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International Journal of Public Opinion Research

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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

Conceptualizing, Measuring, and Theorizing Dynamic De/Centralization in Federations

Crossing Boundaries for Intergovernmental Management, by Robert Agranoff

The Parliaments of Autonomous Nations, edited by Guy Laforest and André Lecours

Governing under Stress: The Implementation of Obama’s Economic Stimulus Program, edited by Timothy J. Conlan, Paul L. Posner, and Priscilla M. Regan

Decentralization, Executive Selection, and Citizen Views on the Quality of Local Governance in African Countries

Leviathan or Public Steward? Evidence on Local Government Taxing Behavior from New York State

Dynamic De/Centralization in the United States, 1790–2010

The Canadian Reference Power: Delegation to the Courts and the Navigation of Federalism

How Courts Decide Federalism Disputes: Legal Merit, Attitudinal Effects, and Strategic Considerations in the Jurisprudence of the Belgian Constitutional Court

Intergovernmental Relations in Transition, Reflections and Directions, Edited by Carl W. Stenberg and David K. Hamilton

Reviewers for Volume 48

Federal Complexity and Perception of State Party Ideology in the United States

Splitting Votes, Splitting Hairs? Rationale for Split-Ticket Voting at the Federal, Regional, and European Elections of May 2014 in Belgium

Explaining Policy Convergence and Polity Divergence in Federal Systems: German and Swiss Higher Education Revisited

Rethinking the Political Economy of Decentralization: How Elections and Parties Shape the Provision of Local Public Goods

Multilateral Collaboration in Canadian Intergovernmental Relations: The Role of Procedural and Reciprocal Norms

Usage of Specialized Service Delivery: Evidence from Contiguous Counties

Climate and Clean Energy Policy: State Institutions and Economic Implications, by Benjamin J. DeitchmanPolitical Opportunities for Climate Policy: California, New York, and the Federal Government, by Roger Karapin

The Judicial Role in a Diverse Federation: Lessons from the Supreme Court of Canada, by Robert Schertzer

The Logic of De Facto Power and Local Education Spending: Evidence from China