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Latest papers

Extending public relationship-building through the theory of politeness
Public Relations Review 2019-05-17

Bridging transformational leadership, transparent communication, and employee openness to change: The mediating role of trust
Public Relations Review 2019-05-17

A global capability framework: Reframing public relations for a changing world
Public Relations Review 2019-05-16

Effective strategies for responding to rumors about risks: The case of radiation-contaminated food in South Korea
Public Relations Review 2019-05-16

Prioritizing relationships: The investment model and relationship maintenance strategies in organizational crises
Public Relations Review 2019-05-15

Constructing positive public relations in China: Integrating public relations dimensions, dialogic theory of public relations and the Chinese philosophical thinking of Yin and Yang
Public Relations Review 2019-05-15

The influence of culture and infrastructure on CSR and country image: The case of Kuwait
Public Relations Review 2019-05-13

The public relations paradox of erasure: Damnatio memoriae as public relations strategy and tactic
Public Relations Review 2019-05-13

Exploring crisis communication in the internal context of an organization: Examining moderated and mediated effects of employee-organization relationships on crisis outcomes
Public Relations Review 2019-05-09

An Arab perspective on social media: How banks in Kuwait use instagram for public relations
Public Relations Review 2019-05-09

How social ties contribute to collective actions on social media: A social capital approach
Public Relations Review 2019-05-03

The social-mediated crisis communication research: Revisiting dialogue between organizations and publics in crises of China
Public Relations Review 2019-05-01

Corporate diplomacy and political CSR: Similarities, differences and theoretical implications
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

Propaganda stories in Czechoslovakia in the late 1980s: Believe it or not?
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

‘What the country wanted’: The houses of parliament, the press and the origins of media management in Britain, c. 1780–1900
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

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