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Latest papers

The political mobilities of reporting: tethering, slickness and asylum control
Mobilities 2019-06-10

Inclusion by live streaming? Contested meanings of well-being: movement and non-movement of space, place and body
Mobilities 2019-06-05

Home on the waves: domesticity and discomfort aboard the overland route steamship, 1842–1862
Mobilities 2019-06-04

Migration as hope and depression: existential im/mobilities in and beyond Egypt
Mobilities 2019-06-04

Governing nature-based tourism mobility in National Park Torres del Paine, Chilean Southern Patagonia
Mobilities 2019-06-04

Of other movements: nonhuman mobility in the Anthropocene
Mobilities 2019-06-03

Forum 4: amphibious architecture beyond the levee
Mobilities 2019-06-03

Infrastructures of immobility: enabling international distance education students in Africa to not move
Mobilities 2019-06-02

From climate migration to anthropocene mobilities: shifting the debate
Mobilities 2019-05-27

(Mobility) Fixing the Taiwanese bicycle industry: the production and economisation of cycling culture in pursuit of accumulation
Mobilities 2019-05-27

Dynamics of precarity among ‘new migrants’: exploring the worker–capital relation through mobilities and mobility power
Mobilities 2019-05-20

Gender, marriage, and the dynamic of (im)mobility in the mid-Western hills of Nepal
Mobilities 2019-05-20

The work-sociology of academic aeromobility at remote institutions
Mobilities 2019-04-25

Indigenous (im)mobilities in the Anthropocene
Mobilities 2019-04-25

Family involved or left behind in migration? A family-centred perspective towards Estonia-Finland cross-border commuting
Mobilities 2019-04-15

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