List of Journals

The category ‘Geography’ comprises 85 journals.

The choice of journals is based on Web of Science 's SSCI (Social Science Citations Index).


• The column Rank refers to the ranking accorded to the journal by Web of Science based on the 2-year Journal Impact Factor 2021 (released in mid-2022).

• Journals listed in pale letters do not deposit scholarly metadata at CrossRef. As a consequence, OOIR cannot track their latest papers.

• The logo Open Access denotes fully Open Access journals.

RankJournalImpact Factor
1Dialogues in Human Geographyca. 27.0
2Economic Geographyca. 14.9
3Global Environmental Changeca. 11.1
4Landscape and Urban Planningca. 8.1
5Progress in Human Geographyca. 7.6
6Computers, Environment and Urban Systemsca. 6.4
7Journal of Transport Geographyca. 5.8
8Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Societyca. 5.1
9Journal of Rural Studiesca. 5.1
10International Journal of Geographical Information Scienceca. 5.1
11Journal of Economic Geographyca. 5.1
12Geographical Researchca. 5.0
13Applied Geographyca. 4.7
14Regional Studiesca. 4.5
15Environment and Planning Dca. 4.5
16Antipodeca. 4.2
17Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografieca. 4.1
18Geography Compassca. 4.1
19Annals of the American Association of Geographersca. 3.9
20Geoforumca. 3.9
21Environment and Planning Aca. 3.7
22Eurasian Geography and Economicsca. 3.7
23European Planning Studiesca. 3.7
24Environment and Planning Eca. 3.7
25International Journal of Urban and Regional Researchca. 3.7
26Political Geographyca. 3.6
27Local Environmentca. 3.5
28Sociologia Ruralisca. 3.5
29Geographical Analysisca. 3.5
30Urban Geographyca. 3.5
31Environment and Planning Bca. 3.5
32Transactions of the Institute of British Geographersca. 3.4
33Geographical Journalca. 3.3
34Competition & Changeca. 3.0
35Territory, Politics, Governanceca. 3.0
36Social & Cultural Geographyca. 2.8
37Geopoliticsca. 2.8
38Australian Geographerca. 2.6
39Journal of Maps Open Accessca. 2.6
40Environment and Planning Cca. 2.6
41Population, Space and Placeca. 2.6
42Mobilitiesca. 2.5
43Transactions in GISca. 2.5
44Geografiska Annalerca. 2.4
45Journal of Geographical Systemsca. 2.4
46Professional Geographerca. 2.4
47Cartography and Geographic Information Scienceca. 2.3
48Geografisk Tidsskriftca. 2.3
49Moravian Geographical Reports Open Accessca. 2.3
50Childrens Geographiesca. 2.3
51Urban Policy and Researchca. 2.1
52Papers in Regional Scienceca. 2.1
53Zeitschrift fur Wirtschaftsgeographieca. 2.1
54Areaca. 2.0
55Applied Spatial Analysis and Policyca. 2.0
56Journal of Geographyca. 2.0
57Singapore Journal of Tropical Geographyca. 2.0
58Norsk Geografisk Tidsskriftca. 1.9
59Global Networksca. 1.9
60Emotion, Space and Societyca. 1.8
61Cultural Geographiesca. 1.7
62Boletín de la Asociación de Geógrafos Españoles Open Accessca. 1.7
63Journal of Geography in Higher Educationca. 1.7
64Annals of Regional Scienceca. 1.7
65Landscape Researchca. 1.7
66South African Geographical Journalca. 1.6
67Geographical Reviewca. 1.5
68Island Studies Journal Open Accessca. 1.5
69Geografie Open Accessca. 1.5
70Canadian Geographerca. 1.4
71Asia Pacific Viewpointca. 1.4
72Gender, Place & Cultureca. 1.4
73Cartographic Journalca. 1.3
74Erde Open Accessca. 1.2
75Erdkunde Open Accessca. 1.1
76Geographyca. 1.0
77Journal of Historical Geographyca. 1.0
78Space and Cultureca. 0.9
79Revista de Geografia Norte Grande Open Accessca. 0.7
80Scottish Geographical Journalca. 0.7
81Scripta Novaca. 0.6
82Geodetski Vestnik Open Accessca. 0.5
83Revue de Géographie Alpine Open Accessca. 0.4
84Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Geographischen Gesellschaft Open Accessca. 0.3
85Imago Mundica. 0.1