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Founded in: 2008
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Latest papers

From media planner to media expert: The digital effect in advertising
Comunicar 2019-02-07

Adolescents's problematic mobile phone use, fear of missing out in family communication
Comunicar 2019-02-07

Content syndication in news aggregators. Towards devaluation of professional journalistic criterio
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Reading and informal learning trends on YouTube: The booktuber
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Use of technologies and academic performance in adolescent students
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Mobile journalism: Systematic literature review
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The use of digital resources and materials In and outside the bilingual classroom
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Young adults’ interaction with online news and advertising
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Robotics to develop computational thinking in early Childhood Education
Comunicar 2019-02-07

Constructing Donald Trump: Mobile apps in the political discourse about the President of the United States
Comunicar 2019-02-07

Multiple intelligences and video games: Assessment and intervention with software TOI
Comunicar 2018-12-04

The 'danmu' phenomenon and media participation: Intercultural understanding and language learning through 'The Ministry of Time'
Comunicar 2018-12-04

Google or Gutenberg Generation: Chilean university students’ reading habits and reading purposes
Comunicar 2018-12-04

Exploring the influence of the teacher: Social participation on Twitter and academic perception
Comunicar 2018-12-04

Young people learning from digital media outside of school: The informal meets the formal
Comunicar 2018-12-04

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