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The category ‘History’ comprises 88 journals. The choice of journals is based on Web of Science 's SSCI (Social Science Citations Index).


• The column Rank refers to the ranking accorded to the journal by Web of Science based on the 2-year Journal Impact Factor 2017.

• Journals listed in pale letters do not deposit scholarly metadata at CrossRef. As a consequence, OOIR cannot track their latest papers.

• The logo Open Access denotes Open Access journals.

1American Historical Review1895Oxford University Press
2Economic History Review1927Wiley
3Journal of American History1914Oxford University Press
4Journal of Global History2006Cambridge University Press
5Memory Studies2008SAGE
6History Workshop Journal1976Oxford University Press
7Journal of Contemporary History1966SAGE
8Past & Present1952Oxford University Press
9History and Theory1960Wiley
10Journal of Historical Sociology1988Wiley
11Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient1957Brill
12Oral History Review1973Oxford University Press
13Journal of African History1960Cambridge University Press
15Environmental History1996Oxford University Press
16Nations and Nationalism1995Wiley
17History and Anthropology1984Taylor & Francis
18Estudios Atacameños Open Access1973Scielo
19Law and History Review1983Cambridge University Press
20Journal of British Studies1961Cambridge University Press
21Comparative Studies in Society and History1958Cambridge University Press
22Scottish Historical Review1921Edinburgh University Press
23Journal of Modern History1929University of Chicago Press
24Journal of Interdisciplinary History1969MIT Press
25Journal of Victorian Culture1996Oxford University Press
26German History1984Oxford University Press
27Environment and History1995White Horse Press
28Acta Histriae Open Access1993Historical Society of Southern Primorska of Koper
29Indian Economic & Social History Review1963SAGE
29Rural History1990Cambridge University Press
29Hispanic American Historical Review1918Duke University Press
32BMGN: Low Countries Historical Review Open Access1877Royal Netherlands Historical Society
33Central European History1968Cambridge University Press
34Social History of Medicine1988Oxford University Press
35International Review of Social History1936Cambridge University Press
36Journal of the History of Sexuality1990Project MUSE
37The Americas1945Cambridge University Press
38Revista de Historia Economica1983Cambridge University Press
39International Labor and Working-Class History1972Cambridge University Press
40European History Quarterly1971SAGE
41Cold War History2000Taylor & Francis
42English Historical Review1886Oxford University Press
43Historical Methods1967Taylor & Francis
44Diplomatic History1977Oxford University Press
45Historia Agraria Open Access1991Universidad de Murcia
46Historical Journal1923Cambridge University Press
47Social Science History1976Cambridge University Press
48Postcolonial Studies1998Taylor & Francis
49Psychoanalysis and History1999Edinburgh University Press
50Historical Social Research Open Access1976Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences
51Rethinking History1977Taylor & Francis
53Journal of Family History1976SAGE
54Historia y Politica1999Centro Estudios Politicos Constitucionales
55Journal of Australian Studies1977Taylor & Francis
56War in History1994SAGE
57Contemporary European History1992Cambridge University Press
57Journal of Early Modern History1997Brill
59South African Historical Journal1969Taylor & Francis
60International Journal of the History of Sport1984Taylor & Francis
61Ethnohistory1954Duke University Press
62Journal of Women's History1989Project MUSE
63Journal of Israeli History1980Taylor & Francis
64Ayer1990Marcial Pons
65Scandia1928Stiftelsen Scandia
66Journal of Social History1967Oxford University Press
67Revista de Historia Industrial1992Universitat de Barcelona
68Journal of Policy History1989Cambridge University Press
69Historia Critica1989Universidad de los Andes
70Britain and the World2009Edinburgh University Press
71Interventions1998Taylor & Francis
72Imago Mundi1935Taylor & Francis
73Australian Journal of Politics and History1955Wiley
74Austrian History Yearbook1965Cambridge University Press
75Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era2002Cambridge University Press
76Labour / Le Travail Open Access1976Canadian Committee on Labour History and Athabasca University Press
77Journal of Modern Italian Studies1995Taylor & Francis
78Labour History1953Taylor & Francis
79Journal of Cold War Studies1999MIT
80Northern History1966Taylor & Francis
81War & Society1983Taylor & Francis
82Mediterranean Historical Review1986Taylor & Francis
83Le Mouvement Social1960Cairn
84Dutch Crossing1977Taylor & Francis
85Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis1918Brill
86Itinerario0Cambridge University Press
87French History1987Oxford University Press
88London Journal1975Taylor & Francis
89Zeitgeschichte Open Access1973Vienna University Press