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Psychology, Clinical

Journal Rankings
TQCC Average citations Median citations H4-Index Number of Papers Impact Factor
(The TQCC is the top quartile citation count: if all publications of a journal are sorted by citation count in descending order, then the TQCC is the citation count of the publication residing at the end of the top quartile; for example, given 100 publications, the TQCC is the citation count of the 25th ranked paper. The data are based on CrossRef. The ranking can be re-used under a CC0-license.)
(Using publications from roughly 2019-09-01 to 2023-09-01)
Rank Journal TQCC
1 Annual Review of Clinical Psychology29
2 Clinical Psychology Review28
3 Health Psychology Review15
4 Body Image13
5 Neuropsychology Review12
- Depression and Anxiety12
- International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology12
8 Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review11
9 Journal of Abnormal Psychology10
- Journal of Anxiety Disorders10
- Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology10
- Clinical Psychological Science10
- Internet Interventions-The Application of Information Technology in Mental and Behavioural Health10
14 Behaviour Research and Therapy9
- International Journal of Eating Disorders9
- Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis9
- Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment9
- Psychological Medicine9
- Addictive Behaviors9
- British Journal of Health Psychology9
21 European Eating Disorders Review8
- Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology8
- Behavior Therapy8
- Clinical Neuropsychologist8
- Eating Disorders8
26 Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science7
- Mindfulness7
- Psychology of Violence7
- Cognitive Behaviour Therapy7
30 Journal of Eating Disorders6
- Journal of Health Psychology6
- Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecology6
- Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy6
- Cognitive Therapy and Research6
- Eating Behaviors6
- Journal of Dual Diagnosis6
- Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions6
- Journal of Sex Research6
- Journal of Traumatic Stress6
- Psychological Trauma-Theory Research Practice and Policy6
- Archives of Sexual Behavior6
42 International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction5
- Journal of Behavioral Medicine5
- Journal of Personality Assessment5
- Perspectives on Behavior Science5
- Psychological Assessment5
- Psychology Research and Behavior Management5
- Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback5
- Psychotherapy Research5
- Behavioral Disorders5
- Behavior Modification5
- Child and Adolescent Mental Health5
- Cognitive and Behavioral Practice5
- Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry5
- Journal of Clinical Psychology5
- Journal of Latinx Psychology5
- American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse5
- Psychotherapy5
- Assessment5
- Transgender Health5
- Criminal Justice and Behavior5
- Family Process5
- Health Psychology5
- International Journal of Behavioral Medicine5
65 Journal of Child Sexual Abuse4
- Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings4
- Journal of Marital and Family Therapy4
- Journal of Psychoactive Drugs4
- Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy4
- Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology4
- Journal of Trauma & Dissociation4
- Psychology and Psychotherapy-Theory Research and Practice4
- Arts in Psychotherapy4
- Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology4
- Sexual Abuse-A Journal of Research and Treatment4
- British Journal of Clinical Psychology4
- Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology4
- International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis4
- International Journal of Sexual Health4
- Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology4
- Journal of Family Psychology4
- Journal of Family Violence4
- Journal of Mental Health4
- Neuropsychology4
- Personality Disorders-Theory Research and Treatment4
- Rehabilitation Psychology4
- Clinical Psychologist4
- Clinica y Salud4
89 International Psychogeriatrics3
- Psychological Services3
- American Behavioral Scientist3
- American Journal of Family Therapy3
- Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy3
- Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry3
- Journal of Aggression Maltreatment & Trauma3
- Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment3
- Journal of Rational-Emotive and Cognitive-Behavior Therapy3
- Sexual and Relationship Therapy3
- European Journal of Health Psychology3
100 Journal of Constructivist Psychology2
- Journal of Experimental Psychopathology2
- Journal of Family Therapy2
- Clinical Case Studies2
- Clinical Psychology-Science and Practice2
- International Journal of Group Psychotherapy2
- Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy2
- Journal of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies2
- Psychosis-Psychological Social and Integrative Approaches2
- Behavioral Interventions2
- Behaviour Change2
- Diagnostica2
112 American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis1
- Psychotherapie Psychosomatik Medizinische Psychologie1
- Terapia Psicologica1
- Verhaltenstherapie1
- Zeitschrift fuer Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychotherapie1
- Psychoanalytic Psychology1
- American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research1
- Revista Iberoamericana de Diagnostico y Evaluacion-E Avaliacao Psicologica1
- Zeitschrift fuer Sexualforschung1
- Child & Family Behavior Therapy1
122 Gruppenpsychotherapie und Gruppendynamik0
- Zeitschrift fuer Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie0