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Journal of Chinese Political Science

Publisher: Springer
Founded in: 1995
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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

More Than One Trap: Problematic Interpretations and Overlooked Lessons from Thucydides

Michał Lubina, ed., Russia and China: A Political Marriage of Convenience – Stable and Successful

Making the Social Work: toward a Functionalist View of Social Governance

The Reemerging Concern over Air Pollution in China: the Smog of the State’s Efforts to Guide Public Opinion

Framing the Boundary of Sino-Japanese Conflicts in China’s Communication Sphere: a Content Analysis of the News Coverage of Japan and Sino-Japanese Controversies by the People’s Daily between 2001 and 2015

An Operational Code Analysis of China’s National Defense White Papers: 1998-2015

Disrespect for Human Rights and Contentious Participation: Evidence from China

Membership Premium or Self-Selection? Communist Party Recruitment and Social Stratification in Urban China

Does Labor Migration Improve Access to Public Goods in Source Communities? Evidence from Rural China

Can Xi Jinping be the next Mao Zedong? Using the Big Five Model to Study Political Leadership

A New Model of Multilateral Development Bank: a Comparative Study of Road Projects by the AIIB and ADB

The Spillover Effect of the Trade War between Adversarial Dyads: Evidence from the Sino-US Investment Relationship

Yaqing Qin, A Relational Theory of World Politics

Cheng Li, Chinese Politics in the Xi Jinping Era: Reassessing Collective Leadership

Book Review for Jianyong Yue, China’s Rise in the Age of Globalization: Myth or Reality?

Mary E. Gallagher: Authoritarian Legality in China: Law, Workers, and the State

Depoliticization, Politicization, and Criminalization: How China Has Been Handling Political Prisoners since 1980s

Vivienne Shue and Patricia M. Thornton, eds., To Govern China: Evolving Practices of Power

China’s Regional Relations in Comparative Perspective: From Harmonious Neighbors to Strategic Partners , Steven F. Jackson, New York, Routledge, 2018

Pursuing Soft Power through the Confucius Institute: a Large-N Analysis

S. Kalantzakos: China and the Geopolitics of Rare Earths

The Likelihood of Cyberwar between the United States and China: A Neorealism and Power Transition Theory Perspective