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Association: International Environmental Communication Association (@TheIECA)
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     Median: 46
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Latest papers

Climate Change Journalism: Time to Adapt
Environmental Communication 2019-02-13

Zen and the Art of the Selfie Stick: Blogging the John Muir Trail Thru-Hiking Experience
Environmental Communication 2019-01-25

Naming, Mourning, and the Work of Earthly Coexistence
Environmental Communication 2019-01-24

Gatekeeping and Communities in Energy Transition: A Study of the Block Island Wind Farm
Environmental Communication 2019-01-24

Canadian Weathercasters’ Current and Potential Role as Climate Change Communicators
Environmental Communication 2019-01-24

Internet Memes, Media Frames, and the Conflicting Logics of Climate Change Discourse
Environmental Communication 2019-01-24

How Aware Are Other Nations of Climate Change? Analyzing Germans’ Second-Order Climate Change Beliefs About Chinese, US American and German People
Environmental Communication 2019-01-24

Values in Science: Lessons from Wildfires
Environmental Communication 2019-01-15

Psychological Reactance From Reading Basic Facts on Climate Change: The Role of Prior Views and Political Identification
Environmental Communication 2018-12-27

The Story of an Emerging Energy Issue: National Television News Coverage of Fracking in the United States
Environmental Communication 2018-12-18

Blurred Borderlands: Sustainability and the Urban/Nature Divide at the Frick Environmental Center
Environmental Communication 2018-12-15

Unintended Effects of Emphasizing the Role of Climate Change in Recent Natural Disasters
Environmental Communication 2018-12-13

How to Discredit a Social Movement: Negative Framing of “Idle No More” in Canadian Print Media
Environmental Communication 2018-12-13

Of Catholicism, Forest and Management: An Analysis of Imaginaries in the Discussion of the Native Forest Law in Chile
Environmental Communication 2018-12-13

It is Always Dry Here: Examining Perceptions about Drought and Climate Change in the Southern High Plains
Environmental Communication 2018-12-12

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