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Latest papers

Family involved or left behind in migration? A family-centred perspective towards Estonia-Finland cross-border commuting
Mobilities 2019-04-15

Of (not) being neighbors: cities, citizens and climate change in an age of migrations
Mobilities 2019-04-09

Anticipating digital futures: ruins, entanglements and the possibilities of shared technology making
Mobilities 2019-04-01

Walking with technology: understanding mobility-technology assemblages
Mobilities 2019-03-28

Bangkok flooded: re(assembling) disaster mobility
Mobilities 2019-03-26

Asymmetrical therapeutic mobilities: masculine advantage in nurse migration from India
Mobilities 2019-02-26

Worldwide approval (and denial): analysing nonimmigrant visa statistics to the United States from 2000 to 2016
Mobilities 2019-02-22

Therapeutic mobilities
Mobilities 2019-02-19

The non-looks of the mobile world: a video-based study of interactional adaptation in cycle-lanes
Mobilities 2019-02-15

Digital navigation and the driving-machine: supervision, calculation, optimization, and recognition
Mobilities 2019-02-06

Choreographing the city: Can dance practice inform the engineering of sustainable urban environments?
Mobilities 2019-01-30

Taming the road, tamed by the road: sense of road as place among Indigenous Bedouin in an ethnic frontier in Israel
Mobilities 2019-01-28

Recycling traffic noise: transforming sonic automobilities for revalue and well being
Mobilities 2019-01-15

Mobilising patients towards transnational healthcare markets – insights into the mobilising work of medical travel facilitators in Delhi
Mobilities 2018-11-07

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