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(The TQCC of European History Quarterly is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-06-01 to 2024-06-01.)
The Italian Fascist Community in Argentina, 1946–19783
Neoliberalism Incorporated: Early Neoliberal Involvement in the Postwar Reconstruction: The Case Study of the Netherlands (1945–1958)3
‘Gypsy Eroding Liberty is Gorgio Eroding Liberty’: Making Europe More Equal from the British Romani Rights Movement2
Spiritual Politics: New Age and New Left in West Germany around 19802
‘Nous, les Artistes Tsiganes’. Intellectual Networks and Cultural Spaces for Ethnic Assertion in France (1949–1989)2
‘The Pawns That They Moved Here and There’? Microacts, Room for Manoeuvre, and Everyday Agency in the 1974 Cyprus Conflict2
Immaterial Empires: France and Spain in the Americas, 1860s and 1920s2
House-Destruction as a Ritual of Punishment in Early Modern Europe2
Strategies of Survival: Reviving the Neo-Fascist Network Through a Transnational Magazine1
Food Discourses and Alimentary Policies in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany: A Comparative Analysis1
The Transnational Co-production of Interwar ‘Fascism’: On the Dynamics of Ideational Mobility and Localization1
Making an Ethnic Group: Lemko-Rusyns and the Minority Question in the Second Polish Republic1
Mocking the Dictatorship: Symbolic Resistance in Everyday Life During Francoism in the 1960s1
Introduction: Re-Reading Francoism to Re-Read Post-1945 Europe1
‘Anyone who Abuses Animals is no Italian’: Animal Protection in Fascist Italy1
Staging Genocide: Theatrical Remembering of the Romani Holocaust1
Re-Interpreting West Germany’s Ecological Revolution: Environmental Politics, Grassroots Activism, and Democracy in the Long 1970s1
In and Against the State: The Making and Unmaking of the Barcelona May Days (1937)1
From Ethnic Hatred to Religious Solidarity: The Rise and Fall of Russophobia in Greece, 1830–19241
Missing the Global Turn: Italy, the 1951 Refugee Convention, and the Belated Removal of the Geographical Limitation1
‘There is No Such Thing as an Unrepatriable Pole’: Polish Displaced Persons in the British Zone of Occupation in Germany1
Autonomy Over Independence: Self-Determination in Catalonia, Flanders and South Tyrol in the Aftermath of the Great War1
Policing Practices as a Vehicle for Brutalization: The Case of Spain’s Civil Guard, 1934–19361
Entrenching Democracy: Education and Cultural Participation in the Spanish Republican Army, 1936–19391
‘Living Normally’: Everyday Life Under Salazarism1
Muslim Converts to Orthodox Christianity during the Greek War of Independence, 1821–18321
Between State and Empire, Or How Western European Imperialism in Africa Redefined the Polish Nation1
Emigrant Draft Evasion in the First World War: Decision-Making and Emotional Consequences in the Transatlantic Italian family1
Political Prisoners of the Italian Mezzogiorno: A Transnational Question of the Nineteenth Century1
Minders of the Clock and Starvers of the People: Everyday Fascism and the Grassroots Logic of Revolutionary Defascistization in Monfalcone, Italy, 1922–19460
Useful Ink-Shitters and Decorative Excellencies: The Difficult Relationship Between Ministers of State and Courtiers in Brandenburg-Prussia and France, c. 1650–18000
The Fabric of Power: Political Histories of the Late Medieval and Early Modern Court0
Philipp Ther, The Outsiders: Refugees in Europe since 14920
Andrew H. Beattie, Allied Internment Camps in Occupied Germany: Extrajudicial Detention in the Name of Denazification, 1945–19500
Longing for Purity: Fascism and Nazism in the Italian and German Satirical Press (1943/1945–1963)0
Acts of Self-Representation: Nazi-Fascist Wartime Cultural Diplomacy0
Common Places: Sharing Spaces in Early Modern ‘Ordinary’ Houses0
The Shifting Political Roles of Court Prelates: Backing up Henri IV of France0
Book Review: Modern Antisemitisms in the Peripheries: Europe and its Colonies 1880–1945 by Raul Cârstocea and Éva Kovács0
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The Organization and Use of Household Space for Work in Early Modern England: 1550–17500
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Between the Soul and the Body: The Construction of Sexual Difference in Modern Spain0
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