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Political Psychology

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Founded in: 1980
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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

An Analysis of the Nature and Use of Promigrant Representations in an Antideportation Campaign

Effects of Humor on Intergroup Communication in Intractable Conflicts: Using Humor in an Intergroup Appeal Facilitates Stronger Agreement Between Groups and a Greater Willingness to Compromise

Fired Up by Morality: The Unique Physiological Response Tied to Moral Conviction in Politics

Fear, Anger, and Voting for the Far Right: Evidence From the November 13, 2015 Paris Terror Attacks

Narrative Intervention in Interethnic Conflict

Linguistic Complexity, Information Processing, and Public Acceptance of Supreme Court Decisions

Sensitive Issues, Complex Categories, and Sharing Festivals: Malay Muslim Students’ Perspectives on Interfaith Engagement in Malaysia

Neighborhood Identity Helps Residents Cope with Residential Diversification: Contact in Increasingly Mixed Neighborhoods of Northern Ireland

Procedural Fairness, the Economy, and Support for Political Authorities

How the “Northern Irish” National Identity Is Understood and Used by Young People and Politicians

Rousing the Partisan Combatant: Elite Incivility, Anger, and Antideliberative Attitudes

Political Attitudes and the Processing of Misinformation Corrections

How Quickly We Selectively Forget: Experimental Tests of Information Order on Memory and Candidate Evaluation

Life History and System Justification: Higher Individual Fertility and Lower Provincial Life Expectancy Correlate With Stronger Progovernment Attitudes in China

The Scope of Partisan Influence on Policy Opinion

Political Psychology, Foreign Policy, and International Politics

Playing the Woman Card: Ambivalent Sexism in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Race

Can We Identify with a Nation Low in Morality? The Heavy Weight of (Im)Morality in International Comparison

The Janus of Diversity: May the Ideology of Individual Diversity Rationalize Social Inequalities?

Who Cares If They Need Help? The Deservingness Heuristic, Humanitarianism, and Welfare Opinions

Upper‐Body Strength and Political Egalitarianism: Twelve Conceptual Replications

Moral Hazard: German Public Opinion on the Greek Debt Crisis

How Emotional Frames Moralize and Polarize Political Attitudes

National Identity, Collective Events, and Meaning: A Qualitative Study of Adolescents’ Autobiographical Narratives of Flag Ceremonies in Finland

Encountering Dissimilar Views in Deliberation: Political Knowledge, Attitude Strength, and Opinion Change

Emotion Dysregulation and Military Suicidality Since 2001: A Review of the Literature

History in the Service of Politics: Constructing Narratives of History During the European Refugee “Crisis”

The Role of Political Practices in Moral Injury: A Study of Afghanistan Veterans

Devoutness to Islam and the Attitudinal Acceptance of Political Violence Among Young Muslims in Germany