List of Journals

The category ‘Communication’ comprises 94 journals.

The choice of journals is based on Web of Science 's SSCI (Social Science Citations Index).


• The column Rank refers to the ranking accorded to the journal by Web of Science based on the 2-year Journal Impact Factor 2020 (released in mid-2021).

• Journals listed in pale letters do not deposit scholarly metadata at CrossRef. As a consequence, OOIR cannot track their latest papers.

• The logo Open Access denotes fully Open Access journals.

1Communication MonographsTaylor & Francis1934
2New Media & SocietySAGE1999
3Digital JournalismTaylor & Francis2013
4Communication Methods & MeasuresTaylor & Francis2007
5Political CommunicationTaylor & Francis1980
6Journal of CommunicationOxford University Press1951
7International Journal of Press/PoliticsSAGE1996
8Journal of Public Relations ResearchTaylor & Francis1989
9Comunicar Open AccessGrupo Comunicar Ediciones2008
10Journal of AdvertisingTaylor & Francis1972
11Information, Communication & SocietyTaylor & Francis1998
12Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication Open AccessOxford University Press1995
13Communication ResearchSAGE1974
14International Journal of AdvertisingTaylor & Francis1982
15Information SocietyTaylor & Francis1981
17Social Media + SocietySAGE2015
18Science CommunicationSAGE1979
19Public Opinion QuarterlyOxford University Press1937
20Journalism & Mass Communication QuarterlySAGE1924
21Media PsychologyTaylor & Francis1989
22Policy and InternetWiley2009
23Journalism StudiesTaylor & Francis2000
24Public Relations ReviewElsevier1975
25Mass Communication and SocietyTaylor & Francis1998
26Media, Culture & SocietySAGE1979
27Health CommunicationTaylor & Francis1989
28Communication & SportSAGE2013
29Journal of Advertising ResearchWARC1960
30European Journal of CommunicationSAGE1986
31Television & New MediaSAGE2000
32Research on Language & Social InteractionTaylor & Francis1969
33Journal of Social and Personal RelationshipsSAGE1984
34Telecommunications PolicyElsevier1976
35Human Communication ResearchOxford University Press1974
36Mobile Media & CommunicationSAGE2013
37Communication TheoryOxford University Press1991
38Public Understanding of ScienceSAGE1992
39Feminist Media StudiesTaylor & Francis2001
40CyberpsychologyMUNI (Masaryk University)2007
41Journal of Applied Communication ResearchTaylor & Francis1973
42Environmental CommunicationTaylor & Francis2007
43Journal of Health CommunicationTaylor & Francis1996
44Chinese Journal of CommunicationTaylor & Francis2008
45Communication and Critical-Cultural StudiesTaylor & Francis2004
46Critical Discourse StudiesTaylor & Francis2004
47International Journal of Conflict ManagementEmerald1990
48Journalism PracticeTaylor & Francis2007
49Media & Communication Open AccessCogitatio Press2013
50Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic MediaTaylor & Francis1957
51Written CommunicationSAGE1984
52Management Communication QuarterlySAGE1987
54Journal of Language and Social PsychologySAGE1982
55Profesional de la InformacionEPI SCP1992
56Journal of Information Technology & PoliticsTaylor & Francis2004
57International Journal of Public Opinion ResearchOxford University Press1989
58CommunicationsDe Gruyter1975
59Discourse, Context & MediaElsevier2012
60Journal of Children and MediaTaylor & Francis2007
61Critical Studies in Media CommunicationTaylor & Francis1984
62Quarterly Journal of SpeechTaylor & Francis1915
63Discourse StudiesSAGE1999
64Personal RelationshipsWiley1994
65Games and CultureSAGE2006
66Communication Culture & CritiqueOxford University Press2008
67International Communication GazetteSAGE1955
68Discourse & SocietySAGE1990
69Asian Journal of CommunicationTaylor & Francis1990
70International Journal of Communication Open AccessUSC Annenberg Press2007
71Journal of Business and Technical CommunicationSAGE1987
72Language & CommunicationElsevier1981
73Discourse & CommunicationSAGE2007
74JavnostTaylor & Francis1994
75International Journal of Business CommunicationSAGE1973
76Journal of Media PsychologyHogrefe1988
77International Journal of Mobile CommunicationsInderscience2003
78Signs and Society Open AccessUniversity of Chicago Press2013
79Social SemioticsTaylor & Francis1991
80Rhetoric Society QuarterlyTaylor & Francis1986
81Media International AustraliaSAGE1976
82Journal of Media EthicsTaylor & Francis1985
84Visual CommunicationSAGE2002
85ContinuumTaylor & Francis1987
86Interaction StudiesJohn Benjamins Publishing Company2000
87Technical Communication Society for Technical Communication1957
88African Journalism StudiesTaylor & Francis1980
89IEEE Transactions on Professional CommunicationIEEE1957
90Narrative InquiryBenjamins1990
91TranslatorTaylor & Francis1995
92Text & TalkDe Gruyter1981
93Journal of African Media StudiesIntellect2009
94Tijdschrift voor CommunicatiewetenschapUitgeverij Boom1973