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Latest papers

Corporate diplomacy and political CSR: Similarities, differences and theoretical implications
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

Propaganda stories in Czechoslovakia in the late 1980s: Believe it or not?
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

‘What the country wanted’: The houses of parliament, the press and the origins of media management in Britain, c. 1780–1900
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

Modernity and the development of PR in Norway: Influences and interactions
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

Revisiting the relationship between public relations and marketing: Encroachment and social media
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

The misunderstood nineteenth century U.S. press agent
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

H-Day 1967 – An alternative perspective on “propaganda” in the historiography of public relation
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

The never changing story: Eight decades of the government public relations department of Thailand
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

UK Government Communication: The Cameron years and their ongoing legacy
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

Creatively escaping insularity and encouraging internationalism: British radicalism, history from below, and public relations historiography
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

Filmic public relations for a global audience: The United Nations and The Blue Vanguard
Public Relations Review 2019-04-12

“We are people, not transactions”: Trust as a precursor to dialogue with LGBTQ publics
Public Relations Review 2019-04-11

Creating a positive emotional culture: Effect of internal communication and impact on employee supportive behaviors
Public Relations Review 2019-04-02

Relationship management through social media influencers: Effects of followers’ awareness of paid endorsement
Public Relations Review 2019-03-30

Factors affecting social presence and word-of-mouth in corporate social responsibility communication: Tone of voice, message framing, and online medium type
Public Relations Review 2019-03-25

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