Journal Rankings
TQCC Average citations Median citations H4-Index Number of Papers Impact Factor
(The TQCC is the top quartile citation count: if all publications of a journal are sorted by citation count in descending order, then the TQCC is the citation count of the publication residing at the end of the top quartile; for example, given 100 publications, the TQCC is the citation count of the 25th ranked paper. The data are based on CrossRef. The ranking can be re-used under a CC0-license.)
(Using publications from roughly 2019-05-01 to 2023-05-01)
Rank Journal TQCC
1 Psychology of Religion and Spirituality11
2 Journal of Religion & Health9
3 International Journal for the Psychology of Religion7
4 Journal of Beliefs & Values-Studies in Religion & Education5
- Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion5
- Journal of Psychology and Theology5
- Nordic Journal of Religion and Society5
- Archive for the Psychology of Religion-Archiv fuer Religionspsychologie5
9 Religion Brain & Behavior4
- Review of Faith & International Affairs4
- British Journal of Religious Education4
- Politics and Religion4
- Sociology of Religion4
14 International Journal of Hindu Studies3
- Religions3
- Social Compass3
- Review of Religious Research3
18 Zygon2
- New Testament Studies2
- Theology and Science2
- International Journal for Philosophy of Religion2
- International Journal of Childrens Spirituality2
- Journal of Religious Ethics2
- Religious Education2
25 Zeitschrift fuer die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft und die Kunde der alteren Kirche1
- History of Religions1
- HTS Teologiese Studies-Theological Studies1
- Islamic Law and Society1
- Journal for the Study of the Old Testament1
- Material Religion1
- Numen-International Review for the History of Religions1
- Religion1
- Religious Studies1
- Studies in Christian Ethics1
- Al-Qantara1
- Christian Bioethics1
- European Journal for Philosophy of Religion1
- Harvard Theological Review1
- Journal of Biblical Literature1
- Journal of the American Academy of Religion1
- Method & Theory in the Study of Religion1
- Muslim World1
- Studia Theologica-Czech Republic1
- Vetus Testamentum1
- Zeitschrift fuer die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft1
46 Catholic Biblical Quarterly0
- Zeitschrift fuer Religions-Und Geistesgeschichte0
- Church History0
- Dialog-A Journal of Theology0
- Ecclesiastical Law Journal0
- Etudes Theologiques et Religieuses0
- Exchange-Journal of Contemporary Christianities in Context0
- Feminist Theology0
- Heythrop Journal0
- International Journal of Systematic Theology0
- Irish Theological Quarterly0
- Japanese Journal of Religious Studies0
- Journal for the Study of Judaism0
- Journal of Church and State0
- Journal of Early Christian Studies0
- Journal of Ecumenical Studies0
- Journal of Jewish Studies0
- Journal of Quranic Studies0
- Journal of Religious History0
- Journal of Theological Studies0
- Laval Theologique et Philosophique0
- Modern Theology0
- Neotestamentica0
- Nova Religio-Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions0
- Politics Religion & Ideology0
- Revue de l'Histoire des Religions0
- Revue d'Histoire Ecclesiastique0
- Scottish Journal of Theology0
- Spiritus-A Journal of Christian Spirituality0
- Acta Theologica0
- Studies in World Christianity0
- Arabica0
- Tyndale Bulletin0
- Augustinian Studies0
- Vigiliae Christianae0
- Biblische Zeitschrift0
- Zeitschrift fuer Antikes Christentum-Journal of Ancient Christianity0
- Zeitschrift fuer Evangelische Ethik0
- Zeitschrift fuer Theologie und Kirche0
- Dead Sea Discoveries0
- East European Jewish Affairs0
- Ecumenical Review0
- Expository Times0
- Hispania Sacra0
- Horizons0
- International Journal of Public Theology0
- Interpretation-A Journal of Bible and Theology0
- Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations0
- Islam-Zeitschrift fuer Geschichte und Kultur des Islamischen Orients0
- Journal for the Study of the New Testament0
- Journal of Anglican Studies0
- Journal of Contemporary Religion0
- Journal of Ecclesiastical History0
- Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion0
- Journal of Religion0
- Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics0
- Literature and Theology0
- Neue Zeitschrift fuer Systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie0
- Novum Testamentum0
- Religion and the Arts0
- Religion & Literature0
- Religious Studies Review0
- Revue des Sciences Philosophiques et Theologiques0
- Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament0
- Sefarad0
- Studies in Religion-Sciences Religieuses0
- AJS Review-The Journal of the Association for Jewish Studies0
- Theological Studies0
- Anuario de Historia de la Iglesia0
- Theology Today0
- Biblical Interpretation-A Journal of Contemporary Approaches0
- Welt des Islams0
- British Catholic History0
- Buddhist Studies Review0