Optimizing radionuclide sequestration in anion nanotraps with record pertechnetate sorption88
Multi-level chirality in liquid crystals formed by achiral molecules88
No trends in spring and autumn phenology during the global warming hiatus88
Genomic risk score offers predictive performance comparable to clinical risk factors for ischaemic stroke88
Age-specific differences in the dynamics of protective immunity to influenza88
Superb water splitting activity of the electrocatalyst Fe3Co(PO4)4 designed with computation aid88
A glomerulus-on-a-chip to recapitulate the human glomerular filtration barrier88
A toll-like receptor agonist mimicking microbial signal to generate tumor-suppressive macrophages88
Synthesis of clathrate cerium superhydride CeH9 at 80-100 GPa with atomic hydrogen sublattice88
Stable and bright formamidinium-based perovskite light-emitting diodes with high energy conversion efficiency88
Materials informatics for the screening of multi-principal elements and high-entropy alloys88
Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism confounds efficacy of complement-mediated killing88
Stereoselective synthesis of medium lactams enabled by metal-free hydroalkoxylation/stereospecific [1,3]-rearrangement88
Generic synthesis of small-sized hollow mesoporous organosilica nanoparticles for oxygen-independent X-ray-activated synergistic therapy88
Neutrophils-related host factors associated with severe disease and fatality in patients with influenza infection88
Modeling microcephaly with cerebral organoids reveals a WDR62–CEP170–KIF2A pathway promoting cilium disassembly in neural progenitors88
Small molecule degraders of the hepatitis C virus protease reduce susceptibility to resistance mutations88
Low threshold and efficient multiple exciton generation in halide perovskite nanocrystals87
Physiologically relevant reconstitution of iron-sulfur cluster biosynthesis uncovers persulfide-processing functions of ferredoxin-2 and frataxin87
Kinetic asymmetry allows macromolecular catalysts to drive an information ratchet87
Accelerating dynamics of collective attention87
Nickel-catalysed selective migratory hydrothiolation of alkenes and alkynes with thiols87
Neural effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation at the single-cell level87
Light-fuelled freestyle self-oscillators87
Functional imaging of visual cortical layers and subplate in awake mice with optimized three-photon microscopy87
High-speed domain wall racetracks in a magnetic insulator87
Super-resolution microscopy reveals ultra-low CD19 expression on myeloma cells that triggers elimination by CD19 CAR-T87
Insulin-producing organoids engineered from islet and amniotic epithelial cells to treat diabetes87
Balancing hydrogen adsorption/desorption by orbital modulation for efficient hydrogen evolution catalysis87
Functional cardiac fibroblasts derived from human pluripotent stem cells via second heart field progenitors87
The genome of broomcorn millet87
TRIB3 supports breast cancer stemness by suppressing FOXO1 degradation and enhancing SOX2 transcription87
Development of human cGAS-specific small-molecule inhibitors for repression of dsDNA-triggered interferon expression87
Multicenter study demonstrates radiomic features derived from magnetic resonance perfusion images identify pseudoprogression in glioblastoma87
Gut uropathogen abundance is a risk factor for development of bacteriuria and urinary tract infection87
Clinical resistance to crenolanib in acute myeloid leukemia due to diverse molecular mechanisms87
Enhanced immunocompatibility of ligand-targeted liposomes by attenuating natural IgM absorption86
All-optical control of lead halide perovskite microlasers86
Mekong delta much lower than previously assumed in sea-level rise impact assessments86
YAP inhibition enhances the differentiation of functional stem cell-derived insulin-producing β cells86
Smallest near-infrared fluorescent protein evolved from cyanobacteriochrome as versatile tag for spectral multiplexing86
Bioengineered bacterial vesicles as biological nano-heaters for optoacoustic imaging86
Structural basis of the activation of type 1 insulin-like growth factor receptor86
Divergent changes in the elevational gradient of vegetation activities over the last 30 years86
Evolving perspectives on the sources of the frequency-following response86
Continuous wave amplified spontaneous emission in phase-stable lead halide perovskites86
Dynamic emission Stokes shift and liquid-like dielectric solvation of band edge carriers in lead-halide perovskites86
Apoptotic tumor cell-derived microRNA-375 uses CD36 to alter the tumor-associated macrophage phenotype86
Real-time optical and electronic sensing with a β-amino enone linked, triazine-containing 2D covalent organic framework86
A mechanism for the activation of the mechanosensitive Piezo1 channel by the small molecule Yoda186
Genome-wide association study of medication-use and associated disease in the UK Biobank86
A bioinspired hydrogen bond-triggered ultrasensitive ionic mechanoreceptor skin86
Neuroinflammation-induced lymphangiogenesis near the cribriform plate contributes to drainage of CNS-derived antigens and immune cells86
Involvement of G-quadruplex regions in mammalian replication origin activity86
The structural basis of translational control by eIF2 phosphorylation86
Single-cell reconstruction of follicular remodeling in the human adult ovary86
Phase separation-deficient TDP43 remains functional in splicing86
Comprehensive transcriptomic analysis of cell lines as models of primary tumors across 22 tumor types86
Real-time 3D reconstruction from single-photon lidar data using plug-and-play point cloud denoisers86
Use cases, best practice and reporting standards for metabolomics in regulatory toxicology86
Rapid fabrication of vascularized and innervated cell-laden bone models with biomimetic intrafibrillar collagen mineralization86
Trodusquemine enhances Aβ42 aggregation but suppresses its toxicity by displacing oligomers from cell membranes86
Bone marrow central memory and memory stem T-cell exhaustion in AML patients relapsing after HSCT86
Transposition favors the generation of large effect mutations that may facilitate rapid adaption86
Multiple origins of prokaryotic and eukaryotic single-stranded DNA viruses from bacterial and archaeal plasmids85
Diffusion-limited reactions in dynamic heterogeneous media85
The neural dynamics of hierarchical Bayesian causal inference in multisensory perception85
Reduced subcutaneous adipogenesis in human hypertrophic obesity is linked to senescent precursor cells85
Mapping histone modifications in low cell number and single cells using antibody-guided chromatin tagmentation (ACT-seq)85
Inverse-designed diamond photonics85
Differences in S/G ratio in natural poplar variants do not predict catalytic depolymerization monomer yields85
Plasmonic IQ modulators with attojoule per bit electrical energy consumption85
Nuclei multiplexing with barcoded antibodies for single-nucleus genomics85
An integrated genomic regulatory network of virulence-related transcriptional factors in Pseudomonas aeruginosa85
Understanding carbon dioxide activation and carbon–carbon coupling over nickel85
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions of Amazon hydropower with strategic dam planning85
A semiconducting layered metal-organic framework magnet85
The FANCM-BLM-TOP3A-RMI complex suppresses alternative lengthening of telomeres (ALT)85
Ba-induced phase segregation and band gap reduction in mixed-halide inorganic perovskite solar cells85
Molecular cobalt corrole complex for the heterogeneous electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide85
Determinants of HIV-1 reservoir size and long-term dynamics during suppressive ART85
Prototype of running clinical trials in an untrustworthy environment using blockchain84
Population-wide analysis of differences in disease progression patterns in men and women84
Double-shelled hollow rods assembled from nitrogen/sulfur-codoped carbon coated indium oxide nanoparticles as excellent photocatalysts84
A human memory circuit derived from brain lesions causing amnesia84
A stomatal safety-efficiency trade-off constrains responses to leaf dehydration84
A natural in situ fabrication method of functional bacterial cellulose using a microorganism84
Structural basis of TFIIH activation for nucleotide excision repair84
High-resolution characterization of centriole distal appendage morphology and dynamics by correlative STORM and electron microscopy84
A Mycobacterium tuberculosis surface protein recruits ubiquitin to trigger host xenophagy84
Multiple ABCB1 transcriptional fusions in drug resistant high-grade serous ovarian and breast cancer84
Locally collective hydrogen bonding isolates lead octahedra for white emission improvement84
Lnc-TALC promotes O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase expression via regulating the c-Met pathway by competitively binding with miR-20b-3p84
Memory T cells targeting oncogenic mutations detected in peripheral blood of epithelial cancer patients84
Direct spinning and densification method for high-performance carbon nanotube fibers84
Intestinal epithelial N-acylphosphatidylethanolamine phospholipase D links dietary fat to metabolic adaptations in obesity and steatosis84
The microRNAs miR-204 and miR-211 maintain joint homeostasis and protect against osteoarthritis progression84
Structure mapping of dengue and Zika viruses reveals functional long-range interactions84
Concentration and avidity of antibodies to different circumsporozoite epitopes correlate with RTS,S/AS01E malaria vaccine efficacy84
Efficient upgrading of CO to C3 fuel using asymmetric C-C coupling active sites84
Trans-ethnic kidney function association study reveals putative causal genes and effects on kidney-specific disease aetiologies84
The operational environment and rotational acceleration of asteroid (101955) Bennu from OSIRIS-REx observations84
Continuous dynamic adjustment of the plant circadian oscillator83
Topological analog signal processing83
Pb clustering and PbI2 nanofragmentation during methylammonium lead iodide perovskite degradation83
Daytime temperature is sensed by phytochrome B in Arabidopsis through a transcriptional activator HEMERA83
Nanopore blockade sensors for ultrasensitive detection of proteins in complex biological samples83
Role of flying cars in sustainable mobility83
Lattice strain-enhanced exsolution of nanoparticles in thin films83
The evolution of skyrmions in Ir/Fe/Co/Pt multilayers and their topological Hall signature83
Quantifying operational lifetimes for coal power plants under the Paris goals83
BAP1 complex promotes transcription by opposing PRC1-mediated H2A ubiquitylation83
Low yield and abiotic origin of N2O formed by the complete nitrifier Nitrospira inopinata83
Diverse manifestations of the mid-Pleistocene climate transition83
Multiple myeloma immunoglobulin lambda translocations portend poor prognosis83
Ultrastable Au nanoparticles on titania through an encapsulation strategy under oxidative atmosphere83
A metasomatized lithospheric mantle control on the metallogenic signature of post-subduction magmatism83
Induction of memory-like dendritic cell responses in vivo83
Ancient human genome-wide data from a 3000-year interval in the Caucasus corresponds with eco-geographic regions83
Emerging photoluminescence from the dark-exciton phonon replica in monolayer WSe282
Characterizing rare and low-frequency height-associated variants in the Japanese population82
Constructing a synthetic pathway for acetyl-coenzyme A from one-carbon through enzyme design82
Improving the diagnostic yield of exome- sequencing by predicting gene–phenotype associations using large-scale gene expression analysis82
Defective HNF4alpha-dependent gene expression as a driver of hepatocellular failure in alcoholic hepatitis82
Unstable TTTTA/TTTCA expansions in MARCH6 are associated with Familial Adult Myoclonic Epilepsy type 382
Double sulfur vacancies by lithium tuning enhance CO2 electroreduction to n-propanol82
Physical drivers of the summer 2019 North Pacific marine heatwave82
An engineered CRISPR-Cas12a variant and DNA-RNA hybrid guides enable robust and rapid COVID-19 testing82
Natural variation of BSK3 tunes brassinosteroid signaling to regulate root foraging under low nitrogen82
Transition metal dichalcogenides bilayer single crystals by reverse-flow chemical vapor epitaxy82
Mechano-chemical decomposition of organic friction modifiers with multiple reactive centres induces superlubricity of ta-C82
Lattice doping regulated interfacial reactions in cathode for enhanced cycling stability82
DHX36 prevents the accumulation of translationally inactive mRNAs with G4-structures in untranslated regions82
Spectroelectrochemical study of water oxidation on nickel and iron oxyhydroxide electrocatalysts82
CD73 on cancer-associated fibroblasts enhanced by the A2B-mediated feedforward circuit enforces an immune checkpoint82
Neuropathological correlates and genetic architecture of microglial activation in elderly human brain82
Left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex supports context-dependent prioritisation of off-task thought82
Identification of significant chromatin contacts from HiChIP data by FitHiChIP82
GWAS for quantitative resistance phenotypes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis reveals resistance genes and regulatory regions82
Orchestrated ensemble activities constitute a hippocampal memory engram82
Ultrafast self-trapping of photoexcited carriers sets the upper limit on antimony trisulfide photovoltaic devices82
Transcriptional regulation of autophagy-lysosomal function in BRAF-driven melanoma progression and chemoresistance82
BRD9 defines a SWI/SNF sub-complex and constitutes a specific vulnerability in malignant rhabdoid tumors82
Classification of the human phox homology (PX) domains based on their phosphoinositide binding specificities82
The Aryl hydrocarbon receptor mediates tobacco-induced PD-L1 expression and is associated with response to immunotherapy82
Air-stable redox-active nanomagnets with lanthanide spins radical-bridged by a metal–metal bond82
Modular Design of Programmable Mechanofluorescent DNA Hydrogels81
Ultrastructure of the axonal periodic scaffold reveals a braid-like organization of actin rings81
Interfacial oxygen vacancies yielding long-lived holes in hematite mesocrystal-based photoanodes81
Enveloped viruses distinct from HBV induce dissemination of hepatitis D virus in vivo81
Harnessing liquid-in-liquid printing and micropatterned substrates to fabricate 3-dimensional all-liquid fluidic devices81
Light-driven molecular switch for reconfigurable spin filters81
Practical and stereoselective electrocatalytic 1,2-diamination of alkenes81
Molecular determinants regulating selective binding of autophagy adapters and receptors to ATG8 proteins81
Stabilizing polymer electrolytes in high-voltage lithium batteries81
On-surface light-induced generation of higher acenes and elucidation of their open-shell character81
SIRT3 mediates hippocampal synaptic adaptations to intermittent fasting and ameliorates deficits in APP mutant mice81
Visible-light-switched electron transfer over single porphyrin-metal atom center for highly selective electroreduction of carbon dioxide81
Repeated evolution of cytochrome P450-mediated spiroketal steroid biosynthesis in plants81
DOT1L inhibition reveals a distinct subset of enhancers dependent on H3K79 methylation81
Probing the edge-related properties of atomically thin MoS2 at nanoscale81
An independent poor-prognosis subtype of breast cancer defined by a distinct tumor immune microenvironment81
Genome-wide association meta-analyses and fine-mapping elucidate pathways influencing albuminuria81
A chemically fuelled self-replicator80
Microfluidic device with brain extracellular matrix promotes structural and functional maturation of human brain organoids80
Metabolic profiling of cancer cells reveals genome-wide crosstalk between transcriptional regulators and metabolism80
Overlooked electrolyte destabilization by manganese (II) in lithium-ion batteries80
Shape-directed rotation of homogeneous micromotors via catalytic self-electrophoresis80
Direct electronetting of high-performance membranes based on self-assembled 2D nanoarchitectured networks80
Mapping the global design space of nanophotonic components using machine learning pattern recognition80
A tRNA half modulates translation as stress response in Trypanosoma brucei80
24-nt reproductive phasiRNAs are broadly present in angiosperms80
Easy access to oxygenated block polymers via switchable catalysis80
Restoration of high-sensitivity and adapting vision with a cone opsin80
Pioneer and nonpioneer factor cooperation drives lineage specific chromatin opening80
Structural variants exhibit widespread allelic heterogeneity and shape variation in complex traits80
Dynamic pigmentary and structural coloration within cephalopod chromatophore organs80
Modeling medulloblastoma in vivo and with human cerebellar organoids80
Loss-of-function mutations in QRICH2 cause male infertility with multiple morphological abnormalities of the sperm flagella80
Transcriptomics and proteomics reveal two waves of translational repression during the maturation of malaria parasite sporozoites80
Circadian control of lung inflammation in influenza infection80
Phylogeography of the second plague pandemic revealed through analysis of historical Yersinia pestis genomes80
The TLR7/8 agonist R848 remodels tumor and host responses to promote survival in pancreatic cancer79
A majority of HIV persistence during antiretroviral therapy is due to infected cell proliferation79
Influenza A virus M2 protein triggers mitochondrial DNA-mediated antiviral immune responses79
No mass extinction for land plants at the Permian–Triassic transition79
The hidden structure of human enamel79
Assessment of corneal substrate biomechanics and its effect on epithelial stem cell maintenance and differentiation79
Adaptive laboratory evolution of a genome-reduced Escherichia coli79
Genome-wide profiling of adenine base editor specificity by EndoV-seq79
Activating newborn neurons suppresses depression and anxiety-like behaviors79
Unraveling the mysterious failure of Cu/SAPO-34 selective catalytic reduction catalysts79
Rational design of spontaneous reactions for protecting porous lithium electrodes in lithium–sulfur batteries79
Development of high-throughput ATR-FTIR technology for rapid triage of brain cancer79
Diatomite derived hierarchical hybrid anode for high performance all-solid-state lithium metal batteries79
Plant roots increase both decomposition and stable organic matter formation in boreal forest soil79
Giant nonvolatile manipulation of magnetoresistance in magnetic tunnel junctions by electric fields via magnetoelectric coupling79
Complex hazard cascade culminating in the Anak Krakatau sector collapse79
Inequality of household consumption and air pollution-related deaths in China79
The apocarotenoid metabolite zaxinone regulates growth and strigolactone biosynthesis in rice79
Prospective discovery of small molecule enhancers of an E3 ligase-substrate interaction79
Lipidomic and biophysical homeostasis of mammalian membranes counteracts dietary lipid perturbations to maintain cellular fitness79
Synthetic TRuC receptors engaging the complete T cell receptor for potent anti-tumor response79
The cholesterol biosynthesis pathway regulates IL-10 expression in human Th1 cells79
Efficient and thermally stable organic solar cells based on small molecule donor and polymer acceptor79
Genetic determinants of cellular addiction to DNA polymerase theta79
Bifurcation-based embodied logic and autonomous actuation78
3D ink-extrusion additive manufacturing of CoCrFeNi high-entropy alloy micro-lattices78
Loss of TET2 and TET3 in regulatory T cells unleashes effector function78
Integration of Alzheimer’s disease genetics and myeloid genomics identifies disease risk regulatory elements and genes78
Microbial spatial footprint as a driver of soil carbon stabilization78
The distinction of CPR bacteria from other bacteria based on protein family content78
Local unfolding of the HSP27 monomer regulates chaperone activity78
Bioinspired extracellular vesicles embedded with black phosphorus for molecular recognition-guided biomineralization78
Deep-ocean mixing driven by small-scale internal tides78
Dynamics of genome reorganization during human cardiogenesis reveal an RBM20-dependent splicing factory78
Transparent and tough bulk composites inspired by nacre78
Stronger influence of anthropogenic disturbance than climate change on century-scale compositional changes in northern forests78
Cryo-EM structure of the human ferritin–transferrin receptor 1 complex78
Integrating temporal and spatial control of electronic transitions for bright multiphoton upconversion78
CD36 inhibits β-catenin/c-myc-mediated glycolysis through ubiquitination of GPC4 to repress colorectal tumorigenesis78
PD-1/PD-L1 checkpoint blockade harnesses monocyte-derived macrophages to combat cognitive impairment in a tauopathy mouse model78
Bioinspired nacre-like alumina with a bulk-metallic glass-forming alloy as a compliant phase78
Position and orientation of the westerly jet determined Holocene rainfall patterns in China78
Duodenal bacterial proteolytic activity determines sensitivity to dietary antigen through protease-activated receptor-278
Restoration of visual function by transplantation of optogenetically engineered photoreceptors78
Fibroadipogenic progenitors are responsible for muscle loss in limb girdle muscular dystrophy 2B78
The structural basis of lipid scrambling and inactivation in the endoplasmic reticulum scramblase TMEM16K78
Gut microbiota dependent anti-tumor immunity restricts melanoma growth in Rnf5−/− mice78
Phonon-enhanced photothermoelectric effect in SrTiO3 ultra-broadband photodetector77
Advancing environmental exposure assessment science to benefit society77
Olefin-accelerated solid-state C–N cross-coupling reactions using mechanochemistry77
Actomyosin contractility-dependent matrix stretch and recoil induces rapid cell migration77
Colorless-to-colorful switching electrochromic polyimides with very high contrast ratio77
Mapping the increased minimum mortality temperatures in the context of global climate change77
Dynamic viability of the 2016 Mw 7.8 Kaikōura earthquake cascade on weak crustal faults77
UFL1 promotes histone H4 ufmylation and ATM activation77
Multi-functional genome-wide CRISPR system for high throughput genotype–phenotype mapping77
Microscale residual stresses in additively manufactured stainless steel77
Phototrophic extracellular electron uptake is linked to carbon dioxide fixation in the bacterium Rhodopseudomonas palustris77
Dendronized fluorosurfactant for highly stable water-in-fluorinated oil emulsions with minimal inter-droplet transfer of small molecules77
TSPAN8 promotes cancer cell stemness via activation of sonic Hedgehog signaling77
Tau local structure shields an amyloid-forming motif and controls aggregation propensity77
Remarkable active-site dependent H2O promoting effect in CO oxidation77
The antimicrobial peptide thanatin disrupts the bacterial outer membrane and inactivates the NDM-1 metallo-β-lactamase77
Rapid active zone remodeling consolidates presynaptic potentiation77
Therapeutic efficacy of dimethyl fumarate in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis associates with ROS pathway in monocytes77
Syringeable immunotherapeutic nanogel reshapes tumor microenvironment and prevents tumor metastasis and recurrence77
Genome-wide association analysis of self-reported daytime sleepiness identifies 42 loci that suggest biological subtypes77
Topological non-Hermitian origin of surface Maxwell waves76
Large-scale network analysis reveals the sequence space architecture of antibody repertoires76
Materials tactile logic via innervated soft thermochromic elastomers76
Integrative inference of subclonal tumour evolution from single-cell and bulk sequencing data76
A chloroplast structured photocatalyst enabled by microwave synthesis76
Projected losses of global mammal and bird ecological strategies76
Regulation of tumor angiogenesis and mesenchymal–endothelial transition by p38α through TGF-β and JNK signaling76
Patterned human microvascular grafts enable rapid vascularization and increase perfusion in infarcted rat hearts76
Physical origin of giant excitonic and magneto-optical responses in two-dimensional ferromagnetic insulators76
Improved TMC1 gene therapy restores hearing and balance in mice with genetic inner ear disorders76
Brain somatic mutations observed in Alzheimer’s disease associated with aging and dysregulation of tau phosphorylation76
Genome-scale Capture C promoter interactions implicate effector genes at GWAS loci for bone mineral density76
IL-1β, IL-23, and TGF-β drive plasticity of human ILC2s towards IL-17-producing ILCs in nasal inflammation76
The CXCL5/CXCR2 axis is sufficient to promote breast cancer colonization during bone metastasis76
Upconversion superballs for programmable photoactivation of therapeutics76
Cross-species genomic landscape comparison of human mucosal melanoma with canine oral and equine melanoma76
Retention of paternal DNA methylome in the developing zebrafish germline75
Sleep increases chromosome dynamics to enable reduction of accumulating DNA damage in single neurons75
Bacterial co-culture with cell signaling translator and growth controller modules for autonomously regulated culture composition75
Retrotranspositional landscape of Asian rice revealed by 3000 genomes75
High performance planar germanium-on-silicon single-photon avalanche diode detectors75
Coherent spin dynamics of electrons and holes in CsPbBr3 perovskite crystals75
Plug-and-play metabolic transducers expand the chemical detection space of cell-free biosensors75
Tuning and mechanistic insights of metal chalcogenide molecular catalysts for the hydrogen-evolution reaction75
Triplet–triplet upconversion enhanced by spin–orbit coupling in organic light-emitting diodes75
Artificial spider silk from ion-doped and twisted core-sheath hydrogel fibres75
High-mobility, trap-free charge transport in conjugated polymer diodes75
A dynamic thermoregulatory material inspired by squid skin75
Stereodivergent assembly of tetrahydro-γ-carbolines via synergistic catalytic asymmetric cascade reaction75
Mul1 restrains Parkin-mediated mitophagy in mature neurons by maintaining ER-mitochondrial contacts75
Metal-coordinated sub-10 nm membranes for water purification75
Room-temperature direct synthesis of semi-conductive PbS nanocrystal inks for optoelectronic applications75
Declines in HIV incidence among men and women in a South African population-based cohort75
The extracellular matrix protects Bacillus subtilis colonies from Pseudomonas invasion and modulates plant co-colonization75
Transposable elements are regulated by context-specific patterns of chromatin marks in mouse embryonic stem cells75
Chemical genomics reveals histone deacetylases are required for core regulatory transcription75
Circulating miR-103a-3p contributes to angiotensin II-induced renal inflammation and fibrosis via a SNRK/NF-κB/p65 regulatory axis75
Impact of molecular quadrupole moments on the energy levels at organic heterojunctions75
Regulation of the ER stress response by a mitochondrial microprotein75
The molecular origin and taxonomy of mucinous ovarian carcinoma75
Biomimetic coating-free surfaces for long-term entrapment of air under wetting liquids74
Top–down assessment of the Asian carbon budget since the mid 1990s74
Rare and everywhere: Perspectives on scale-free networks74
Switching the activity of Cas12a using guide RNA strand displacement circuits74
Magic of high-order van Hove singularity74
Endogenous stimulus-powered antibiotic release from nanoreactors for a combination therapy of bacterial infections74
AAV2.7m8 is a powerful viral vector for inner ear gene therapy74
All-polymer particulate slurry batteries74
Inner lumen proteins stabilize doublet microtubules in cilia and flagella74
Field and lab experimental demonstration of nonlinear impairment compensation using neural networks74
Interband resonant high-harmonic generation by valley polarized electron–hole pairs74
Copper-catalyzed enantioselective Sonogashira-type oxidative cross-coupling of unactivated C(sp3)−H bonds with alkynes74
Optimizing reaction paths for methanol synthesis from CO2 hydrogenation via metal-ligand cooperativity74
Control of structural flexibility of layered-pillared metal-organic frameworks anchored at surfaces74
Vapor-deposited zeolitic imidazolate frameworks as gap-filling ultra-low-k dielectrics74
Dimensional hierarchy of higher-order topology in three-dimensional sonic crystals74
Trade-off in membrane distillation with monolithic omniphobic membranes74
Autophagy inhibition elicits emergence from metastatic dormancy by inducing and stabilizing Pfkfb3 expression74
Video-rate multi-color structured illumination microscopy with simultaneous real-time reconstruction74
Amyloid β oligomers suppress excitatory transmitter release via presynaptic depletion of phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate74
Systematic allelic analysis defines the interplay of key pathways in X chromosome inactivation74
Ultrafast charge transfer coupled with lattice phonons in two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks74
A universal approach for the synthesis of two-dimensional binary compounds74
Overexpression of Claspin and Timeless protects cancer cells from replication stress in a checkpoint-independent manner74
Disentangling charge carrier from photothermal effects in plasmonic metal nanostructures74
Efficient nonlinear beam shaping in three-dimensional lithium niobate nonlinear photonic crystals74
Flexible Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 solar cells with over 10% efficiency and methods of enlarging the cell area74
Evolution and regulation of nitrogen flux through compartmentalized metabolic networks in a marine diatom74
The rapid electrochemical activation of MoTe2 for the hydrogen evolution reaction74
Mechanical stretch induces hair regeneration through the alternative activation of macrophages74
Genetic mapping and evolutionary analysis of human-expanded cognitive networks74
Octahedral gold-silver nanoframes with rich crystalline defects for efficient methanol oxidation manifesting a CO-promoting effect74
A combination of chitooligosaccharide and lipochitooligosaccharide recognition promotes arbuscular mycorrhizal associations in Medicago truncatula74
ARID1A and PI3-kinase pathway mutations in the endometrium drive epithelial transdifferentiation and collective invasion74
Microenvironmental IL1β promotes breast cancer metastatic colonisation in the bone via activation of Wnt signalling74
A short translational ramp determines the efficiency of protein synthesis74
Genomic and immune profiling of pre-invasive lung adenocarcinoma74
Corals record long-term Leeuwin current variability including Ningaloo Niño/Niña since 179573
Missing self triggers NK cell-mediated chronic vascular rejection of solid organ transplants73
Core architecture of a bacterial type II secretion system73
Converse flexoelectricity yields large piezoresponse force microscopy signals in non-piezoelectric materials73
Mice with hyper-long telomeres show less metabolic aging and longer lifespans73
A multi-task convolutional deep neural network for variant calling in single molecule sequencing73
1D versus 2D cocrystals growth via microspacing in-air sublimation73
A building-block design for enhanced visible-light switching of diarylethenes73
Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 accelerates vascular calcification by upregulating Runx273
Mild replication stress causes chromosome mis-segregation via premature centriole disengagement73
Efficient plasmon-hot electron conversion in Ag–CsPbBr3 hybrid nanocrystals73
A broadband and strong visible-light-absorbing photosensitizer boosts hydrogen evolution73
Theory of the field-revealed Kitaev spin liquid73
Organocatalytic atroposelective construction of axially chiral arylquinones73
Mesenchymal stem cell therapy induces FLT3L and CD1c+ dendritic cells in systemic lupus erythematosus patients73
Bio-inspired ultra-high energy efficiency bistable electronic billboard and reader73
A highly selective and recyclable NO-responsive nanochannel based on a spiroring opening−closing reaction strategy73
Stem cell proliferation is induced by apoptotic bodies from dying cells during epithelial tissue maintenance73
Reversing the direction of heat flow using quantum correlations73
Transmission of natural scene images through a multimode fibre73
Inactivation of a CRF-dependent amygdalofugal pathway reverses addiction-like behaviors in alcohol-dependent rats73
Precapillary sphincters maintain perfusion in the cerebral cortex73
Subtle changes in chromatin loop contact propensity are associated with differential gene regulation and expression73
Declines in mental health associated with air pollution and temperature variability in China73
CD4+ T cell help creates memory CD8+ T cells with innate and help-independent recall capacities73
The regulatory landscape of a core maize domestication module controlling bud dormancy and growth repression73
Single-cell transcriptomics reveals multi-step adaptations to endocrine therapy73
Exploring the colloid-to-polymer transition for ultra-low crosslinked microgels from three to two dimensions73
Tumor response and endogenous immune reactivity after administration of HER2 CAR T cells in a child with metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma73
TRPML1 links lysosomal calcium to autophagosome biogenesis through the activation of the CaMKKβ/VPS34 pathway73
RIF1 promotes replication fork protection and efficient restart to maintain genome stability73
All WSe2 1T1R resistive RAM cell for future monolithic 3D embedded memory integration73
Cryoprotectant enables structural control of porous scaffolds for exploration of cellular mechano-responsiveness in 3D73
Candidalysin activates innate epithelial immune responses via epidermal growth factor receptor73
A NOTCH feed-forward loop drives reprogramming from adrenergic to mesenchymal state in neuroblastoma73
IL-33 drives group 2 innate lymphoid cell-mediated protection during Clostridium difficile infection73
In situ structure and assembly of the multidrug efflux pump AcrAB-TolC73
Remodeling of secretory lysosomes during education tunes functional potential in NK cells73
The AvrPm3-Pm3 effector-NLR interactions control both race-specific resistance and host-specificity of cereal mildews on wheat73
The upper-airway microbiota and loss of asthma control among asthmatic children73
Iron-dependent histone 3 lysine 9 demethylation controls B cell proliferation and humoral immune responses72
Intronic ATTTC repeat expansions in STARD7 in familial adult myoclonic epilepsy linked to chromosome 272
GWAS for systemic sclerosis identifies multiple risk loci and highlights fibrotic and vasculopathy pathways72
Integrated analysis of environmental and genetic influences on cord blood DNA methylation in new-borns72
Stroke among cancer patients72
Compound climate events transform electrical power shortfall risk in the Pacific Northwest72
Selective photocatalytic conversion of methane into carbon monoxide over zinc-heteropolyacid-titania nanocomposites72
Evolutionary highways to persistent bacterial infection72
Completion of the cytosolic post-chorismate phenylalanine biosynthetic pathway in plants72
In situ atomistic observation of disconnection-mediated grain boundary migration72
Electroluminescence from multi-particle exciton complexes in transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductors72
Machine learning coarse grained models for water72
Redox gated polymer memristive processing memory unit72
Data driven discovery of cyber physical systems72
An evolutionarily-conserved Wnt3/β-catenin/Sp5 feedback loop restricts head organizer activity in Hydra72
Crossing the blood-brain-barrier with nanoligand drug carriers self-assembled from a phage display peptide72
Highly sensitive CE-ESI-MS analysis of N-glycans from complex biological samples72
Gamma oscillations in somatosensory cortex recruit prefrontal and descending serotonergic pathways in aversion and nociception72
An ultrathin conformable vibration-responsive electronic skin for quantitative vocal recognition72
Quantification of frequency-dependent genetic architectures in 25 UK Biobank traits reveals action of negative selection72
Monitoring biomolecule concentrations in tissue using a wearable droplet microfluidic-based sensor72
Divergent national-scale trends of microbial and animal biodiversity revealed across diverse temperate soil ecosystems72
NKG2A is a NK cell exhaustion checkpoint for HCV persistence72
Complex formation of APP with GABAB receptors links axonal trafficking to amyloidogenic processing72
Distinct G protein-coupled receptor phosphorylation motifs modulate arrestin affinity and activation and global conformation72
Methylation and PTEN activation in dental pulp mesenchymal stem cells promotes osteogenesis and reduces oncogenesis72
The origin of heterogeneous nanoparticle uptake by cells72
Hydrogen-based metabolism as an ancestral trait in lineages sibling to the Cyanobacteria72
Nickel@Siloxene catalytic nanosheets for high-performance CO2 methanation72
Antimalarial activity of primaquine operates via a two-step biochemical relay72
Syngeneic animal models of tobacco-associated oral cancer reveal the activity of in situ anti-CTLA-472
Regulation of lipid saturation without sensing membrane fluidity72
Role of carbonate burial in Blue Carbon budgets72
The Pseudomonas aeruginosa lectin LecB binds to the exopolysaccharide Psl and stabilizes the biofilm matrix72
Functional genomics reveal gene regulatory mechanisms underlying schizophrenia risk71
Past–future information bottleneck for sampling molecular reaction coordinate simultaneously with thermodynamics and kinetics71
Design and application of α-ketothioesters as 1,2-dicarbonyl-forming reagents71
Critical role of formaldehyde during methanol conversion to hydrocarbons71
Optimization of 4-1BB antibody for cancer immunotherapy by balancing agonistic strength with FcγR affinity71
Polymorph selection towards photocatalytic gaseous CO2 hydrogenation71
Probing the active fraction of soil microbiomes using BONCAT-FACS71
The METLIN small molecule dataset for machine learning-based retention time prediction71
Phase evolution of conversion-type electrode for lithium ion batteries71
Untwisted restacking of two-dimensional metal-organic framework nanosheets for highly selective isomer separations71
Siderophore-inspired chelator hijacks uranium from aqueous medium71
Chirality invertible superstructure mediated active planar optics71
Regulation of antitumour CD8 T-cell immunity and checkpoint blockade immunotherapy by Neuropilin-171
Rapid and direct control of target protein levels with VHL-recruiting dTAG molecules71
In situ observation of picosecond polaron self-localisation in α-Fe2O3 photoelectrochemical cells71
Glia-neuron interactions underlie state transitions to generalized seizures71
Tens of thousands additional deaths annually in cities of China between 1.5 °C and 2.0 °C warming71
The non-canonical SMC protein SmcHD1 antagonises TAD formation and compartmentalisation on the inactive X chromosome71
Engineering transkingdom signalling in plants to control gene expression in rhizosphere bacteria71
Boosting NAD+ with a small molecule that activates NAMPT71
Assisted reproductive technologies are associated with limited epigenetic variation at birth that largely resolves by adulthood71
Location determination of metal nanoparticles relative to a metal-organic framework71
EXOSC10 is required for RPA assembly and controlled DNA end resection at DNA double-strand breaks71
Highly efficient dandelion-like near-infrared light photoinitiator for free radical and thiol-ene photopolymerizations71
Clonal evolution patterns in acute myeloid leukemia with NPM1 mutation71
Bright room temperature single photon source at telecom range in cubic silicon carbide70
Solid Earth change and the evolution of the Antarctic Ice Sheet70
NHC-catalyzed atropoenantioselective synthesis of axially chiral biaryl amino alcohols via a cooperative strategy70
Phosphoric acid-catalyzed atroposelective construction of axially chiral arylpyrroles70
Functional traits and phenotypic plasticity modulate species coexistence across contrasting climatic conditions70
X-ray structures of the high-affinity copper transporter Ctr170
Quantifying the polygenic contribution to variable expressivity in eleven rare genetic disorders70
High density DNA data storage library via dehydration with digital microfluidic retrieval70
Generation of pluripotent stem cell-derived mouse kidneys in Sall1-targeted anephric rats70
Chromatin interaction maps reveal genetic regulation for quantitative traits in maize70
Deep brain stimulation of the internal capsule enhances human cognitive control and prefrontal cortex function70
800-kyr land temperature variations modulated by vegetation changes on Chinese Loess Plateau70
Side-group chemical gating via reversible optical and electric control in a single molecule transistor70
Lasing in strained germanium microbridges70
Within-host evolution of Helicobacter pylori shaped by niche-specific adaptation, intragastric migrations and selective sweeps70
ACVR1 R206H cooperates with H3.1K27M in promoting diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma pathogenesis70
Injectable human recombinant collagen matrices limit adverse remodeling and improve cardiac function after myocardial infarction70
Rational approach to guest confinement inside MOF cavities for low-temperature catalysis70
Bioinspired lipoproteins-mediated photothermia remodels tumor stroma to improve cancer cell accessibility of second nanoparticles70
The p300/YY1/miR-500a-5p/HDAC2 signalling axis regulates cell proliferation in human colorectal cancer70
Barcoding reveals complex clonal behavior in patient-derived xenografts of metastatic triple negative breast cancer70
Metal-organic framework crystal-glass composites70
Hierarchical organization of urban mobility and its connection with city livability70
Functional linkage of gene fusions to cancer cell fitness assessed by pharmacological and CRISPR-Cas9 screening70
EGR1 recruits TET1 to shape the brain methylome during development and upon neuronal activity70
Experimental band structure spectroscopy along a synthetic dimension70
Enantiomeric glycosylated cationic block co-beta-peptides eradicate Staphylococcus aureus biofilms and antibiotic-tolerant persisters70
The generation and use of recombinant extracellular vesicles as biological reference material70
Landscape of multi-nucleotide variants in 125,748 human exomes and 15,708 genomes70
Genomic and transcriptomic changes complement each other in the pathogenesis of sporadic Burkitt lymphoma70
The origin and remolding of genomic islands of differentiation in the European sea bass69
A biodegradable hybrid inorganic nanoscaffold for advanced stem cell therapy69
Programmed loading and rapid purification of engineered bacterial microcompartment shells69
Genome-scale metabolic reconstructions of multiple Salmonella strains reveal serovar-specific metabolic traits69
Integrating all-optical switching with spintronics69
Mendelian randomization analysis using mixture models for robust and efficient estimation of causal effects69
Standing genetic variation fuels rapid adaptation to ocean acidification69
Electrochemical conversion of methane to ethylene in a solid oxide electrolyzer69
Simulating multiple faceted variability in single cell RNA sequencing69
Topologically enhanced harmonic generation in a nonlinear transmission line metamaterial69
Revealing neural correlates of behavior without behavioral measurements69
Immunoregulation of macrophages by dynamic ligand presentation via ligand–cation coordination69
Evidence that neural information flow is reversed between object perception and object reconstruction from memory69
Longitudinal EEG power in the first postnatal year differentiates autism outcomes69
Atomic-scale perturbation of oxygen octahedra via surface ion exchange in perovskite nickelates boosts water oxidation69
Engineering Auger recombination in colloidal quantum dots via dielectric screening69
Using X-ray tomoscopy to explore the dynamics of foaming metal69
Indirect optical trapping using light driven micro-rotors for reconfigurable hydrodynamic manipulation69
Strain-level metagenomic assignment and compositional estimation for long reads with MetaMaps69
Pluripotency and X chromosome dynamics revealed in pig pre-gastrulating embryos by single cell analysis69
DNA methylation directs microRNA biogenesis in mammalian cells69
Limited capacity of tree growth to mitigate the global greenhouse effect under predicted warming69
BRCA2 deficiency instigates cGAS-mediated inflammatory signaling and confers sensitivity to tumor necrosis factor-alpha-mediated cytotoxicity69
Chromosome dynamics near the sol-gel phase transition dictate the timing of remote genomic interactions69
Strategic-tuning of radiative excitons for efficient and stable fluorescent white organic light-emitting diodes69
Endothelial cell clonal expansion in the development of cerebral cavernous malformations69
SLR1 inhibits MOC1 degradation to coordinate tiller number and plant height in rice69
Structural basis for substrate gripping and translocation by the ClpB AAA+ disaggregase69
Liquid biopsy tracking during sequential chemo-radiotherapy identifies distinct prognostic phenotypes in nasopharyngeal carcinoma69
Polariton nanophotonics using phase-change materials69
Hydrogen bond guidance and aromatic stacking drive liquid-liquid phase separation of intrinsically disordered histidine-rich peptides69
Interpretable classification of Alzheimer’s disease pathologies with a convolutional neural network pipeline69
Discovery and preclinical evaluation of anti-miR-17 oligonucleotide RGLS4326 for the treatment of polycystic kidney disease69
The flavonoid 4,4′-dimethoxychalcone promotes autophagy-dependent longevity across species69
Mapping eGFR loci to the renal transcriptome and phenome in the VA Million Veteran Program69
Rapid increase in atmospheric iodine levels in the North Atlantic since the mid-20th century68
Programmable C:G to G:C genome editing with CRISPR-Cas9-directed base excision repair proteins68
Trait-based community assembly and succession of the infant gut microbiome68
The reach of gene–culture coevolution in animals68
Approximate Bayesian computation with deep learning supports a third archaic introgression in Asia and Oceania68
The effect of publishing peer review reports on referee behavior in five scholarly journals68
High carbon emissions from thermokarst lakes of Western Siberia68
Direct evidence for grain boundary passivation in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells through alkali-fluoride post-deposition treatments68
Ultra-high on-chip optical gain in erbium-based hybrid slot waveguides68
Enhanced light-matter interaction in an atomically thin semiconductor coupled with dielectric nano-antennas68
Towards maximized volumetric capacity via pore-coordinated design for large-volume-change lithium-ion battery anodes68
Rationally designed azobenzene photoswitches for efficient two-photon neuronal excitation68
Sticky collisions of ultracold RbCs molecules68
Observation of emergent momentum–time skyrmions in parity–time-symmetric non-unitary quench dynamics68
Anatomy of the energetic driving force for charge generation in organic solar cells68
Self- regeneration of Au/CeO2 based catalysts with enhanced activity and ultra-stability for acetylene hydrochlorination68
IFN-β is a macrophage-derived effector cytokine facilitating the resolution of bacterial inflammation68
AURKB as a target in non-small cell lung cancer with acquired resistance to anti-EGFR therapy68
Mitigation of off-target toxicity in CRISPR-Cas9 screens for essential non-coding elements68
Inactivating hepatitis C virus in donor lungs using light therapies during normothermic ex vivo lung perfusion68
A cell-free biosynthesis platform for modular construction of protein glycosylation pathways68
Multi-region sequencing unveils novel actionable targets and spatial heterogeneity in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma68
The oncolytic virus Delta-24-RGD elicits an antitumor effect in pediatric glioma and DIPG mouse models68
A fast and sensitive room-temperature graphene nanomechanical bolometer67
Fourier ring correlation simplifies image restoration in fluorescence microscopy67
A poor man’s coherent Ising machine based on opto-electronic feedback systems for solving optimization problems67
A high Q piezoelectric resonator as a portable VLF transmitter67
Two-dimensional inorganic molecular crystals67
Directing isomerization reactions of cumulenes with electric fields67
Halogen-bonded cocrystallization with phosphorus, arsenic and antimony acceptors67
The molecular logic of Nanog-induced self-renewal in mouse embryonic stem cells67
Local atomic order and hierarchical polar nanoregions in a classical relaxor ferroelectric67
Perfluorocarbon regulates the intratumoural environment to enhance hypoxia-based agent efficacy67
A gene expression map of shoot domains reveals regulatory mechanisms67
Bacterial outer membrane proteins assemble via asymmetric interactions with the BamA β-barrel67
Spin–orbit torque switching in a T-type magnetic configuration with current orthogonal to easy axes67
A molecular mechanism for transthyretin amyloidogenesis67
CD8+ T cells from patients with narcolepsy and healthy controls recognize hypocretin neuron-specific antigens67
Evidence of cooperative effect on the enhanced superconducting transition temperature at the FeSe/SrTiO3 interface67
Indirect tail states formation by thermal-induced polar fluctuations in halide perovskites67
Carbon dioxide capture and efficient fixation in a dynamic porous coordination polymer67
Increasing species sampling in chelicerate genomic-scale datasets provides support for monophyly of Acari and Arachnida67
Multistaged discharge constructing heterostructure with enhanced solid-solution behavior for long-life lithium-oxygen batteries67
Identification of drug-specific public TCR driving severe cutaneous adverse reactions67
CXCL4 assembles DNA into liquid crystalline complexes to amplify TLR9-mediated interferon-α production in systemic sclerosis67
Flexible thermal interface based on self-assembled boron arsenide for high-performance thermal management67
Cordycepin prevents radiation ulcer by inhibiting cell senescence via NRF2 and AMPK in rodents67
Expanding the limits of the second genetic code with ribozymes67
Mitochondrial calcium exchange links metabolism with the epigenome to control cellular differentiation67
Metabolomics analysis of human acute graft-versus-host disease reveals changes in host and microbiota-derived metabolites67
Attenuated palmitoylation of serotonin receptor 5-HT1A affects receptor function and contributes to depression-like behaviors67
Quantitative proteomics and single-nucleus transcriptomics of the sinus node elucidates the foundation of cardiac pacemaking67
Small-molecule targeting of MUSASHI RNA-binding activity in acute myeloid leukemia67
The new-generation selective ROS1/NTRK inhibitor DS-6051b overcomes crizotinib resistant ROS1-G2032R mutation in preclinical models67
Non-coding variability at the APOE locus contributes to the Alzheimer’s risk67
High Mountain Asian glacier response to climate revealed by multi-temporal satellite observations since the 1960s66
Modeling heat transport in crystals and glasses from a unified lattice-dynamical approach66
Principles of meiotic chromosome assembly revealed in S. cerevisiae66
STX17 dynamically regulated by Fis1 induces mitophagy via hierarchical macroautophagic mechanism66
Numerous cultivated and uncultivated viruses encode ribosomal proteins66
The grain yield modulator miR156 regulates seed dormancy through the gibberellin pathway in rice66
ESCRT-III-driven piecemeal micro-ER-phagy remodels the ER during recovery from ER stress66
Near 100% CO selectivity in nanoscaled iron-based oxygen carriers for chemical looping methane partial oxidation66
Interferon lambda protects the female reproductive tract against Zika virus infection66
Next-generation unnatural monosaccharides reveal that ESRRB O-GlcNAcylation regulates pluripotency of mouse embryonic stem cells66
Radiation tolerance of two-dimensional material-based devices for space applications66
Modeling the electrical resistivity of polymer composites with segregated structures66
Guanidinocalix[5]arene for sensitive fluorescence detection and magnetic removal of perfluorinated pollutants66
An efficient and stable photoelectrochemical system with 9% solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency via InGaP/GaAs double junction66
Resonance-enhanced three-photon luminesce via lead halide perovskite metasurfaces for optical encoding66
Inhibition of DNA damage response at telomeres improves the detrimental phenotypes of Hutchinson–Gilford Progeria Syndrome66
Inverse resource allocation between vision and olfaction across the genus Drosophila66
Using “outbreak science” to strengthen the use of models during epidemics66
Post-translational regulation of lipogenesis via AMPK-dependent phosphorylation of insulin-induced gene66
Microbial coexistence through chemical-mediated interactions66
Spatially clustered loci with multiple enhancers are frequent targets of HIV-1 integration66
Felodipine induces autophagy in mouse brains with pharmacokinetics amenable to repurposing66
A reference map of murine cardiac transcription factor chromatin occupancy identifies dynamic and conserved enhancers66
A chromosome-level genome assembly of Cydia pomonella provides insights into chemical ecology and insecticide resistance66
Genome-wide association and transcriptome studies identify target genes and risk loci for breast cancer66
Complex DNA knots detected with a nanopore sensor65
Human genome-edited hematopoietic stem cells phenotypically correct Mucopolysaccharidosis type I65
Shape-memory effects in molecular crystals65
Flat acoustics with soft gradient-index metasurfaces65
A one-gate elevator mechanism for the human neutral amino acid transporter ASCT265
Demonstration of a two-dimensional $${\cal P}{\cal T}$$-symmetric crystal65
Photon acceleration and tunable broadband harmonics generation in nonlinear time-dependent metasurfaces65
Human evolved regulatory elements modulate genes involved in cortical expansion and neurodevelopmental disease susceptibility65
A three-dimensional ratiometric sensing strategy on unimolecular fluorescence–thermally activated delayed fluorescence dual emission65
The conservation value of human-modified landscapes for the world’s primates65
An EDS1 heterodimer signalling surface enforces timely reprogramming of immunity genes in Arabidopsis65
Enantioselective cyanation via radical-mediated C–C single bond cleavage for synthesis of chiral dinitriles65
Strain-tunable van der Waals interactions in few-layer black phosphorus65
Quasi Pd1Ni single-atom surface alloy catalyst enables hydrogenation of nitriles to secondary amines65
Hierarchical nanostructured aluminum alloy with ultrahigh strength and large plasticity65
Structure and electrochromism of two-dimensional octahedral molecular sieve h’-WO365
MiR-135 suppresses glycolysis and promotes pancreatic cancer cell adaptation to metabolic stress by targeting phosphofructokinase-165
Network Walking charts transcriptional dynamics of nitrogen signaling by integrating validated and predicted genome-wide interactions65
Automated acquisition of explainable knowledge from unannotated histopathology images65
DNA-enabled rational design of fluorescence-Raman bimodal nanoprobes for cancer imaging and therapy65
CircAnks1a in the spinal cord regulates hypersensitivity in a rodent model of neuropathic pain65
Practical access to axially chiral sulfonamides and biaryl amino phenols via organocatalytic atroposelective N-alkylation65
MICU1 controls cristae junction and spatially anchors mitochondrial Ca2+ uniporter complex65
Maximizing sinusoidal channels of HZSM-5 for high shape-selectivity to p-xylene65
Structural insights of human mitofusin-2 into mitochondrial fusion and CMT2A onset65
Integrated NMR and cryo-EM atomic-resolution structure determination of a half-megadalton enzyme complex65
Coordination mode engineering in stacked-nanosheet metal–organic frameworks to enhance catalytic reactivity and structural robustness65
A highly conductive fibre network enables centimetre-scale electron transport in multicellular cable bacteria65
The autophagy receptor p62/SQST-1 promotes proteostasis and longevity in C. elegans by inducing autophagy65
Pancreatic islet chromatin accessibility and conformation reveals distal enhancer networks of type 2 diabetes risk65
Resequencing 545 ginkgo genomes across the world reveals the evolutionary history of the living fossil65
Environmental temperatures shape thermal physiology as well as diversification and genome-wide substitution rates in lizards65
Non-enzymatic roles of human RAD51 at stalled replication forks64
Bell’s theorem for temporal order64
The European Space Agency’s Comet Interceptor lies in wait64
Integrating hydrology and biogeochemistry across frozen landscapes64
Copper-catalyzed remote C(sp3)–H azidation and oxidative trifluoromethylation of benzohydrazides64
A minimal biochemical route towards de novo formation of synthetic phospholipid membranes64
Coulomb-driven single defect engineering for scalable qubits and spin sensors in diamond64
Senescent cell turnover slows with age providing an explanation for the Gompertz law64
Sustainability-inspired cell design for a fully recyclable sodium ion battery64
A rapid access to aliphatic sulfonyl fluorides64
Iron-catalyzed carboazidation of alkenes and alkynes64
High-throughput single-cell rheology in complex samples by dynamic real-time deformability cytometry64
Multifunctional nanoagents for ultrasensitive imaging and photoactive killing of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria64
Dissecting the circuit for blindsight to reveal the critical role of pulvinar and superior colliculus64
Oligodendrocytes express synaptic proteins that modulate myelin sheath formation64
A mutualistic interaction between Streptomyces bacteria, strawberry plants and pollinating bees64
Octa-coordinated alkaline earth metal–dinitrogen complexes M(N2)8 (M=Ca, Sr, Ba)64
GraphTyper2 enables population-scale genotyping of structural variation using pangenome graphs64
Kindlin-2 links mechano-environment to proline synthesis and tumor growth64
Solvent-triggered reversible interconversion of all-nitrogen-donor-protected silver nanoclusters and their responsive optical properties64
Platanus-allee is a de novo haplotype assembler enabling a comprehensive access to divergent heterozygous regions64
Functional ultrasound imaging of the brain reveals propagation of task-related brain activity in behaving primates64
Gaussian synapses for probabilistic neural networks64
Synchronous 500-year oscillations of monsoon climate and human activity in Northeast Asia64
Infant airway microbiota and topical immune perturbations in the origins of childhood asthma64
R-spondin 3 promotes stem cell recovery and epithelial regeneration in the colon64
Hydrothermal alteration of andesitic lava domes can lead to explosive volcanic behaviour64
Anion-adaptive crystalline cationic material for 99TcO4− trapping64
Single-cell RNA-sequencing of herpes simplex virus 1-infected cells connects NRF2 activation to an antiviral program64
The K219T-Lamin mutation induces conduction defects through epigenetic inhibition of SCN5A in human cardiac laminopathy64
Targets of complement-fixing antibodies in protective immunity against malaria in children64
EZHIP constrains Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 activity in germ cells64
Ti and its alloys as examples of cryogenic focused ion beam milling of environmentally-sensitive materials64
The functional synergism of microRNA clustering provides therapeutically relevant epigenetic interference in glioblastoma64
A chemical toolbox for the study of bromodomains and epigenetic signaling64
Nuclear lamina integrity is required for proper spatial organization of chromatin in Drosophila64
Sox17 is required for endothelial regeneration following inflammation-induced vascular injury64
Manipulating energy migration within single lanthanide activator for switchable upconversion emissions towards bidirectional photoactivation64
Zika virus enhances monocyte adhesion and transmigration favoring viral dissemination to neural cells64
Single cell analysis of human foetal liver captures the transcriptional profile of hepatobiliary hybrid progenitors64
The wax gourd genomes offer insights into the genetic diversity and ancestral cucurbit karyotype64
DNA damage-induced PARP1 activation confers cardiomyocyte dysfunction through NAD+ depletion in experimental atrial fibrillation64
Non-proteolytic ubiquitination of Hexokinase 2 by HectH9 controls tumor metabolism and cancer stem cell expansion64
Lysosomal integral membrane protein-2 (LIMP-2/SCARB2) is involved in lysosomal cholesterol export64
Cryo-EM structure of a 40 kDa SAM-IV riboswitch RNA at 3.7 Å resolution64