Physics, Fluids & Plasmas

Journal Rankings
TQCC Average citations Median citations H4-Index Number of Papers Impact Factor
(The citation data are based on CrossRef. The ranking can be re-used under a CC0-license.)
(Using publications from roughly 2020-07-01 to 2024-07-01)
Rank Journal Average citations
1 Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics34.957
2 Journal of Fluid Mechanics6.572
3 Physics of Fluids6.375
4 Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation6.352
5 Plasma Sources Science & Technology6.341
6 Nuclear Fusion5.933
7 Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science5.613
8 Biomicrofluidics5.365
9 Physical Review Fluids5.293
10 European Journal of Mechanics B-Fluids5.121
11 Journal of Plasma Physics5.030
12 Physica D-Nonlinear Phenomena4.873
13 Microfluidics and Nanofluidics4.728
14 Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing4.413
15 Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics4.246
16 Plasma Processes and Polymers4.202
17 Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion3.994
18 Physics of Plasmas3.747
19 High Energy Density Physics3.540
20 Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics3.322
21 Journal of Turbulence3.303
22 International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids2.728
23 Plasma Science & Technology2.699
24 International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics2.387
25 IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science2.216
26 Fluid Dynamics Research2.048
27 Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics2.045
28 Plasma Physics Reports1.932
29 Contributions to Plasma Physics1.703
30 Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids1.430
31 Fluid Dynamics1.361
32 Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics1.256
33 Magnetohydrodynamics1.019