List of Journals

The category ‘Political Science’ (without International Relations) comprises 176 journals.

The choice of journals is based on Web of Science 's SSCI (Social Science Citations Index).


• The column Rank refers to the ranking accorded to the journal by Web of Science based on the 2-year Journal Impact Factor 2018.

• Journals listed in pale letters do not deposit scholarly metadata at CrossRef. As a consequence, OOIR cannot track their latest papers.

• The logo Open Access denotes Open Access journals.

1International Organization1947Cambridge University Press
2American Journal of Political Science1956Wiley
3Political Communication1980Taylor & Francis
4British Journal of Political Science1971Cambridge University Press
5Policy Studies Journal1972Wiley
6Annual Review of Political Science1998Annual Reviews
7American Political Science Review1906Cambridge University Press
8Environmental Politics1992Taylor & Francis
9Journal of Democracy1990Project MUSE
11West European Politics1978Taylor & Francis
12Journal of European Public Policy1994Taylor & Francis
13Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory1991Oxford University Press
14Global Environmental Politics2001MIT
15World Politics1948Cambridge University Press
16Socio-Economic Review2003Oxford University Press
17Public Opinion Quarterly1937Oxford University Press
18Comparative Political Studies1968SAGE
19Political Psychology1980Wiley
20New Political Economy1996Taylor & Francis
21European Journal of Political Research1973Wiley
22Political Geography1982Elsevier
23International Journal of Press/Politics1996SAGE
24Review of International Political Economy1994Taylor & Francis
25Regulation & Governance2007Wiley
26Geopolitics1996Taylor & Francis
27JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies1962Wiley
28Territory, Politics, Governance2013Taylor & Francis
29Party Politics1995SAGE
30European Union Politics2000SAGE
30Public Administration1923Wiley
32Government and Opposition1965Cambridge University Press
33Political Analysis1990Cambridge University Press
34Political Behavior1979Springer
35Journal of Peace Research1964SAGE
36Journal of Politics1939University of Chicago Press
37Journal of Conflict Resolution1957SAGE
38South European Society and Politics1996Taylor & Francis
39Perspectives on Politics2003Cambridge University Press
40International Environmental Agreements2001Springer
41Politics & Society1970SAGE
42British Journal of Politics & International Relations1999SAGE
43Post-Soviet Affairs1985Taylor & Francis
44African Affairs1901Oxford University Press
45International Studies Quarterly1957Oxford University Press
46Political Science Research and Methods2013Cambridge University Press
47International Studies Review1994Oxford University Press
48Policy and Politics1972Ingenta Connect
49Social Movement Studies2002Taylor & Francis
50Policy and Society Open Access1990Taylor & Francis
51New Left Review Open Access1960New Left Review Ltd
52International Political Sociology2007Oxford University Press
53Policy and Internet2009Wiley
54Cooperation and Conflict 1965SAGE
55Review of Policy Research1981Wiley
56Democratization1994Taylor & Francis
57Local Government Studies1975Taylor & Francis
58Electoral Studies1982Elsevier
59Journal of Public Policy1981Cambridge University Press
60Parliamentary Affairs1947Oxford University Press
61Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science1890SAGE
62European Journal of Political Economy1985Elsevier
63Political Quarterly1930Wiley
64Quarterly Journal of Political Science2006now publishers
65International Political Science Review1980SAGE
66Review of International Organizations2006Springer
67Swiss Political Science Review1995Wiley
68Mediterranean Politics1996Taylor & Francis
69Studies in Conflict & Terrorism1977Taylor & Francis
70State Politics & Policy Quarterly2001SAGE
71Legislative Studies Quarterly1976Wiley
72Problems of Post-Communism1954Taylor & Francis
73Political Studies1953SAGE
74Philosophy & Public Affairs1972Wiley
75Political Research Quarterly1948SAGE
76Contemporary Security Policy1980Taylor & Francis
77European Political Science Review2009Cambridge University Press
77Journal of International Relations and Development2004Palgrave
79Publius1971Oxford University Press
80Comparative Politics1950Ingenta Connect
81International Journal of Public Opinion Research1989Oxford University Press
82International Journal of Transitional Justice2007Oxford University Press
82Journal of Strategic Studies1978Taylor & Francis
84German Politics1992Taylor & Francis
85European Security1992Taylor & Francis
86Ethics & International Affairs1958Cambridge University Press
87Terrorism and Political Violence1989Taylor & Francis
88Citizenship Studies1997Taylor & Francis
90Politica y Gobierno Open Access1994Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economicas
91Communist and Post-Communist Studies1968Elsevier
92Europe-Asia Studies1949Taylor & Francis
93PS: Political Science & Politics1986Cambridge University Press
94Politics and Governance Open Access2013Cogitatio Press
95Journal of European Integration1977Taylor & Francis
96Nations and Nationalism1995Wiley
97Survival1959Taylor & Francis
98International Theory2009Cambridge University Press
99Contemporary Politics1995Taylor & Francis
100Social Science Quarterly1919Wiley
101Comparative European Politics2003Palgrave
102Global Policy2010Wiley
103Journal of Human Rights2002Taylor & Francis
103Political Studies Review2003SAGE
105American Politics Research1973SAGE
106European Political Science2001Palgrave
107International Journal of Conflict and Violence Open Access2007Uni Bielefeld
108Acta Politica1996Palgrave
108Journal of Women Politics & Policy1980Taylor & Francis
110Dissent1954Project MUSE
111Economics & Politics1989Wiley
112British Politics2006Palgrave
112Contemporary Southeast Asia1979Project MUSE
114International Feminist Journal of Politics1999Taylor & Francis
115Review of African Political Economy1974Taylor & Francis
116Human Rights Quarterly1982Project MUSE
117Journal of Contemporary European Studies1980Taylor & Francis
118Public Choice1966Springer
119Monthly Review1949Monthly Review Foundation
120Journal of Theoretical Politics1989SAGE
121Political Theory1973SAGE
122Studies in American Political Development1986Cambridge University Press
123Nation1865Nation Co Inc
124Irish Political Studies1986Taylor & Francis
125Revista Brasileira de Politica Internacional Open Access1958Scielo
126Journal of Political Philosophy1993Wiley
127Australian Journal of Political Science1966Taylor & Francis
128Critical Review1986Taylor & Francis
129Studies in Comparative International Development1965Springer
130Lex Localis2003Lex Localis Press
130Nationalities Papers1972Taylor & Francis
131Politics and Religion2008Cambridge University Press
132Latin American Politics and Society1959Cambridge University Press
132New Republic1914Rachel Rosenfelt
134Intelligence and National Security1986Taylor & Francis
135Armed Forces & Society1974SAGE
136Politics & Gender2005Cambridge University Press
137Scandinavian Political Studies1966Wiley
138Journal of Chinese Political Science1995Springer
139Revista de Ciencia Politica Open Access1979Pontificia Univ Catolica Chile
141Latin American Perspectives1974SAGE
142Independent Review1996Independent Inst
143Ethics & Global Politics Open Access2008Taylor & Francis
144International Politics1964Palgrave
145Politikon1974Taylor & Francis
146Cambridge Review of International Affairs1986Taylor & Francis
147Politics, Philosophy & Economics2002SAGE
148Historia y Politica1999Centro Estudios Politicos Constitucionales
148Political Science Quarterly1886Wiley
150Polity1986University of Chicago Press
151East European Politics and Societies1986SAGE
152Contemporary Political Theory2002Palgrave
153Politix1987De Boeck Universite
154Political Science1948Taylor & Francis
154Philippine Political Science Journal1974Taylor & Francis
157Canadian Journal of Political Science1935Cambridge University Press
158Historical Materialism1997Brill
159Scottish Journal of Political Economy1954Wiley
160European History Quarterly1971SAGE
160Internasjonal Politikk Open Access1942NOASP
162Australian Journal of Politics and History1955Wiley
163Revista de Estudios Politicos1941Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales
164Austrian Journal of Political Science Open Access1972Innsbruck University Press
165Politische Vierteljahresschrift1960Springer
166Presidential Studies Quarterly1971Wiley
167Politicka Ekonomie Open Access1952University of Economics, Prague
168Journal of Australian Political Economy Open Access1977Australian Political Economy Movement
169Japanese Journal of Political Science2000Cambridge University Press
170Revista del CLAD Reforma y Democracia1994CLAD
171Journal of Cold War Studies1999MIT
172Osteuropa1925bwv (Berline Wissenschaftsverlag)
173Current History1914Daniel Mark Redmond
174Telos1968Telos Press
175Journal of Policy History1989Cambridge University Press
176Romanian Journal of Political Science2001Romanian Acad Soc