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The category ‘All Categories’ comprises 818 journals..

The choice of journals is based on Web of Science 's SSCI (Social Science Citations Index).


• The column Rank refers to the ranking accorded to the journal by Web of Science based on the 2-year Journal Impact Factor 2020 (released in mid-2021).

• Journals listed in pale letters do not deposit scholarly metadata at CrossRef. As a consequence, OOIR cannot track their latest papers.

• The logo Open Access denotes fully Open Access journals.

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The following only lists the top 10 journals of each respective discipline.

RankJournalPublisherImpact Factor
1Political AnalysisCambridge University Pressca. 8.6
2Annual Review of Political ScienceAnnual Reviewsca. 8.0
3International AffairsOxford University Pressca. 7.9
4Political CommunicationTaylor & Francisca. 7.8
5American Political Science ReviewCambridge University Pressca. 7.8
6Review of International OrganizationsSpringerca. 7.7
7International SecurityMITca. 7.4
8Journal of European Public PolicyTaylor & Francisca. 7.3
9Journal of Public Administration Research and TheoryOxford University Pressca. 7.0
10Environmental PoliticsTaylor & Francisca. 6.7

RankJournalPublisherImpact Factor
1American Sociological ReviewSAGEca. 9.6
2Annals of Tourism ResearchElsevierca. 9.0
3Annual Review of SociologyAnnual Reviewsca. 8.0
4Sociological Methods & ResearchSAGEca. 6.9
5Sociology of EducationSAGEca. 6.0
6Information, Communication & SocietyTaylor & Francisca. 5.4
7Work, Employment and SocietySAGEca. 5.1
8SociologySAGEca. 4.8
9Work and OccupationsSAGEca. 4.7
10American Journal of SociologyUniversity of Chicago Pressca. 4.6

RankJournalPublisherImpact Factor
1European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context Open AccessSpanish Society of Forensic Psychologyca. 9.3
2Harvard Law Review Open AccessHarvard Law Review Associationca. 9.0
3Regulation & GovernanceWileyca. 5.4
4Yale Law Journal Open AccessThe Yale Law Journal Companyca. 5.3
5Stanford Law Review Open AccessStanford Universityca. 4.2
6Law and Human BehaviorAPAca. 3.7
7Journal of Law and the BiosciencesOxford University Pressca. 3.5
8American Criminal Law Review Open AccessGeorgetown University Law Centerca. 3.4
9Transnational Environmental LawCambridge University Pressca. 3.4
10Columbia Law Review Open AccessColumbia Law Review Association, 3.3

RankJournalPublisherImpact Factor
1Dialogues in Human GeographySAGEca. 11.7
2Economic GeographyTaylor & Francisca. 11.7
3Progress in Human GeographySAGEca. 10.2
4Global Environmental ChangeElsevierca. 9.5
5Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and SocietyOxford University Pressca. 8.3
6Environment and Planning DSAGEca. 6.6
7Landscape and Urban PlanningElsevierca. 6.1
8Computers, Environment and Urban SystemsElsevierca. 5.3
9AntipodeWileyca. 5.0
10Journal of Transport GeographyElsevierca. 4.9

RankJournalPublisherImpact Factor
1Journal of Economic HistoryCambridge University Pressca. 3.5
2Journal of Global HistoryCambridge University Pressca. 2.1
3Past & PresentOxford University Pressca. 2.1
4CliometricaSpringerca. 2.1
5American Historical ReviewOxford University Pressca. 1.9
6Economic History ReviewWileyca. 1.9
7Memory StudiesSAGEca. 1.5
8Journal of Interdisciplinary HistoryMIT Pressca. 1.5
9Nations and NationalismWileyca. 1.4
10Intelligence and National SecurityTaylor & Francisca. 1.3

RankJournalPublisherImpact Factor
1China JournalUniversity of Chicago Pressca. 3.8
2Journal of Contemporary ChinaTaylor & Francisca. 3.7
3Journal of Contemporary AsiaTaylor & Francisca. 3.2
4African AffairsOxford University Pressca. 3.2
5China QuarterlyCambridge University Pressca. 3.1
6Post-Soviet AffairsTaylor & Francisca. 2.9
7Mediterranean PoliticsTaylor & Francisca. 2.5
8Pacific ReviewTaylor & Francisca. 2.4
9Eurasian Geography and EconomicsTaylor & Francisca. 2.2
10Central Asian SurveyTaylor & Francisca. 2.2

RankJournalPublisherImpact Factor
1Communication MonographsTaylor & Francisca. 8.6
2New Media & SocietySAGEca. 8.0
3Digital JournalismTaylor & Francisca. 7.9
4Communication Methods & MeasuresTaylor & Francisca. 7.8
5Political CommunicationTaylor & Francisca. 7.8
6Journal of CommunicationOxford University Pressca. 7.2
7International Journal of Press/PoliticsSAGEca. 6.5
8Journal of Public Relations ResearchTaylor & Francisca. 6.4
9Comunicar Open AccessGrupo Comunicar Edicionesca. 6.0
10Journal of AdvertisingTaylor & Francisca. 5.5