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World Economy

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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

Chinese Trade Price and Yuan's Valuation

Why Did the Equity Home Bias Fall During the Financial Panic of 2008?

Why Has the United States Continued to Receive Net Investment Income As a Debtor Country?

The future impact of Trans‐Pacific Partnership’s rule‐making achievements: The case study of e‐commerce

Market Knowledge: Evidence from Importers

The impact of the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement on Australia's education exports to China: A legal and economic assessment

Asymmetric Effects of Cultural Institutes on Trade and FDI

The globalisation‐welfare state nexus: Evidence from Asia

Does FDI increase productivity? The role of regulation in upstream industries

Exchange Rate Regime and External Adjustment: An Empirical Investigation for the U.S

The Role of Foreign Affiliate Productivity in the Integration Strategies of Multinational Firms

Antidumping Duty Circumvention through Trade Rerouting: Evidence from Chinese Exporters

Do Bilateral Investment Treaties Attract Foreign Direct Investment? The Role of International Dispute Settlement Provisions

The common sources of business cycles in Trans‐Pacific countries and the U.S.? A comparison with NAFTA

The rise of dollar credit in emerging market economies and US monetary policy

Domestic and export performances of French firms

Does Regulation drive International Research Cooperation? Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Sector

Is FTA/EPA Effective for a Developing Country to Attract FDI? The Knowledge‐Capital Model Revisited

Has the crisis affected Spanish investment strategy abroad? A spatial panel data approach

Does capital punishment deter white collar crimes?

Servicification in global value chains: Comparative analysis of selected Asian countries with OECD

The world stock markets under geopolitical risks: Dependence structure

WTO Trade Policy Review for Switzerland: In Need for a New Paradigm

Cumulative effects of Brexit and other UK and EU‐27 bilateral free‐trade agreements on the world’s wine markets

Firm heterogeneity, market choice and productivity: Evidence from foreign‐owned enterprises in China

The Impact of the China‐Australia Free Trade Agreement on Australia's Education Exports to China: A Legal and Economic Assessment

Does the razor's edge exist? New evidence of the law of one price in China (1997–2012)

Product quality and sustainability: The effect of international environmental agreements on bilateral trade

Understanding the International Mobility of Chinese Temporary Workers

Examining Dutch disease across Australian regions

Export product range and economic growth in the EU countries

Trade openness and the environmental Kuznets curve: Evidence from Chinese cities

Trade liberalisation and cross‐firm wage heterogeneity: Theory and evidence from China

The effect of broadband on European Union trade: A regional spatial approach

Czech privatisation 25 years later

Firm heterogeneity and aggregate business services exports: Micro evidence from Belgium, France, Germany and Spain

Aid for trade and export diversification in recipient‐countries

Opportunity equality and development: Rural income mobility and city size in China

Services policy reform and manufacturing employment: Evidence from transition economies

US trade wars in the twenty‐first century with emerging countries: Make America and its partners lose again

The World Stock Markets under Geopolitical Risks : Dependence structure

Effects of the Preference for Environmental Quality on the Export Competition between China and OECD Countries

Assessing the sustainability of external imbalances in the European Union

Parallel Trade with an Endogenous Market Structure

The Effects of Social Networks on the Flow of International Students

Monetary Policy, Inequality and Political Instability

Propagation of Changes in Demand through International Trade: A Case Study of China

The Future Impact of TPP's Rule‐making Achievements The Case Study of E‐commerce

International capital mobility and unemployment dynamics: Empirical evidence from OECD countries

The effect of broadband on EU trade: a regional spatial approach

Firm Heterogeneity, Market Choice, and Productivity: Evidence from Foreign‐owned Enterprises in China

Trade Liberalization and Cross‐Firm Wage Heterogeneity: Theory and Evidence from China

The economic consequences of corporate tax rates reductions in the EU: Evidence using a computable general equilibrium model

Market access implications of non‐tariff measures: Estimates for four developed country markets

Analysis on the determinants of currency invoicing in Korean trade

Nowcasting global economic growth: A factor‐augmented mixed‐frequency approach