List of Journals

The category ‘Area Studies’ comprises 84 journals.

The choice of journals is based on Web of Science 's SSCI (Social Science Citations Index).


• The column Rank refers to the ranking accorded to the journal by Web of Science based on the 2-year Journal Impact Factor 2021 (released in mid-2022).

• Journals listed in pale letters do not deposit scholarly metadata at CrossRef. As a consequence, OOIR cannot track their latest papers.

• The logo Open Access denotes fully Open Access journals.

RankJournalImpact Factor
1Eurasian Geography and Economicsca. 3.7
2Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studiesca. 3.2
3China Journalca. 3.1
4Journal of Contemporary Chinaca. 3.1
5Critical Asian Studiesca. 3.0
6African Affairsca. 3.0
7East European Politicsca. 3.0
8Journal of Chinese Political Scienceca. 2.6
9Southeast European and Black Sea Studiesca. 2.5
10Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies Open Accessca. 2.3
11China Quarterlyca. 2.2
12Turkish Studiesca. 2.2
13Pacific Reviewca. 2.0
14Mediterranean Politicsca. 1.9
15Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairsca. 1.8
16Review of African Political Economyca. 1.8
17Journal of Contemporary Asiaca. 1.8
18Post-Soviet Affairsca. 1.8
19Journal of Eastern African Studiesca. 1.8
20African Studies Reviewca. 1.8
21Africa Spectrum Open Accessca. 1.8
22Central Asian Surveyca. 1.8
23China Reviewca. 1.7
24Latin American Politics and Societyca. 1.6
25Middle East Critiqueca. 1.6
26Journal of Asian Public Policyca. 1.5
27European Securityca. 1.5
28Economic Development and Cultural Changeca. 1.5
29Asia Pacific Viewpointca. 1.4
30Pacific Affairsca. 1.3
31China Informationca. 1.3
32Asian Studies Reviewca. 1.2
33Latin American Research Reviewca. 1.2
34Journal of Asian Studiesca. 1.2
35Africaca. 1.2
36East European Politics and Societiesca. 1.2
37Journal of Contemporary European Studiesca. 1.2
38China Perspectivesca. 1.2
39East Asian Science, Technology & Society Open Accessca. 1.2
40Europe-Asia Studiesca. 1.1
41Journal of Modern African Studiesca. 1.1
42Middle East Journalca. 1.1
43International Journal of Middle East Studiesca. 1.1
44Contemporary Southeast Asiaca. 1.1
45Contemporary South Asiaca. 1.0
46Modern Asian Studiesca. 1.0
47Nationalities Papersca. 1.0
48Journal of Latin American Studiesca. 1.0
49Latin American Perspectivesca. 1.0
50Contemporary Pacificca. 1.0
51Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studiesca. 0.9
52British Journal of Middle Eastern Studiesca. 0.9
53India Reviewca. 0.9
54Journal of Asian and African Studiesca. 0.8
55Journal of Southern African Studiesca. 0.8
56IDS Bulletin Open Accessca. 0.8
57Journal of Australian Studiesca. 0.8
58South Asiaca. 0.8
59Bulletin of Latin American Researchca. 0.7
60China: An International Journalca. 0.7
61Modern Chinaca. 0.7
62Journal of Palestine Studiesca. 0.7
63Asian Journal of Social Scienceca. 0.6
64African Studiesca. 0.6
65Journal of Southeast Asian Studiesca. 0.6
66Pacific Focusca. 0.6
67European Reviewca. 0.5
68Asian Surveyca. 0.5
69Journal of Baltic Studiesca. 0.4
70Social Dynamicsca. 0.4
71Modern Italyca. 0.4
72Social Science Japan Journalca. 0.4
73Middle East Policyca. 0.4
74Middle Eastern Studiesca. 0.4
75London Journalca. 0.4
76Israel Affairsca. 0.3
77Iranian Studiesca. 0.3
78Journal of Japanese Studiesca. 0.3
79Slavic Reviewca. 0.3
80Korea Observerca. 0.2
81German Studies Reviewca. 0.2
82African and Asian Studiesca. 0.2
83Bilig Open Accessca. 0.2
84New West Indian Guideca. 0.0