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‘I gave someone a good death’: Anonymity in a community of Reddit’s medical professionals
Convergence 2019-05-23

Digital detox: Media resistance and the promise of authenticity
Convergence 2019-05-17

Don’t copy that: Security printing and the making of high-tech paper
Convergence 2019-05-09

Archival adventuring
Convergence 2019-05-07

Retromedia-in-practice: A practice theory approach for rethinking old and new media technologies
Convergence 2019-04-25

Tweeting the cosmos: On the bot poetry of The Ephemerides
Convergence 2019-04-12

Collecting and media change, or: Listening to Phish via app
Convergence 2019-04-06

What do home robots want? The ambivalent power of cuteness in robotic relationships
Convergence 2019-04-03

Book review: (Not) Getting Paid to Do What You Love: Gender, Social Media, and Aspirational Work
Convergence 2019-03-29

Algorithmic vulnerabilities and the datalogical: Early motherhood and tracking-as-care regimes
Convergence 2019-03-28

From emergence to convergence: New critical perspectives, innovative methods and novel approaches to the study of the digital subject
Convergence 2019-03-27

Keeping what real? Vinyl records and the future of independent culture
Convergence 2019-03-27

Convergence book reviews: Reflections on the field
Convergence 2019-03-22

Examining innovation as process: Action research in journalism studies
Convergence 2019-03-13

‘Doing’ media studies: The media lab as entangled media praxis
Convergence 2019-03-09

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