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International Feminist Journal of Politics

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Founded in: 1999
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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

Living Maoist gender ideology: experiences of women ex-combatants in Nepal

Lakota experiences of (In)security: cosmology and ontological security

Masculinities and New War: The Gendered Dynamics of Contemporary Armed Conflict, by David Duriesmith

Mothers shaping masculine ideals of Mujahid in the Kashmiri resistance

Has Democracy Failed Women?, by Drude Dahlerup

Ecofeminism and Politics: Nature, Marx, and the Postmodern, 2nd ed., by Ariel Salleh

Off the record: Margaret van Kleffens and the gendered history of Dutch World War II diplomacy

Women’s political pathways in Southeast Asia

Border crossings and sexual conquest in the age of neoliberalism in the Sonoran Desert

Beyond liberal vs liberating: women’s economic empowerment in the United Nations’ Women, Peace and Security agenda

“Homosexualization” revisited: an audience-focused theorization of wartime male sexual violence

Reproductions of global security: accounting for the private security household

Saving the Security State: Exceptional Citizens in Twenty-First-Century America, by Inderpal Grewal

Grim reapers: ghostly narratives of masculinity and killing in drone warfare

The risks and incentives of disciplinary neoliberal feminism: the case of microfinance

White innocence: paradoxes of colonialism and race, by Gloria Wekker

“We don’t have to talk about how I feel”: emotionality as a tool of resistance in political discourse among Israeli students – a gendered socio-linguistic perspective

Conversations section: editorial

Politicizing Creative Economy: Activism and Hunger Called Theatre, by Dia Da Costa

Politics with Beauvoir: Freedom in the Encounter, by Lori Jo Marso