List of Journals

The category ‘Law’ comprises 154 journals.

The choice of journals is based on Web of Science 's SSCI (Social Science Citations Index).


• The column Rank refers to the ranking accorded to the journal by Web of Science based on the 2-year Journal Impact Factor 2021 (released in mid-2022).

• Journals listed in pale letters do not deposit scholarly metadata at CrossRef. As a consequence, OOIR cannot track their latest papers.

• The logo Open Access denotes fully Open Access journals.

RankJournalImpact Factor
1European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context Open Accessca. 9.8
2Journal of Law and the Biosciencesca. 6.0
3Harvard Law Review Open Accessca. 6.0
4Stanford Law Review Open Accessca. 5.0
5Yale Law Journal Open Accessca. 4.9
6Transnational Environmental Lawca. 3.9
7Columbia Law Review Open Accessca. 3.8
8Law and Human Behaviorca. 3.8
9University of Pennsylvania Law Review Open Accessca. 3.5
10Psychology, Public Policy, and Lawca. 3.3
11Regulation & Governanceca. 3.2
12Journal of International Economic Lawca. 3.1
13California Law Review Open Accessca. 3.1
14Georgetown Law Journal Open Accessca. 3.0
15American Journal of International Lawca. 2.9
16Yale Journal on Regulation Open Accessca. 2.9
17Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Open Accessca. 2.8
18Duke Law Journal Open Accessca. 2.7
19Artificial Intelligence and Lawca. 2.7
20Computer Law & Security Reviewca. 2.7
21Law & Society Reviewca. 2.5
22Behavioral Sciences & the Lawca. 2.5
23Cornell Law Review Open Accessca. 2.5
24Michigan Law Review Open Accessca. 2.5
25UCLA Law Reviewca. 2.5
26International Data Privacy Lawca. 2.5
27International Journal of Law and Psychiatryca. 2.4
28Virginia Law Review Open Accessca. 2.4
29Northwestern University Law Review Open Accessca. 2.4
30New York University Law Review Open Accessca. 2.4
31International Environmental Agreementsca. 2.4
32University of Chicago Law Review Open Accessca. 2.3
33Annual Review of Law and Social Scienceca. 2.3
34Journal of Empirical Legal Studiesca. 2.3
35Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology Open Accessca. 2.1
36European Constitutional Law Reviewca. 2.1
37Vanderbilt Law Review Open Accessca. 2.0
38Medicine, Science and the Lawca. 2.0
39Review of European Comparative & International Environmental Lawca. 2.0
40Medical Law Reviewca. 2.0
41Common Market Law Reviewca. 2.0
42Washington Quarterlyca. 2.0
43International & Comparative Law Quarterlyca. 2.0
44Feminist Legal Studiesca. 1.9
45Anuario De Psicologia Juridica Open Accessca. 1.9
46Cambridge Law Journal Open Accessca. 1.9
47Journal of Law & Economicsca. 1.8
48Southern California Law Review Open Accessca. 1.8
49Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Lawca. 1.8
50Social & Legal Studiesca. 1.7
51European Business Organization Law Reviewca. 1.7
52Boston University Law Review Open Accessca. 1.7
53International Journal of Transitional Justiceca. 1.7
54Legal and Criminological Psychologyca. 1.7
55Psychology, Crime & Lawca. 1.7
56Journal of Environmental Lawca. 1.7
57American Business Law Journalca. 1.7
58Minnesota Law Review Open Accessca. 1.7
59European Journal of International Lawca. 1.7
60World Trade Reviewca. 1.7
61Hague Journal on the Rule of Lawca. 1.6
62Administrative Law Review Open Accessca. 1.6
63Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethicsca. 1.6
64Leiden Journal of International Lawca. 1.5
65Journal of Legal Studiesca. 1.5
66Indiana Law Journal Open Accessca. 1.5
67George Washington Law Review Open Accessca. 1.5
68Modern Law Review Open Accessca. 1.5
69Current Legal Problemsca. 1.5
70Oxford Journal of Legal Studiesca. 1.4
71Journal of Law and Societyca. 1.4
72International Journal of Constitutional Lawca. 1.4
73Law & Social Inquiryca. 1.3
74European Law Journalca. 1.3
75Texas Law Review Open Accessca. 1.3
76International Journal of Marine and Coastal Lawca. 1.3
77Harvard Environmental Law Review Open Accessca. 1.3
78Iowa Law Review Open Accessca. 1.3
79Journal of Law, Economics, and Organizationca. 1.3
80Natural Resources Journal Open Accessca. 1.3
81Ocean Development and International Lawca. 1.2
82European Journal of Law and Economicsca. 1.2
83International Journal of Law, Crime and Justiceca. 1.2
84Psychiatry, Psychology and Lawca. 1.2
85Law & Policyca. 1.2
86International Review of Law and Economicsca. 1.2
87Wisconsin Law Review Open Accessca. 1.1
88Journal of Competition Law & Economicsca. 1.1
89International Journal of Law in Contextca. 1.1
90Fordham Law Review Open Accessca. 1.1
91Revista Espanola de Derecho Constitucionalca. 1.1
92Journal of Legal Analysis Open Accessca. 1.1
93Human Rights Law Reviewca. 1.1
94Legal Studiesca. 1.1
95Journal of Corporate Law Studiesca. 1.0
96Columbia Journal of Transnational Law Open Accessca. 1.0
97International Journal of Evidence & Proofca. 1.0
98Industrial Law Journalca. 1.0
99Hastings Law Journal Open Accessca. 1.0
100Chinese Journal of International Lawca. 1.0
101International Journal of Human Rightsca. 0.9
102Journal of International Dispute Settlementca. 0.9
103ICSID Reviewca. 0.9
104American Law and Economics Reviewca. 0.9
105American Journal of Comparative Lawca. 0.9
106Melbourne University Law Review Open Accessca. 0.9
107Notre Dame Law Review Open Accessca. 0.8
108Washington Law Review Open Accessca. 0.8
109European Journal of Migration and Lawca. 0.8
110University of Illinois Law Review Open Accessca. 0.8
111Journal of World Tradeca. 0.8
112European Law Reviewca. 0.8
113Buffalo Law Review Open Accessca. 0.8
114South African Journal on Human Rightsca. 0.8
115Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rightsca. 0.7
116Law and History Reviewca. 0.7
117Journal of International Criminal Justiceca. 0.7
118University of Toronto Law Journalca. 0.7
119Justice System Journalca. 0.7
120Journal of Legal Medicineca. 0.7
121Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business Open Accessca. 0.7
122American Journal of Law & Medicineca. 0.6
123Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy Open Accessca. 0.6
124Denver Law Review Open Accessca. 0.6
125International Journal of Law, Policy and the Familyca. 0.6
126International Insolvency Reviewca. 0.6
127Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy Open Accessca. 0.6
128University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law Open Accessca. 0.5
129Law, Probability and Riskca. 0.5
130Ecology Law Quarterly Open Accessca. 0.5
131Juvenile and Family Court Journalca. 0.5
132Asia Pacific Law Reviewca. 0.5
133Law and Philosophyca. 0.5
134Issues in Law & Medicineca. 0.5
135Journal of the Copyright Society of the USAca. 0.5
136American Bankruptcy Law Journalca. 0.4
137Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems Open Accessca. 0.4
138Food and Drug Law Journal Open Accessca. 0.4
139Journal of World Energy Law & Businessca. 0.4
140International Review of the Red Crossca. 0.3
141Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Propertyca. 0.3
142Revista Chilena de Derecho Open Accessca. 0.3
143Law Library Journalca. 0.3
144University of Cincinnati Law Review Open Accessca. 0.2
145Catholic University Law Review Open Accessca. 0.2
146Journal of African Lawca. 0.2
147Stanford Journal of International Lawca. 0.2
148Hong Kong Law Journalca. 0.2
149Rutgers University Law Review Open Accessca. 0.1
150Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenisca. 0.1
151Journal of Legal Educationca. 0.1
152University of Pittsburgh Law Review Open Accessca. 0.1
153Review of Central and East European Lawca. 0.1
154Securities Regulation Law Journalca. 0.0