List of Journals

The category ‘Sociology’ comprises 149 journals.

The choice of journals is based on Web of Science 's SSCI (Social Science Citations Index).


• The column Rank refers to the ranking accorded to the journal by Web of Science based on the 2-year Journal Impact Factor 2020 (released in mid-2021).

• Journals listed in pale letters do not deposit scholarly metadata at CrossRef. As a consequence, OOIR cannot track their latest papers.

• The logo Open Access denotes fully Open Access journals.

1American Sociological ReviewSAGE1936
2Annals of Tourism ResearchElsevier1973
3Annual Review of SociologyAnnual Reviews1975
4Sociological Methods & ResearchSAGE1972
5Sociology of EducationSAGE1963
6Information, Communication & SocietyTaylor & Francis1998
7Work, Employment and SocietySAGE1987
9Work and OccupationsSAGE1974
10American Journal of SociologyUniversity of Chicago Press1895
11Journal of Health and Social BehaviorSAGE1960
12Socio-Economic ReviewOxford University Press2003
13Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and TourismTaylor & Francis2001
14Sociological ReviewSAGE1904
15Sociological Science Open AccessSociety for Sociological Science2014
16Journal of Consumer CultureSAGE2001
17Rural SociologyWiley1935
18Journal of Marriage and FamilyWiley1939
19International Review for the Sociology of SportSAGE1966
20International Political SociologyOxford University Press2007
21Gender & SocietySAGE1987
22Cornell Hospitality QuarterlySAGE1960
23Social ForcesOxford University Press1922
24Journal of Immigrant & Refugee StudiesTaylor & Francis2002
25Sociology of ReligionOxford University Press1939
26Society and Mental HealthSAGE2011
27Social NetworksElsevier1978
28Population and Development ReviewWiley1975
29Agriculture and Human ValuesSpringer1984
30Media, Culture & SocietySAGE1979
31Social ProblemsOxford University Press1953
32Politics & SocietySAGE1970
33Sociology of Health & IllnessWiley1979
34Sociology of Race & EthnicitySAGE2015
35European Sociological ReviewOxford University Press1985
36Global NetworksWiley2001
37Youth & SocietySAGE1969
38European SocietiesTaylor & Francis1999
39Qualitative ResearchSAGE2001
40Sociological TheorySAGE1982
41Men and MasculinitiesSAGE1998
42Economy and SocietyTaylor & Francis1972
43Society & Natural ResourcesTaylor & Francis1988
44Sociologia RuralisWiley1960
45Crime, Media, CultureSAGE2005
46Journal of Sport and Social IssuesSAGE1977
47Ethnic and Racial StudiesTaylor & Francis1978
48Leisure SciencesTaylor & Francis1977
49International Journal of Intercultural RelationsElsevier1977
50Social Indicators ResearchSpringer1974
51British Journal of SociologyWiley1950
52Journal of Leisure ResearchTaylor & Francis1969
53European Journal of Social TheorySAGE1998
54Race & ClassSAGE1959
55Annual Review of Law and Social ScienceAnnual Reviews2005
56Sociological Research OnlineSAGE1996
57Current SociologySAGE1952
58Language in SocietyCambridge University Press1972
60British Journal of Sociology of EducationTaylor & Francis1980
61Social Science ResearchElsevier1972
62Body & SocietySAGE1995
63Social Movement StudiesTaylor & Francis2002
64Journal of SociologySAGE1965
65Race and Social ProblemsSpringer2009
66Sociology CompassWiley2007
67Sociological MethodologySAGE1997
68Symbolic InteractionWiley1978
69Sociology of Sport JournalHuman Kinetics1984
70Chinese Sociological ReviewTaylor & Francis1968
71MobilizationSan Diego State University1996
72Human EcologySpringer1973
73Deviant BehaviorTaylor & Francis1979
74Acta SociologicaSAGE1955
75Journal of Cultural EconomyTaylor & Francis2008
76Sociological ForumWiley1986
77Critical SociologySAGE1969
78InnovationTaylor & Francis1988
79Discourse & SocietySAGE1990
80Armed Forces & SocietySAGE1974
81Journal for the Scientific Study of ReligionWiley1961
82Theory and SocietySpringer1974
83Law & Society ReviewWiley1966
84Cultural SociologySAGE2007
85Sociological PerspectivesSAGE1958
86Sociological QuarterlyTaylor & Francis1960
87Sport in SocietyTaylor & Francis1998
88City & CommunityWiley2002
89International Journal of Comparative SociologySAGE1960
90AnthrozoösTaylor & Francis1987
93Research in Social Stratification and MobilityElsevier1983
94American Journal of Cultural SociologySpringer2013
95Canadian Review of SociologyWiley1964
96Journal of Contemporary EthnographySAGE1972
97International SociologySAGE1986
98European Journal of SociologyCambridge University Press1960
99Journal of Mathematical SociologyTaylor & Francis1971
100Social Justice ResearchSpringer1987
101Nations and NationalismWiley1995
102Qualitative SociologySpringer1997
104Contemporary SociologySAGE2004
105Zeitschrift für SoziologieDe Gruyter1972
106Comparative Studies in Society and HistoryCambridge University Press1958
107Canadian Journal of Sociology Open AccessCanadian Journal of Sociology1975
108Social Science QuarterlyWiley1919
109Food, Culture & SocietyTaylor & Francis1996
110Health Sociology ReviewTaylor & Francis1991
111Sociological SpectrumTaylor & Francis1981
112Journal of Law and SocietyWiley1974
113Du Bois ReviewCambridge University Press2004
114Sociological InquiryWiley1928
115Social CompassSAGE1953
116American Journal of Economics and SociologyWiley1941
117Human StudiesSpringer1978
118Revista Internacional de Sociologia Open AccessCentro de Investigaciones Sociológicas1943
119Rationality and SocietySAGE1989
120Revista Espanola de Investigaciones Sociologicas Open AccessCentro de Investigaciones Sociológicas1978
121Teaching SociologySAGE1973
122Studies in Symbolic InteractionEmerald Insight1977
123Society & AnimalsBrill1993
124Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und SozialpsychologieSpringer1948
125Review of Religious ResearchSpringer1959
126Economic and Social Review Open AccessEconomic and Social Studies1969
127Contributions to Indian SociologySAGE1957
128Biodemography and Social BiologyTaylor & Francis1954
129Sociologisk Forskning Open AccessSwedish Sociological Association1964
130Convergencia Open AccessConvergencia Revista de Ciencias Sociales1993
131Eastern European Countryside Open AccessDe Gruyter1994
132Sotsiologicheskie IssledovaniiaRussian Academy of Sciences1974
133Journal of Historical SociologyWiley1988
134Czech Sociological Review Open AccessInstitute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic1964
135Human Ecology Review Open AccessAustralian National University Press1993
136Berliner Journal für SoziologieSpringer1991
137Tempo Social Open AccessScielo1989
138Sociológia Open AccessSlovak Academy of Sciences1969
140Revue française de sociologiePresses de Sciences Po1960
141Journal of the History of SexualityProject MUSE1990
142SociologusCuncker & Humblot1925
143Društvena istraživanja Open AccessInstitute of Social Sciences lvo Pilar1996
144Filosofija-Sociologija Open AccessLithuanian Academy of Sciences2001
145Déviance et sociétéMédecine & Hygiène1977
146Soziale WeltNomos1949
147Sociologie du travailSciencesPo1959
148Polish Sociological Review Open AccessPolish Sociological Association1961
149TelosTelos Press1968