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Constructing an “Iron” Unity: The Statue of Unity and India’s Nationalist Historiography4
Ontological (In)Security and Neoliberal Governmentality: Explaining Australia's China Emergency4
Queensland's Role in the 2019 Australian Federal Election: A case study of regional difference4
Making History: the Australian history curriculum and national identity3
Of droughts and fleeting rains: Drought, agriculture and media discourse in Australia3
ASIO and the Monitoring of Irish Republicans in Australia during the “Troubles”3
The Italian “Fifth Column” in Australia: Fascist Propaganda, Italian‐Australians and Internment3
Climate Policy Networks in Australia: Dynamics of Failure and Possibility2
The Sinews of War: McCarthyism Crosses the Atlantic2
Queensland July to December 20192
The Coup Capital of the Democratic World? Voters and Prime Ministerial Change in Australia2
Fear and Greed: Australian Public Opinion Towards China's Rise*2
“What Shall We Do With It Now?”: The Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana and the Difficult Heritage of Fascism2
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy July to December 20192
Queensland January to June 20202
The “Eloquence” of Robert J. Hawke: United States informer, 1973–792
The Challenge of Triangulation: The Impact of China on the Australia‐US Alliance2
Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot? The Uses of History in Scottish Nationalist Politics, 2007‐Present2
Unburied Bodies — Hungarian National Identity 1989‐20202
The Post‐War Australian Objective in Papua‐New Guinea: Liberal Ambition or Colonial Control?2
The Demise of “Pragmatism”? Assessing the Public Debate on Australia's Engagement with China2
Political Tribalism in Kuwait: The Shift of Badū from the Regime's Political Ally to Political Opposition1
“Send Them a Shipload of Rice”: Australia's Food Aid to Indonesia, 1960s–1970s1
Australia‐China relations: analysing and responding to the challenge†1
Local and Contextual: John Stuart Mill's The Subjection of Women1
The Portuguese Empire: Australia’s Forward Defence from 1961–19721
Power, Violence and the Politics of Hope: Global 1989 from Czechoslovakia to Hong Kong1
A New Perspective on Motivations Behind Chinese Overseas Investment: A Case Study on the Darwin Port Deal1
“The Old Colonial Power Can Stand Proxy”: The Royal Commission into British Nuclear Tests in Australia and the Politics of the 1980s1
Migrant Attitudes Towards Democracy in Australia: Excluded or Allegiant Citizens?1
Victoria January to June 20201
Settler Colonial Strategic Culture: Australia, AUKUS, and the Anglosphere1
A Her‐Storical Biography and Finding Family History Through the Archives1
Violence, the Subject, and the Beyond: Achille Mbembe and Violence in International Relations Theory1
The Road to Uluru: Constitutional Recognition and the UNDeclaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples1
Hostages to History: The Use of Portuguese Prisoners of War in the Annexation of East Timor1
Australia's Pacific Mindset: Historical Foundations1
Queensland Exceptionalism and the Construction of “Southern Folk Devils” in Twentieth Century Public Rhetoric1
Queensland July to December 20201
South Australia January to June 20201
The Debate Over the Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians: National Unity and Memories of the 1967 Referendum1
All Containment and No Engagement: Australia's Contemporary Policy towards the Democratic People's Republic of Korea1
Democratising Collective Memory Through Forensic Exhumations in Spain1
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy July to December 20201
European History in the Shadows of Crisis1
Exemptions from Compulsory Income Management: A Short “History of the Present”1
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Australian Capital Territory July to December 20230
Queensland January to June 20220
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Issue Information0
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Issue Information0
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Commonwealth of Australia July to December 20210
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Northern Territory January to June 20230
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South Australia July to December 20210
Rights, Duties and Aboriginal People0
Policy Advice and Decolonisation in Papua New Guinea0
Australia, Britain, and Alternatives to European Integration, 1960–730
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Issue Information0
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Western Australia January to June 20210
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“Never Look Back, Always Look Forward”: The Early Life of Nancy Power0
India's Response to China's Geoeconomic Rise: Hedging With a Multipronged Engagement0
Can Law Manufacture a Party System? The Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands Experience with Party‐Strengthening Legislation0
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Tasmania July to December 20230
Another Form of Aboriginal Exemption — Employment as Protection Against Removal0
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Victoria January to June 20220
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Tasmania July to December 20190
Tasmania July to December 20220
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New South Wales July to December 20220
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Issue Information0
South Australia January to June 20220
South Australia January to June 20210
Canberra, We Have a Problem: Interpreting Shifting American Grand Strategy Preferences in an Era of Sino–US Rivalry0
South Australia July to December 20230
“A Man's Lot”: Marriage, Military Service, and the First World War0
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New South Wales January to June 20200
Exemption: A Gendered History0
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy July to December 20210
Road to Ruin: The Howard Government, the Concept of Aboriginal Welfare Dependency and the Fall of the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) Scheme0
South Australia January to June 20230
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy July to December 20230
Australia and Japan's Return to International Society: Negotiating Allies and the Afro‐Asian Bloc, 1952–560
Tasmania January to June 20230
Critical Archival Encounters and the Evolving Historiography of the Dismissal of the Whitlam Government0
“Government by Inspection”: Australian Rule in the “Forgotten West” of the Territory of Papua and New Guinea, 1960–730
Aboriginal Self‐determination, Land Rights, and Recognition in the Whitlam Era: Laying Groundwork for Power Sharing and Representation0
Tasmania July to December 20210
New South Wales July to December 20190
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Australian Capital Territory0
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War‐Power Reform in Australia: (Re)considering the Options0
Issue Information0
Tasmania January to June 20220
The Australian Constitutional Framers and the Languages of Virtue0
The Republican Theories of Rousseau and the American Anti‐Federalists0
Many Voices, One Ambition: Local Government, Post‐War Reconstruction and Northern Development in Australia0
Telling the Truth About Empire? A Word on Methodology0
Commonwealth of Australia January to June 20230
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Tasmania July to December 20200
Issue Information0
Australia's National Security Neoconservatives0
Krupp in the Occupied Eastern Territories: Frustration, Failures, and the Question of Freedom0
Decolonising Politics and International Relations Classrooms: Reflections from the “Field”0
Australian Capital Territory January to June 20200
Men and Women of Australia: Administering Whitlam's Re‐Imagined Subject0
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New South Wales January to June 20220
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Conzinc Riotinto of Australia — Foreign Ownership and Control0
From Georges Sorel to Peter Costello: Peter Coleman and the Making of Australian Liberal Conservatism0
Review Essay: Recent Histories of Water in Australia0
Issues in Australian Foreign Policy January to June 20210
Civil‐Military Bargaining in Early NATO Institution Building: The Long Shadow of Institutional Beginnings0
Australian Capital Territory July to December 20190
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History, Social Science, and Public Policy: Reflections on Hugh Stretton's Thought0
“I Let Him Have It”: Sex, Anti‐Americanism, and Criminal Justice in Wartime Brisbane, 1942–440
Whitlam's Economic (Inter)Nationalism0
Australia's Refugee Resettlement Agreement with the United States: The Diplomacy and Uncertainty of a “Very Big Deal”0
Queensland January to June 20230
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Victoria July to December 20190
Western Australia July to December 20200
Editorial Note0
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Queensland July to December 20230
Issue Information0
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Disability Policy and the Whitlam Government0
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Issue Information0
Commonwealth of Australia July to December 20220
Western Australia January to June 20200
Married to a ‘British Subject’0
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Migration of Jewish “Displaced Persons” from Europe to Australia after the Second World War: Revisiting the Question of Discrimination and Numbers10
Commonwealth of Australia July to December 20200
Queensland January to June 20210
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Issue Information0
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Queensland July to December 20210
Australian Capital Territory January to June 20210
Tasmania January to June 20210