Environmental Politics

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Latest papers

Ecological democracy and the rise and decline of liberal democracy: looking back, looking forward
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Environmental Politics 2019-03-18

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From postmaterialism to sustainable materialism: the environmental politics of practice-based movements
Environmental Politics 2019-03-09

Should we control world population?
Environmental Politics 2019-02-21

‘A form of madness’: Australian climate and energy policies 2009–2018
Environmental Politics 2019-02-08

The limits to capitalist nature: theorizing and overcoming the imperial mode of living
Environmental Politics 2019-01-25

Conditions for successful environmental justice mobilizations: an analysis of 50 cases
Environmental Politics 2019-01-24

Greening the Congressional record: environmental social movements and expertise-based access to the policy process
Environmental Politics 2019-01-23

Does time colonise intergenerational environmental justice theory?
Environmental Politics 2019-01-21

Mobilizing environmental sentiment through the media
Environmental Politics 2019-01-18

Is the trajectory of European Union environmental policy less certain?
Environmental Politics 2019-01-18

The importance of compatible beliefs for effective climate policy integration
Environmental Politics 2019-01-18

Left to interest groups? On the prospects for enforcing environmental law in the European Union
Environmental Politics 2019-01-18

De-Europeanising or disengaging? EU environmental policy and Brexit
Environmental Politics 2019-01-18

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