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Journal of European Public Policy

Publisher: T&F
Founded in: 1994
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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

Finance fragmented? Frankfurt and Paris as European financial centres after Brexit

Problem detection in legislative oversight: an analysis of legislative committee agendas in the UK and US

Trusting nudges? Lessons from an international survey

Transparency of EU informal trilogues through public feedback in the European Parliament: promise unfulfilled

No participation without representation

The effectiveness of national and EU-level civil protection systems: evidence from 17 member states

Neofunctionalism and EU external policy integration: the case of capacity building in support of security and development (CBSD)

The paradox of human rights conditionality in EU trade policy: when strategic interests drive policy outcomes

European integration and the administrative state. A longitudinal study on self-reinforcing administrative bias

The politics of (de-)politicization and venue choice: A scoping review and research agenda on EU financial regulation and economic governance

Governing by prizes: how the European Union uses symbolic distinctions in its search for legitimacy

Networks of economic policy expertise in Germany and the United States in the wake of the Great Recession

EU economic governance after the crisis: revisiting the accountability shift in EU economic governance

European integration and the administrative state a longitudinal study on self-reinforcing administrative bias

Legal framing and the EU’s external relations: how NGOs shaped the negotiations for an Israel-Europol cooperation agreement

More business as usual? Explaining business bias across issues and institutions in the European Union

Free movement and equal treatment in an unequal union

Balancing the rights and duties of European and national citizens: a demoicratic approach

The politics of overlapping organizations: hostage-taking, forum-shopping and brokering

Policy knowledge, collective action and advocacy coalitions: regulating GMOs in Turkey

International public administrations: a critique