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Public Administration

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(The following only lists papers published after 15. August 2018.)

The limits of proceduralism: critical remarks on the rise of ‘throughput legitimacy’

The Professional Politics of the Austerity Debate: A Comparative Field Analysis of the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund

Linking Anticorruption Threats, Performance Pay, Administrative Outputs, and Policy Outcomes in China

Leading and recognizing public value

Roles, Trust and Skills: A Typology of Patronage Appointments

Central banks’ communication as reputation management: How the Fed talks under uncertainty

Leading Knowledge Mobilization for Public Value: the Case of the Congestion Charge Zone (Area C) in Milan

Negotiated Compliance at the Street Level: Personalizing immunization in England, Israel and Sweden

A genealogy of EU discourses and practices of deliberative governance: Beyond states and markets?

Focusing on quality care rather than “checking boxes”: How to exit the labyrinth of multiple accountabilities in hybrid healthcare arrangements

How can network leaders promote public value through soft metagovernance?

Discretion Drift in Primary Care Commissioning in England: Towards a Conceptualisation of Hybrid Accountability Obligations

Strategic Change, Leadership and Accounting: a triptych of organizational reform

Is resilience enough? The macro‐prudential reform agenda and the lacking smoothing of the cycle

Regulators and the quest for coherence in finance: The case of loss absorbing capacity for banks

Constrained or creative? Changes in financial condition and entrepreneurial orientation in public organizations

Encouraging Civil Servants to be Frank and Fearless: Merit Recruitment and Employee Voice

Selective permeability of boundaries in a knowledge brokering team

When Less is More: On Politicians’ Attitudes to Remuneration

Explaining bureaucratic power in intergovernmental relations: A network approach

Policy drift: Shared powers and the making of US law and policy

The European Court of Justice and the policy process: The shadow of case law

Learning from the Commission Case: The Comparative Study of Management Change in International Public Administrations

Employer engagement in active labour market programmes: the role of boundary spanners