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European Journal of Political Economy

Publisher: Elsevier
Founded in: 1985
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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

Taxation and social protection under governance decentralisation

Is it the economic policy, stupid? Economic policy, political parties & the gubernatorial incumbent advantage

Non-discriminatory donation relief and strategic commitment under political competition

Coattails and the forces that drive them: Evidence from Mexico

Democratic reversals and the size of government

The Political Economy of Public Policy – Editorial introduction

Delay determinants of European Banking Union implementation

How does petty corruption affect tax morale in Sub-Saharan Africa?

On the determinants of long-run inflation uncertainty: Evidence from a panel of 17 developed economies

Under threat: Rules-based fiscal policy and how to preserve it

Tax enforcement, tax compliance and tax morale in transition economies: A theoretical model

Local television, citizen knowledge and U.S. senators' roll-call voting

Trade policy & lobbying effectiveness: Theory and evidence for India

Clash of civilizations demystified

When and why do countries break their national fiscal rules?

The composition effects of tax-based consolidation on income inequality

Rent-seeking with uncertain discriminatory power

Trade, poverty, and social protection in developing countries

Austerity, inequality, and private debt overhang