Contemporary Political Theory

(The TQCC of Contemporary Political Theory is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-05-01 to 2024-05-01.)
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After (post) hegemony12
Politics in the Time of COVID11
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The political technology of the ‘Camp’ in historical capitalism7
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How and Why to Do Just War Theory5
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Spinoza: thoughts on hope in our political present4
Cannibal capitalism: how our system is devouring democracy, care, and the planet—and what we can do about it4
Democratic philanthropy4
Beyond technofix: Thinking with Epimetheus in the anthropocene4
Breaking billboards: protest and a politics of play3
Foucault on psychagogy and the politics of education3
Valuation practices and the cooptation charge: Quantification and monetization as political logics3
The animal condition in the human condition: Rethinking Arendt’s political action beyond the human species3
‘After Auschwitz’: Writing history after injustice in Adorno and Lyotard3
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Bataille’s anti-fascism3
Constituent power and its institutions2
The green case for a randomly selected chamber2
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Police abolition1
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The inter-est between us: Ontology, epistemology, and the failure of political representation1
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Toni Morrison and political theory0
The power of political representation0
The work of politics: Making a democratic welfare state0
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A mirror for the crowds: the mediated terrain of political leadership in post-revolutionary Iran0
In defense of tempered progressive patriotism0
Systemic corruption: Constitutional ideas for an anti-oligarchic republic0
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Hegel’s world revolutions0
‘I Felt Like a Bird Without Wings’: incorporating the study of emotions into grounded normative theory0
Constituent assemblies0
Return to Ecotopia?0
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Feminist afterlives: The defenses and dead ends of revisionist history0
Visionary political theory0
Modernity’s exclusions0
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Publisher Correction to: The principle of political hope: progress, action, and democracy in modern thought0
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Constituent power and the law0
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This is Us: Imagination, identity, and American racial hierarchy0
Deliberative Democracy0
Democracy Rules0
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Solar politics0
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Illegal: How America's lawless immigration regime threatens us all0
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Material conditions and human freedom0
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Rawls’s egalitarianism0
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Multiculturalism and the nation in Germany: a study in moral conflict0
Annual Prize of £500 for an article published in volume 19, 20200
Militant conversion in a prison of the mind: Malcolm X and Spinoza on domination and freedom0
Regaining control over precarity0
Correction to: The Epistemic Value of Testimony0
Democracy and exclusion0
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Annual Prize of £500 for an article published in volume 18, 20190
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Strikes, civil rights, and radical disobedience: From King to Debs and back0