Journal Rankings
TQCC Average citations Median citations H4-Index Number of Papers Impact Factor
(The TQCC is the top quartile citation count: if all publications of a journal are sorted by citation count in descending order, then the TQCC is the citation count of the publication residing at the end of the top quartile; for example, given 100 publications, the TQCC is the citation count of the 25th ranked paper. The data are based on CrossRef. The ranking can be re-used under a CC0-license.)
(Using publications from roughly 2020-07-01 to 2024-07-01)
Rank Journal TQCC
1 Physiological Reviews65
2 Annual Review of Physiology36
3 International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity14
4 Journal of Pineal Research13
5 Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews12
6 American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism11
7 American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology10
- American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology10
- American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology10
- American Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology10
- Journal of Cellular Physiology10
12 Journal of Physiological Sciences9
- American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology9
- Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry9
15 Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia8
- Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology8
- Frontiers in Physiology8
18 American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology7
- Journal of Biological Rhythms7
- Journal of General Physiology7
- Journal of Neurophysiology7
- Journal of Physiology-London7
- Journal of Applied Physiology7
- Journal of Membrane Biology7
- Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry7
- Pflugers Archiv-European Journal of Physiology7
27 Chronobiology International6
- Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine6
- Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A-Molecular & Integrative Physiology6
- Fish Physiology and Biochemistry6
- International Journal of Biometeorology6
- International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance6
- Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology6
- Physiological Measurement6
- Acta Physiologica6
- Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism6
- European Journal of Applied Physiology6
- Journal of Insect Physiology6
- Journal of Physiological Anthropology6
- Neurophysiologie Clinique-Clinical Neurophysiology6
- Physiological Genomics6
- Psychophysiology6
43 Chemical Senses5
- Journal of Comparative Physiology A-Neuroethology Sensory Neural and Behavioral Physiology5
- Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology5
- Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology5
- Conservation Physiology5
- Experimental Physiology5
- Journal of Comparative Physiology B-Biochemical Systems and Environmental Physiology5
- Kidney & Blood Pressure Research5
- Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology5
52 Advances in Physiology Education4
- Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology4
- Hypertension in Pregnancy4
- Lymphatic Research and Biology4
- Physiological and Biochemical Zoology4
- Physiology International4
- Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology4
- Physiological Research4
60 Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology3
- Journal of Vascular Research3
- Chinese Journal of Physiology3
- Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging3
64 Biological Rhythm Research2
- International Journal of Psychophysiology2
- Pediatric Exercise Science2
67 Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte1
- Cryobiology1
- Neurophysiology1
- Journal of Evolutionary Biochemistry and Physiology1
71 Klinische Neurophysiologie0
- Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deyatelnosti Imeni i P Pavlova0
- Physiology0