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Latest papers

Effective advocacy: the psychological mechanisms of environmental issue framing
Environmental Politics 2019-01-15

Food certification, domestic politics and international trade: the US compliance response in three WTO disputes
Environmental Politics 2019-01-15

Avoiding cultural trauma: climate change and social inertia
Environmental Politics 2019-01-09

The price of power: the greens in the 2018 Swedish parliamentary election
Environmental Politics 2018-12-18

Knowledge uncertainties in environmental conflicts: how the mussel fishery controversy in the Dutch Wadden Sea became depoliticised
Environmental Politics 2018-11-24

Leadership and lesson-drawing in the European Union’s multilevel climate governance system
Environmental Politics 2018-11-24

Cities as leaders in EU multilevel climate governance: embedded upscaling of local experiments in Europe
Environmental Politics 2018-11-24

Oil and power industries’ responses to EU emissions trading: laggards or low-carbon leaders?
Environmental Politics 2018-11-24

Environmental, climate and social leadership of small enterprises: Fairphone’s step-by-step approach
Environmental Politics 2018-11-24

Climate pushers or symbolic leaders? The limits to corporate climate leadership by food retailers
Environmental Politics 2018-11-24

The oil and gas sector: from climate laggard to climate leader?
Environmental Politics 2018-11-24

Follow the leader? Conceptualising the relationship between leaders and followers in polycentric climate governance
Environmental Politics 2018-11-24

Pioneers, leaders and followers in multilevel and polycentric climate governance
Environmental Politics 2018-11-24

Climate pioneership and leadership in structurally disadvantaged maritime port cities
Environmental Politics 2018-11-24

Spectacular reassurance strategies: how to reduce environmental concern while accelerating environmental harm
Environmental Politics 2018-11-20

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