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From Africa to Auschwitz: How German South West Africa Incubated Ideas and Methods Adopted and Developed by the Nazis in Eastern Europe79
Modern Marriage and the Culture of Sexuality: Experts between the State and the Church in Poland, 1956–197012
From the National State to the Stateless Nation 1821-19107
Race, Statistics and Italian Eugenics: Alfredo Niceforo’s Trajectory from Lombroso to Fascism (1876–1960)6
War in German Thought from the Peace of Westphalia to Napoleon6
Configuring European Archives: Spaces, Materials and Practices in the Differentiation of Repositories from the Late Middle Ages to 17006
Making Sense of the League of Nations Secretariat – Historiographical and Conceptual Reflections on Early International Public Administration5
‘America Has Escaped from our Hands’: Rethinking Empire, Identity and Independence during the Trienio Liberal in Spain, 1820-18234
From Europe to the Andes and back: Becoming ‘Los Ayacuchos’4
The Spies Who Came in from the Heat: The International Surveillance of the Anarchists in London4
`All masters discourage the marrying of their male servants, and admit not by any means the marriage of the female': Domestic Service and Celibacy in Western Europe from the Sixteenth to the Nineteent4
Socialism and National Identity in Alsace from Reichsland to République, 1890-19214
What, Where and Why is Europe? Some Answers from Recent Historiography3
From Peasants into Urbanites, from Village into Nation: Ottoman Monastir in the Early Twentieth Century3
The Greatest Right of Them All: The Debate on the Right to Petition in the Netherlands from the Dutch Republic to the Kingdom (c. 1750–1830)3
Latvia's Democratic Resistance: a Forgotten Episode from the Second World War3
From Politics to Nostalgia: The Transformation of War Memories in France during the 1960s-1970s3
Creating Romanestan: A Place to be a Gypsy in Post-Nazi Europe3
US Politics of Stabilization in Liberated Europe. The View from the American Embassy in Brussels, 1944-62
From New Diplomatic History to New Political History: The Rise of the Holistic Approach2
Joining Forces against ‘Strike Terrorism’: The Public-Private Interplay in Policing Strikes in Imperial Germany, 1890–19142
Social Conflict, National Strife, or Political Battle? Violence and Strikebreaking in Late Habsburg Austria2
Review Article : State-Building, Modernization and Liberalism from the Late Eighteenth Century to Unification: German Peculiarities2
Press and Public in the French Revolution: A Parisian Case-Study from 17912
Traditions of Armed Volunteering and Radical Politics in Southern Europe: A Biographical Approach to Garibaldinism2
Strikebreaking and Anti-Unionism on the Waterfront: The Shipping Federation, 1890–19142
Becoming Brigadistas: Jewish Volunteers from Palestine in the Spanish Civil War2
Corporatist Ideas in Inter-war Greece: From Theory to Practice (1922–1940)2
The Bones of Contention: The Secularization of Cemeteries and Funerals in the Spanish Second Republic2
Introduction: Strikebreaking During Europe's Belle Époque2
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‘Gypsy Eroding Liberty is Gorgio Eroding Liberty’: Making Europe More Equal from the British Romani Rights Movement1
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Irregular War, Local Community and Intimate Violence in Spain (1939–1952)1
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Spain! Why? Jawaharlal Nehru, Non-Intervention, and the Spanish Civil War1
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Book Review: From the United Irishmen to Twentieth Century Unionism: Essays in Honour of A.T.Q. Stewart0
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Reviews : *Review Editor's note: It may be useful to some readers to know that an over is a series of six consecutive balls bowled in cricket, Sonny Ramadhin was a famous West Indian cricketer, and a 0
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