Political Theory

(The TQCC of Political Theory is 1. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-06-01 to 2023-06-01.)
Black Lives Matter and the Paradoxes of U.S. Black Politics77
La Comparution/The Compearance75
What Should we Expect from More Democracy?67
Beyond the Psychological Wage: Du Bois on White Dominion34
Bringing in the Work of Nature33
From Historical to Enduring Injustice28
From Primary Goods to Capabilities27
What Is Carceral Feminism?25
From the Periphery of Modernity25
Violent Attachments25
Socialist Republicanism19
From the Act to the Decision16
The Invisible Hand of Friedrich Hayek: Submission and Spontaneous Order16
From Multiculturalism to Nationalism16
How Not to Learn From Catastrophe13
Agents of Popular Sovereignty13
On Needing Both Marx and Arendt10
Reimagining Fugitive Democracy and Transformative Sanctuary with Black Frontline Communities in the Underground Railroad10
Intra-party Deliberation and Reflexive Control within a Deliberative System9
From Pragmatism to Natural Law8
Reconceptualizing the State: Lessons from Post-communism8
Democracy and the Body Politic from Aristotle to Hobbes8
Environmental Domination7
From the Editor7
Declaration as Disavowal: The Politics of Race and Empire in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights6
Cicero's Focus6
Denouncing Historical “Misfortunes”6
Conflict and Universal Moral Theory5
Marsilius of Padua's Argument from Authority: A Survey of Its Significance in the Defensor Pacis5
Between Justice and Accumulation: Aristotle on Currency and Reciprocity5
The Politics of Makarrata: Understanding Indigenous–Settler Relations in Australia5
Feeling the Vibrations: On the Micropolitics of Climate Change5
Partisan Justification4
The Rise of the Homme Machine: Carl Schmitt’s Critique of Biotechnology and Utopias4
Central Banking in Rawls’s Property-Owning Democracy4
Review Essays: Critique from the Margins: Adorno and the Politics of Withdrawal3
Zen and the Art of Democracy: Contemplative Practice as Ordinary Political Theory3
From Politics to Paralysis3
I. Salvaging Marx from Avineri3
“Pretenders of a Vile and Unmanly Disposition”: Thomas Hobbes on the Fiction of Constituent Power3
From the Standpoint of Practical Reason: A Reply to Tønder3
Habermas and Religious Inclusion3
Beyond Justice: Pufendorf and Locke on the Desire for Esteem3
II. How to Save Marx from the Alchemists of Revolution3
Aristotle, Tyranny, and the Small-Souled Subject3
From the Editors2
The Political Value of Disappointment among Ex-resistance Fighters: Confronting the Grey Zone of Founding2
The Politics of Hypocrisy: Baruch Spinoza and Pierre Bayle on Hypocritical Conformity2
Democracy Confronts Diversity: Descriptive Representation in Victorian Britain2
From the Editor2
“Since All the World is mad, why should not I be so?” Mary Astell on Equality, Hierarchy, and Ambition2
Diderot’s Letter on the Blind as Disability Political Theory2
Book Review: The Virtues of Exit: On Resistance and Quitting Politics, by Jennet Kirkpatrick2
Accounting for Blind Spots2
Machiavelli and the Fortress City2
From the Editor2
Responsibility for Migrants: From Hospitality to Solidarity2
Leave the Dead Some Room to Dance: Postcolonial Founding and the Problem of Inheritance in Wole Soyinka’s A Dance of the Forests2
“A More Thorough Resistance”? Coalition, Critique, and the Intersectional Promise of Queer Theory2
Response: The Democratic Case for Partisanship2
On Partisan Compromise2
Book Review: Not Enough: Human Rights in an Unequal World, by Samuel Moyn1
Book Review: American Mourning: Tragedy, Democracy, Resilience, by Simon Stow1
The Rhetoric of Self-Ownership1
From the Editor1
Taking Sides1
From the Editor1
No Social Revolution Without Sexual Revolution1
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I. Public versus Private Claims1
From the Editor1
From the Editor1
From the Editor1
Book Review: Just Responsibility: A Human Rights Theory of Global Justice, by Brooke Ackerly by Brooke Ackerly1
Review Essay: Whither Democracy?1
Building State Capacity from the Inside Out: Parties of Power and the Success of the President's Reform Agenda in Russia1
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Book Review: Boundaries of the International: Law and Empire, by Jennifer Pitts1
Book Review: From Enlightenment to Revolution1
From the Editor1
From the Editor1
From the Editors1
The Right not to Have Rights: A New Perspective on Irregular Immigration1
Shame, Political Accountability, and the Ethical Life of Politics: Critical Exchange on Jill Locke’s Democracy and the Death of Shame and Mark E. Button’s Political Vices1
Book Review: Is Political Philosophy Impossible? Thoughts and Behaviour in Normative Political Theory, by Jonathan Floyd1