Nano Energy

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Trimetallic Mo–Ni–Co selenides nanorod electrocatalysts for highly-efficient and ultra-stable hydrogen evolution84
Highly-efficient all-inorganic lead-free 1D CsCu2I3 single crystal for white-light emitting diodes and UV photodetection84
All edible materials derived biocompatible and biodegradable triboelectric nanogenerator84
An ultra-thin colored textile with simultaneous solar and passive heating abilities84
Metal–organic frameworks-derived heteroatom-doped carbon electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction84
Fluorinated metal-organic framework as bifunctional filler toward highly improving output performance of triboelectric nanogenerators84
Nanocellulose aerogel-based porous coaxial fibers for thermal insulation84
How to avoid dendrite formation in metal batteries: Innovative strategies for dendrite suppression84
Battery-free short-range self-powered wireless sensor network (SS-WSN) using TENG based direct sensory transmission (TDST) mechanism84
Ni/SiO2/Graphene-modified separator as a multifunctional polysulfide barrier for advanced lithium-sulfur batteries83
Graphene quantum dots as the nucleation sites and interfacial regulator to suppress lithium dendrites for high-loading lithium-sulfur battery83
Sustainable and flexible hydrovoltaic power generator for wearable sensing electronics83
Energy storage enhancement of P(VDF-TrFE-CFE)-based composites with double-shell structured BZCT nanofibers of parallel and orthogonal configurations83
Eutectoid-structured WC/W2C heterostructures: A new platform for long-term alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction at low overpotentials83
Amorphous nickel sulfoselenide for efficient electrochemical urea-assisted hydrogen production in alkaline media83
Lithium-conducting covalent-organic-frameworks as artificial solid-electrolyte-interphase on silicon anode for high performance lithium ion batteries83
TiC supported amorphous MnOx as highly efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for corrosion resistant oxygen electrode of Zn-air batteries82
A special enabler for boosting cyclic life and rate capability of LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2: Green and simple additive82
MoS2/SnS@C hollow hierarchical nanotubes as superior performance anode for sodium-ion batteries82
Synaptic silicon-nanocrystal phototransistors for neuromorphic computing82
Bilayer porous polymer for efficient passive building cooling82
Highly conductive, ultra-flexible and continuously processable PEDOT:PSS fibers with high thermoelectric properties for wearable energy harvesting82
Amorphizing metal-organic framework towards multifunctional polysulfide barrier for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries82
Conjugated microporous polymers for energy storage: Recent progress and challenges82
Ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene/hydrogel-based liquid-solid triboelectric nanogenerator driven self-powered MXene-based sensor system for marine environmental monitoring82
Decoupling and correlating the ion transport by engineering 2D carbon nanosheets for enhanced charge storage82
The tribovoltaic effect and electron transfer at a liquid-semiconductor interface81
Metallocene implanted metalloporphyrin organic framework for highly selective CO2 electroreduction81
Holey graphene-based nanocomposites for efficient electrochemical energy storage81
Alkali acetate-assisted enhanced electronic coupling in CsPbI3 perovskite quantum dot solids for improved photovoltaics81
Bioinspired transparent and antibacterial electronic skin for sensitive tactile sensing81
High-performance asymmetric Mn(OH)2//Fe2O3 supercapacitor achieved by enhancing and matching respective properties of cathode and anode materials81
High-performance nanogenerators based on flexible cellulose nanofibril/MoS2 nanosheet composite piezoelectric films for energy harvesting80
Accelerated wound healing with an ionic patch assisted by a triboelectric nanogenerator80
A ZIF-triggered rapid polymerization of dopamine renders Co/N-codoped cage-in-cage porous carbon for highly efficient oxygen reduction and evolution80
Electrons/ions dual transport channels design: Concurrently tuning interlayer conductivity and space within re-stacked few-layered MXenes film electrodes for high-areal-capacitance stretchable micro-s80
Solar-powered nanostructured biopolymer hygroscopic aerogels for atmospheric water harvesting80
Review of radiative cooling materials: Performance evaluation and design approaches80
Flexible carbon nanofiber film with diatomic Fe-Co sites for efficient oxygen reduction and evolution reactions in wearable zinc-air batteries80
Active sites enriched hard carbon porous nanobelts for stable and high-capacity potassium-ion storage80
Recent advanced self-propelling salt-blocking technologies for passive solar-driven interfacial evaporation desalination systems79
Chemically tailored molecular surface modification of cellulose nanofibrils for manipulating the charge density of triboelectric nanogenerators79
Curbing polysulfide shuttling by synergistic engineering layer composed of supported Sn4P3 nanodots electrocatalyst in lithium-sulfur batteries79
Highly efficient quaternary organic photovoltaics by optimizing photogenerated exciton distribution and active layer morphology79
Direct current triboelectric cell by sliding an n-type semiconductor on a p-type semiconductor79
Recent progress in tuning polymer oriented microstructures for enhanced thermoelectric performance79
Electronic tuning of confined sub-nanometer cobalt oxide clusters boosting oxygen catalysis and rechargeable Zn–air batteries79
28.3%-efficiency perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell by optimal transparent electrode for high efficient semitransparent top cell79
Integrated photothermal aerogels with ultrahigh-performance solar steam generation79
A fully packed spheroidal hybrid generator for water wave energy harvesting and self-powered position tracking79
2D graphdiyne loading ruthenium atoms for high efficiency water splitting79
Skin-attachable and biofriendly chitosan-diatom triboelectric nanogenerator78
Piezo-phototronic effect promoted carrier separation in coaxial p-n junctions for self-powered photodetector78
Environment-resisted flexible high performance triboelectric nanogenerators based on ultrafast self-healing non-drying conductive organohydrogel78
Spherical triboelectric nanogenerator based on spring-assisted swing structure for effective water wave energy harvesting78
All-printed, interdigitated, freestanding serpentine interconnects based flexible solid state supercapacitor for self powered wearable electronics78
Energy autonomous hybrid electronic skin with multi-modal sensing capabilities78
Synergy of binders and electrolytes in enabling microsized alloy anodes for high performance potassium-ion batteries78
High-voltage asymmetric MXene-based on-chip micro-supercapacitors78
Engineering controllable water transport of biosafety cuttlefish juice solar absorber toward remarkably enhanced solar-driven gas-liquid interfacial evaporation78
Application of nanofluids for enhanced waste heat recovery: A review78
Self-powered eye motion sensor based on triboelectric interaction and near-field electrostatic induction for wearable assistive technologies78
Nanocrystal supracrystal-derived atomically dispersed Mn-Fe catalysts with enhanced oxygen reduction activity78
Soft bimorph actuator with real-time multiplex motion perception78
Anisotropic magnetic liquid metal film for wearable wireless electromagnetic sensing and smart electromagnetic interference shielding77
Ultraviolet optoelectronic devices based on AlGaN-SiC platform: Towards monolithic photonics integration system77
Harvesting vibration energy to piezo-catalytically generate hydrogen through Bi2WO6 layered-perovskite77
Monosodium glutamate, an effective electrolyte additive to enhance cycling performance of Zn anode in aqueous battery77
The disordering-enhanced performances of the Al-MOF/graphene composite anodes for lithium ion batteries77
Local electronic structure modulation enhances operating voltage in Li-rich cathodes77
A high-entropy phosphate catalyst for oxygen evolution reaction77
Synergistic engineering of defects and architecture in Co3O4@C nanosheets toward Li/Na ion batteries with enhanced pseudocapacitances76
Charge-trapping-blocking layer for enhanced triboelectric nanogenerators76
Cobalt-embedded hierarchically-porous hollow carbon microspheres as multifunctional confined reactors for high-loading Li-S batteries76
Stabilizing and understanding the interface between nickel-rich cathode and PEO-based electrolyte by lithium niobium oxide coating for high-performance all-solid-state batteries76
NASICON-type Na3Fe2(PO4)3 as a low-cost and high-rate anode material for aqueous sodium-ion batteries76
Flexible organic solar cells: Materials, large-area fabrication techniques and potential applications76
Thermal runaway mechanism of lithium-ion battery with LiNi0.8Mn0.1Co0.1O2 cathode materials75
Boosting photocatalytic CO2 reduction in a ZnS/ZnIn2S4 heterostructure through strain-induced direct Z-scheme and a mechanistic study of molecular CO2 interaction thereon75
Direct muscle stimulation using diode-amplified triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs)75
Electron density modulation of Fe1-xCoxP nanosheet arrays by iron incorporation for highly efficient water splitting75
A skin-like sensor for intelligent Braille recognition75
Ultrahigh field-induced strain in lead-free ceramics75
Stretchable and self-healable catechol-chitosan-diatom hydrogel for triboelectric generator and self-powered tremor sensor targeting at Parkinson disease75
Boosting electrosynthesis of ammonia on surface-engineered MXene Ti3C275
In-situ construction of hierarchical cathode electrolyte interphase for high performance LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2/Li metal battery75
Promising pyro-photo-electric catalysis in NaNbO3 via integrating solar and cold-hot alternation energy in pyroelectric-assisted photoelectrochemical system75
Functional cation defects engineering in TiS2 for high-stability anode75
High-mass loading V3O7·H2O nanoarray for Zn-ion battery: New synthesis and two-stage ion intercalation chemistry75
Ru to W electron donation for boosted HER from acidic to alkaline on Ru/WNO sponges74
Band inversion induced multiple electronic valleys for high thermoelectric performance of SnTe with strong lattice softening74
Seamlessly knitted stretchable comfortable textile triboelectric nanogenerators for E-textile power sources74
Boosting alkaline hydrogen evolution and Zn–H2O cell induced by interfacial electron transfer74
Defect engineering of MnO2 nanosheets by substitutional doping for printable solid-state micro-supercapacitors74
Charge redistribution of Ru nanoclusters on Co3O4 porous nanowire via the oxygen regulation for enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction74
Over 18% ternary polymer solar cells enabled by a terpolymer as the third component74
Collective behaviors mediated multifunctional black sand aggregate towards environmentally adaptive solar-to-thermal purified water harvesting74
Rationalization on high-loading iron and cobalt dual metal single atoms and mechanistic insight into the oxygen reduction reaction74
Both cationic and anionic redox chemistry in a P2-type sodium layered oxide74
Interfacial electronic structure modulation of Pt-MoS2 heterostructure for enhancing electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction74
Recent advances in dual-carbon based electrochemical energy storage devices74
Passivation of defects in perovskite solar cell: From a chemistry point of view74
High-performance cylindrical pendulum shaped triboelectric nanogenerators driven by water wave energy for full-automatic and self-powered wireless hydrological monitoring system73
Dual carbon decorated Na3MnTi(PO4)3: A high-energy-density cathode material for sodium-ion batteries73
Transparent and stretchable bimodal triboelectric nanogenerators with hierarchical micro-nanostructures for mechanical and water energy harvesting73
Zero-power optoelectronic synaptic devices73
Efficient infrared light induced CO2 reduction with nearly 100% CO selectivity enabled by metallic CoN porous atomic layers73
Role of surface recombination in perovskite solar cells at the interface of HTL/CH3NH3PbI373
Cost-effective mechanochemical synthesis of highly dispersed supported transition metal catalysts for hydrogen storage73
A facile gaseous sulfur treatment strategy for Li-rich and Ni-rich cathode materials with high cycling and rate performance73
Piezo-photoelectronic coupling effect of BaTiO3@TiO2 nanowires for highly concentrated dye degradation73
A multifunctional TENG yarn integrated into agrotextile for building intelligent agriculture73
Lead-free monocrystalline perovskite resistive switching device for temporal information processing73
A long-lasting dual-function electrolyte additive for stable lithium metal batteries73
Organic-inorganic hybrid manganese bromine single crystal with dual-band photoluminescence from polaronic and bipolaronic excitons73
Measuring the actual voltage of a triboelectric nanogenerator using the non-grounded method73
Wearable fiber-based thermoelectrics from materials to applications73
Monocharged electret based liquid-solid interacting triboelectric nanogenerator for its boosted electrical output performance73
Two voltages in contact-separation triboelectric nanogenerator: From asymmetry to symmetry for maximum output73
Surface modification induced by perovskite quantum dots for triple-cation perovskite solar cells73
A novel hybridized blue energy harvester aiming at all-weather IoT applications72
Flexible aqueous ammonium-ion full cell with high rate capability and long cycle life72
A 3D-printed, alternatively tilt-polarized PVDF-TrFE polymer with enhanced piezoelectric effect for self-powered sensor application72
Hermetic seal for perovskite solar cells: An improved plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition encapsulation72
A flexible spring-shaped architecture with optimized thermal design for wearable thermoelectric energy harvesting72
Novel core-shell CuMo-oxynitride@N-doped graphene nanohybrid as multifunctional catalysts for rechargeable zinc-air batteries and water splitting72
Ferroelectric-field accelerated charge transfer in 2D CuInP2S6 heterostructure for enhanced photocatalytic H2 evolution72
Soft triboelectric nanogenerators for mechanical energy scavenging and self-powered sensors71
Dual-polarity response in self-powered ZnO NWs/Sb2Se3 film heterojunction photodetector array for optical communication71
Facile fabrication of triboelectric nanogenerator based on low-cost thermoplastic polymeric fabrics for large-area energy harvesting and self-powered sensing71
A high-efficient breeze energy harvester utilizing a full-packaged triboelectric nanogenerator based on flow-induced vibration71
Hydrogen and sodium ions co-intercalated vanadium dioxide electrode materials with enhanced zinc ion storage capacity71
A self-powered artificial retina perception system for image preprocessing based on photovoltaic devices and memristive arrays71
Antimonene dendritic nanostructures: Dual-functional material for high-performance energy storage and harvesting devices71
Exploration in materials, electrolytes and performance towards metal ion (Li, Na, K, Zn and Mg)-based hybrid capacitors: A review71
Novel inorganic electron transport layers for planar perovskite solar cells: Progress and prospective71
16.5% efficiency ternary organic photovoltaics with two polymer donors by optimizing molecular arrangement and phase separation71
Superionic conductivity in lithium argyrodite solid-state electrolyte by controlled Cl-doping71
Morphology optimization via molecular weight tuning of donor polymer enables all-polymer solar cells with simultaneously improved performance and stability70
A hand-driven portable triboelectric nanogenerator using whirligig spinning dynamics70
Promoted synergy in core-branch CoP@NiFe–OH nanohybrids for efficient electrochemical-/ photovoltage-driven overall water splitting70
Human motion interactive mechanical energy harvester based on all inorganic perovskite-PVDF70
Dual effective dopant based hole transport layer for stable and efficient perovskite solar cells70
Enhanced energy harvesting ability of polydimethylsiloxane-BaTiO3-based flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator for tactile imitation application70
Rational band engineering and structural manipulations inducing high thermoelectric performance in n-type CoSb3 thin films70
Hybrid conductive hydrogels for washable human motion energy harvester and self-powered temperature-stress dual sensor70
Multilanguage-handwriting self-powered recognition based on triboelectric nanogenerator enabled machine learning70
Wearable and self-cleaning hybrid energy harvesting system based on micro/nanostructured haze film70
Enhanced hindrance from phenyl outer side chains on nonfullerene acceptor enables unprecedented simultaneous enhancement in organic solar cell performances with 16.7% efficiency70
Self-cleaning triboelectric nanogenerator based on TiO2 photocatalysis70
Stable high-voltage aqueous pseudocapacitive energy storage device with slow self-discharge70
Hydrogel-based hierarchically wrinkled stretchable nanofibrous membrane for high performance wearable triboelectric nanogenerator70
WO3 quantum-dots electrochromism70
Accommodating diverse ions in Prussian blue analogs frameworks for rechargeable batteries: The electrochemical redox reactions70
An integral interface with dynamically stable evolution on micron-sized SiOx particle anode70
Enhanced catalytic performance of Ag2O/BaTiO3 heterostructure microspheres by the piezo/pyro-phototronic synergistic effect70
Highly adhesive and self-healing γ-PGA/PEDOT:PSS conductive hydrogels enabled by multiple hydrogen bonding for wearable electronics70
Self-sustained autonomous wireless sensing based on a hybridized TENG and PEG vibration mechanism70
A self-powered and high sensitivity acceleration sensor with V-Q-a model based on triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs)70
Asymmetric ionic aerogel of biologic nanofibrils for harvesting electricity from moisture70
Single cobalt atom anchored on carbon nitride with well-defined active sites for photo-enzyme catalysis69
Metal-organic layers as a platform for developing single-atom catalysts for photochemical CO2 reduction69
A robust network binder via localized linking by small molecules for high-areal-capacity silicon anodes in lithium-ion batteries69
Highly stable CsPbI3:Sr2+ nanocrystals with near-unity quantum yield enabling perovskite light-emitting diodes with an external quantum efficiency of 17.1%69
Matryoshka-inspired hierarchically structured triboelectric nanogenerators for wave energy harvesting69
An ultra-long life, high-performance, flexible Li–CO2 battery based on multifunctional carbon electrocatalysts69
Aligned sulfur-deficient ZnS1−x nanotube arrays as efficient catalyzer for high-performance lithium/sulfur batteries69
Elevated polysulfide regulation by an ultralight all-CVD-built ReS2@N-Doped graphene heterostructure interlayer for lithium–sulfur batteries69
Tactile electronic skin to simultaneously detect and distinguish between temperature and pressure based on a triboelectric nanogenerator69
Lithium-rich manganese-based cathode materials with highly stable lattice and surface enabled by perovskite-type phase-compatible layer69
Stretchable freezing-tolerant triboelectric nanogenerator and strain sensor based on transparent, long-term stable, and highly conductive gelatin-based organohydrogel69
Interface construction of P-Substituted MoS2 as efficient and robust electrocatalyst for alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction69
Agricultural waste-derived moisture-absorber for all-weather atmospheric water collection and electricity generation69
Chemical and structural engineering of transition metal boride towards excellent and sustainable hydrogen evolution reaction69
Exo-shoe triboelectric nanogenerator: Toward high-performance wearable biomechanical energy harvester69
Wearable biosensor for sensitive detection of uric acid in artificial sweat enabled by a fiber structured sensing interface68
High-performance in n-type PbTe-based thermoelectric materials achieved by synergistically dynamic doping and energy filtering68
Rotational pulsed triboelectric nanogenerators integrated with synchronously triggered mechanical switches for high efficiency self-powered systems68
The poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile) polymer assisted preparation of high-performance inverted perovskite solar cells with efficiency exceeding 22%68
Magnetic switch structured triboelectric nanogenerator for continuous and regular harvesting of wind energy68
To effectively drive the conversion of sulfur with electroactive niobium tungsten oxide microspheres for lithium−sulfur battery68
Interface-assisted in-situ growth of halide electrolytes eliminating interfacial challenges of all-inorganic solid-state batteries68
A scalable, cost-effective and salt-rejecting MoS2/SA@melamine foam for continuous solar steam generation68
Colored emitters with silica-embedded perovskite nanocrystals for efficient daytime radiative cooling68
Plasmon-enhanced photo(electro)chemical nitrogen fixation under ambient conditions using visible light responsive hybrid hollow Au-Ag2O nanocages68
Isolated Ni single atoms in nitrogen doped ultrathin porous carbon templated from porous g-C3N4 for high-performance CO2 reduction68
Application of perovskite nanocrystals (NCs)/quantum dots (QDs) in solar cells68
Air-stable red phosphorus anode for potassium/sodium-ion batteries enabled through dual-protection design68
Recent advances and challenges for water evaporation-induced electricity toward applications67
Three-dimensional MoS2/Carbon sandwiched architecture for boosted lithium storage capability67