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Foreign Policy Analysis

Publisher: OUP
Founded in: 2005
Category: IR (This is based on the Web of Science categorization.)
Twitter: @FPA_Jrnl
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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

Resistant to Change? The EU as a Normative Power and Its Troubled Relations with Russia and China

Teaching Cooperation: The Effect of Shared Neoliberalism on Sanctioning Behavior

Donor Government Ideology and Aid Bypass

The Argentina-Brazil Regional Power Transition

Leadership and Military Effectiveness

Does the Presence of Foreign Troops Affect Stability in the Host Country?1

Beyond the Water’s Edge: How Political Parties Influence Foreign Policy Formulation in Belgium

Interdependence, Networks, and Public Policy Support

Outmaneuvering Kissinger: Role Theory, US Intra-elite Conflict, and the Portuguese Revolution