Journal Rankings
TQCC Average citations Median citations H4-Index Number of Papers Impact Factor
(The TQCC is the top quartile citation count: if all publications of a journal are sorted by citation count in descending order, then the TQCC is the citation count of the publication residing at the end of the top quartile; for example, given 100 publications, the TQCC is the citation count of the 25th ranked paper. The data are based on CrossRef. The ranking can be re-used under a CC0-license.)
(Using publications from roughly 2020-06-01 to 2024-06-01)
Rank Journal TQCC
1 Journal of Archaeological Research11
2 Journal of Archaeological Science8
3 Journal of Cultural Heritage7
4 Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory6
- Journal of Anthropological Archaeology6
6 Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences5
7 Journal of Social Archaeology4
- World Archaeology4
- Archaeological Prospection4
- Journal of Island & Coastal Archaeology4
- Geoarchaeology-An International Journal4
12 Journal of Field Archaeology3
- Lithic Technology3
- Open Archaeology3
- Archaeometry3
- Environmental Archaeology3
- Advances in Archaeological Practice3
- Ancient Mesoamerica3
- Antiquity3
- Cambridge Archaeological Journal3
- International Journal of Osteoarchaeology3
22 Studies in Conservation2
- African Archaeological Review2
- Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy2
- Journal of Material Culture2
- Levant2
- Tel Aviv-Journal of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University2
- Trabajos de Prehistoria2
- Archaeological Dialogues2
- Archaeological Research in Asia2
- International Journal of Historical Archaeology2
- Journal of Archaeological Science-Reports2
33 Journal of Maritime Archaeology1
- Latin American Antiquity1
- North American Archaeologist1
- Oxford Journal of Archaeology1
- Public Archaeology1
- Time & Mind-The Journal of Archaeology Consciousness and Culture1
- Annual of the British School at Athens1
- Archaeologies-Journal of the World Archaeological Congress1
- Archeosciences-Revue d'Archeometrie1
- Azania-Archaeological Research in Africa1
- Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research1
- Complutum1
- European Journal of Archaeology1
- Hesperia1
- International Journal of Nautical Archaeology1
- Iran-Journal of the British Institute of Persian Studies1
- Norwegian Archaeological Review1
- Opuscula-Annual of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome1
- Palestine Exploration Quarterly1
- Praehistorische Zeitschrift1
- Zephyrus-Revista de Prehistoria y Arqueologia1
- Archaeofauna1
- Archaeology in Oceania1
- Archeologicke Rozhledy1
- Arqueologia1
- Australian Archaeology1
- Belleten1
- Estudios Atacamenos1
61 Journal of Near Eastern Studies0
- Post-Medieval Archaeology0
- Zeitschrift fuer Assyriologie und Vorderasiatische Archaologie0
- Acta Archaeologica0
- American Journal of Archaeology0
- Asian Perspectives-The Journal of Archaeology for Asia and the Pacific0
- Britannia0
- Industrial Archaeology Review0
- Journal of Egyptian Archaeology0
- Journal of Roman Archaeology0
- Journal of the British Archaeological Association0
- Near Eastern Archaeology0
- Rossiiskaya Arkheologiya0
- Zeitschrift fuer Agyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde0
- American Antiquity0
- Bulletin de Correspondance Hellenique0
- Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites0
- Historical Archaeology0