International Journal for Philosophy of Religion

(The TQCC of International Journal for Philosophy of Religion is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-06-01 to 2024-06-01.)
Faith and resilience12
The fruitful death of modal collapse arguments9
Existential inertia and the Aristotelian proof7
Mysticism without concepts5
Kant’s coherent theory of the highest good5
Grounding, infinite regress, and the thomistic cosmological argument3
Power to forgive: interpersonal forgiveness from an analytical perspective on power3
Prolegomena to a Buddhist philosophy of religion2
Unamuno on making oneself indispensable and having the strength to long for immortality2
What is merit, that it can be transferred?2
A defense of modal appearances2
Moral knowledge and the existence of god2
How to make the problem of divine hiddenness worse2
A reason for apatheism1
Whiteness and religious experience1
The aloneness argument: an aspectival response1
Future truth and freedom1
Five problems for the moral consensus about sins1
Mechanized analysis of Anselm’s modal ontological argument1
The Ontology of the Offense: Rowan Williams and Johannes Climacus on Christology and Ontology1
Why truthmaker theory cannot save divine simplicity1
“Resuscitating the Common Consent Argument for Theism”1
The creation objection against timelessness fails1
A New Moral Argument for the existence of God1
After Pascal’s Wager: on religious belief, regulated and rationally held1
Fitting prepositional gratitude to god is metaphysically impossible1
Preemption and a counterfactual analysis of divine causation1
Metaphors, religious language and linguistic expressibility1
Descartes on intellectual joy and the intellectual love of god1
Elucidating open theism1
An epistemological challenge to ontological bruteness1
Religious conversion, philosophy, and social science1
The evolutionary argument against naturalism: a Wittgensteinian response1
Neo-Cartesianism and the expanded problem of animal suffering0
Counting to infinity, successive addition, and the length of the past0
What could Jesus do?0
Non-accidental piety: reliable reasoning and modally robust adherence to the divine will0
Adam Graves: The Phenomenology of Revelation in Heidegger, Marion, and Ricoeur0
Critical notice of Christopher J. Insole: Kant and the Divine: from contemplation to the Moral Law (Oxford University Press, 2020)0
Editorial Preface0
J. L. Schellenberg: Religion after Science: The Cultural Consequences of Religious Immaturity0
Editorial preface0
Getting tense about the atonement0
Fission theories of Original Guilt0
Editorial preface0
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Future contingency, future indeterminacy, and grounding: comments on Todd0
‘Everybody would agree’ – a novel Wittgensteinian approach to philosophy of religion0
Adamson, Avicenna and God’s knowledge of particulars0
Spiritual oneness and the cognitive science of religion0
Analytic Theology and the academic study of Religion, by William Wood. Oxford University Press, 2021. 299 pages, $100.00 (hb)0
Correction to: Maximal possessiveness: A serious flaw in the evil God challenge0
Narratives & spiritual meaning-making in mental disorder0
The problem of the unknown attributes0
Book symposium: Patrick Todd, The open future: why future contingents are all false. New York: Oxford University Press, 2021. 224 pp. $80.000
Editorial preface0
Are the psychophysical laws fine-tuned?0
Toward an inclusive conception of eternity0
Does moral anti-theodicy beg the question?0
On the metaphysics of the incarnation0
Survival, freedom, urge and the absolute: on an antinomy in the subject0
Reconsidering the Alien Doctor Analogy: a challenge to skeptical theism0
Game theory and omniscience0
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Poetry and revelation: for a phenomenology of religious poetry0
Oppy on arguments and worldviews: an internal critique0
Is there something of divinity regarding Kant’s account of reason?0
A crucial distinctive author contact information0
The premortalist free will defense0
Andrew Loke’s indirect defence of the successive addition argument0
Faith: intention to form theistic beliefs0
Unamuno and the Makropulos Debate0
If Molinism is true, what can you do?0
Editorial Preface0
Kant’s religious ethics: the ineluctable link between morality and theism0
Sylvia Walsh Perkins (editor): Truth is subjectivity: kierkegaard and political theology.0
Are cosmological arguments good arguments?0
Christian physicalism and the biblical argument for dualism0
Editorial preface0
Time, atemporal existence, and divine temporal consciousness: a bimodalist account for divine consciousness0
The problem of arbitrary requirements: an abrahamic perspective0
Leland Royce Harper: Multiverse deism: shifting perspectives of God and the world0
God’s absolute immutability vis-a-vis his real relation with the world0
God, suffering, and the value of free will. Laura W. Ekstrom. Oxford University Press, 2021. 248 pp., $99.95 (hc.)0
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Is it wrong for God to create persons? A response to Monaghan0
Editorial preface0
Moral Normativity: Naturalism vs. Theism0
W. P. Franks: Explaining evil: four views0
The negative theology of absolute infinity: Cantor, mathematics, and humility0
Malebranche on Space, Time, and Divine Simplicity0
Simply providential: a Thomistic response to Schmid’s providential collapse argument against classical theism0
Revealing the counterfactuals: molinism, stubbornness, and deception0
Correction to: A crucial distinctive author contact information0
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Perfecting agents0
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Future contingency, future indeterminacy, and grounding: comments on Todd0
Adams’ theory of goodness as Godlikeness amended0
A Buddhist approach to moral knowledge without god0
The two parts of Kant’s moral religion0
Editorial preface0
Artistic beauty and religious sublimity in literature: a Levinasian reproach of estheticism in light of Kant’s third Critique0
God and gratuitous evil: Between the rock and the hard place0
Love and Self-Sacrifice: Kierkegaard, Maimonides and the Poor Spouse Predicament0
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Evil and maximal greatness0
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Is expressivism theologically acceptable?0
Randy Ramal: On philosophy, intelligibility, and the ordinary: going the bloody hard way0
Editorial preface0
God’s necessary existence: a thomistic perspective0
Editorial preface0
Divine foreknowledge and human free will: Embracing the paradox0
An inexplicably good argument for causal finitism0
Minding creation: theological panpsychism and the doctrine of creation0
Another Wittgensteinian response to the evolutionary argument against naturalism0
Progressive atheism: how moral evolution changes the god debate0
Jerome Yehuda Gellman: Perfect goodness and the god of the Jews: a contemporary jewish theology0
Incompatible and incomparable perfections: a new argument against perfect being theism0
Maximal possessiveness: A serious flaw in the evil God challenge0
Mystical ineffability: a nonconceptual theory0
Divine hiddenness and the problem of no greater goods0
Resurrecting van Inwagen’s simulacrum: a defense0