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Some Other Cloud0
The Political Economy of the Contemporary Middle East0
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The Duration of Pregnancy in Contemporary Islamic Jurisprudence (fiqh) and Legislation: Tradition, Adaptation to Modern Medicine and (In)consequences0
19th Century Polemic at Shahjahanpur: Muḥammad Qāsim Nānawtawī's Philosophy of Khilāfat‐Allāh and his Response to the Critics of Islam in regard to Kaʿbah0
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Iran's Foreign Relations under President Raisi0
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Rethinking Yarrow Mamout0
Contours of the Divine Feminine: Islamic and Christian Feminist Theologies in Indonesia0
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Issue Information ‐ TOC0
An Attempt to De‐criminalize Muslims: The Detective Novels of Ausma Zehanat Khan0
Could Sufism Have Been a Means of Spreading Ibn Taymiyya's Thought in the Ottoman Empire?0
An Occasionalist Reading of Al‐Ashʿarī's Theory of Kasb in Kitāb al‐Lumaʿ0
Cherishing the Ideology of Silence: Islam, Christianity, and Interreligious Relations among the Madurese People0
Rehabilitating the Shari'a: Ahmad Ibrahim and Reformation of Laws in Southeast Asia0
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Two Museums and the Simpson Portrait of Yarrow Mamout0
Ḥuṭṭ awlawīya lil‐ʻilm! Sherif Gaber's YouTube Videos and His Views on Science and Religion0
A Sickness in the Heart: Were the Qur’ān’s Hypocrites a late Antique Sect?0
‘Abd al‐Jabbār and al‐Ghazālī on Divine Speech and their Theories of Language0
‘You Won’t Find Religion Here’: The (In)Visibility of Muslim Responses to Situations of Mass Displacement0
Global Standards, Cultural Islam: Syrian‐led Muslim Humanitarianism in Turkey0
Introduction to Special Issue: Anglophone Muslim Women Writing0
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Epistemic Violence and the Rise of the Pseudo‐Secular Islamic FBO in the Age of the ‘Religious Turn’ in Development*0
Iran's Domestic Politics One Year into the Raisi Presidency0
Reforming the Modern: Colonialism, Islam and the Emergence of the Modern State in Kelantan0
Tafsīr or Taʾwīl? The Shaykhī Contribution to the Qurʾānīc Tradition of Nineteenth Century Iran0
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Muslim Space As Third Space0
List of contributors0
Ḥall ul‐fuṣūṣ and its Main Tenets: A Reading into Mīr Sayyid ʿAlī Hamadānī's Commentary on Fuṣūṣ ul‐ḥikam0
A Digital Reading of the Sengbe Pieh Portrait in the Covid‐19 Era0
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Polemicist, Apologist, or Missionary: Rashīd Riḍā’s Ṭarīqal‐Da‘wa0
Islam, Culture, and Reprogenetics: Implementation of Genetic and Reproductive Technologies in Qatar0
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The Reformist Faction after the 2021 Presidential Elections: Diverging Strategies and the Notion of “Structural Reforms”0
Sanctuary of A Thousand Adventures: Selimiye in The Besieged, Occupied, And Liberated Edirne0
Between Development, Growth, and Survival: Iran's Economic Priorities before and under President Raisi0
“When Someone is Dying, We Prefer….”: COVID‐19 and The Challenges to Muslim Health Care Choices0
The Politics of Interreligious Dialogue in Indonesia: An Analysis of the Ulama's Anti‐Kristenisasi Fatwas and Their Challenge to the Government's Interreligious Harmony Project0
Zoom Call Gospel: Malayali Pentecostals’ Experience with Tradition, Fundamentalism, and Post‐ Truth Politics0
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The Art of Black Muslim Lives0
Iqbal’s and Hassan’s Complaints: A Study of “To the Holy Prophet” and “SMS to Sir Muhammad Iqbal”0
For Grenfell0
Arm’s Length0
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Editor’s Note0
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Crowdfunding Nayā Pakistan: Development, Nationalism, and the Diamer‐Bhasha Dam*0
Iran and the Second Karabakh War0
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Joseph Cinque: Reframing and Reclaiming the Muslim Presence in the Amistad Revolt0
Sacrificial Skins: The Value of Pakistan’s Eid al‐Azha Animal Hide Collection10
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Christian‐Muslim Relations in the midst of Pandemic: A Case Study from Lebanon0
The Return of Mustafa: Names, Stories, and Empire in Laila Lalami’s The Moor’s Account0
Re‐Visiting the Meaning of ‘ẓann’ in the Qurʾān0
Say “No” to Christmas? An Analysis of the Islamic Fatwa on the Prohibition against Wearing Non‐Muslim Symbols in Indonesia0
Introduction to the Special Issue0
Ayuba Sulieman Diallo and Muslim Visual Culture in the Black Atlantic World0
Somos Sur: Translocal Hip‐Hop and the Routes of Empire0
The 1850’s Photographic Portrait of Omar Ibn Said: The Eloquence of Resilience0
Ghafla in Ghazālī's Scale of Action Meaningful Word or Device of Argument?0
List of Contributors0
Expanding the Boundaries of “Muslim Writing” in the Poetry of Gabeba Baderoon0
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Non‐Veiled Muslim Women in the West: Sentiments and Views0
Centering Muslims in Global Humanitarianism and Development0
Islam and Diversity in Contemporary Indonesia: Belief, Gender, and Politics0
“Story two—there’s always a story two”: Mohja Kahf Interrogates Tradition0
Late Roman Law and the Quranic Punishments for Adultery0
Back to the Future in Iran: Political and Policy Implications of the 2021 Presidential Elections0
Ebrahim Raisi's Domestic Policy: Conservative, Pragmatic or Paralyzed?0
Necropolitical Trauma in Kamila Shamsie’s Fiction0
Al‐Azhar and the Salafis in Egypt: Contestation of two traditions0
The Ambiguity of Early Hadith Criticism: ʿAlī b. al‐Madīnī's (161–234/778–849) Evaluation of Hadith Transmitters0
My Journey with Evangelical Christians at the ADAMS Center: Before, During, and After COVID‐190
Against all Heteredoxies: Accounts of the Deviant Groups (Aliran‐Aliran Sesat) in Contemporary Indonesian Muslim Literature0