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Latest papers

The embodied politics of climate change: analysing the gendered division of environmental labour in the UK
Environmental Politics 2019-06-18

Fossil fuel divestment: theories of change, goals, and strategies of a growing climate movement
Environmental Politics 2019-06-18

Public support for environmental policy depends on beliefs concerning effectiveness, intrusiveness, and fairness
Environmental Politics 2019-06-18

Borderland environmental justice and governance apertures
Environmental Politics 2019-06-17

Drivers of ratification rates in global biodiversity governance: local environmentalism, orientation toward global governance, and peer pressure
Environmental Politics 2019-06-13

Divergent neighbors: corporatism and climate policy networks in Finland and Sweden
Environmental Politics 2019-06-09

Drivers of political parties’ climate policy preferences: lessons from Denmark and Ireland
Environmental Politics 2019-06-04

Climate laws in small European states: symbolic legislation and limits of diffusion in Ireland and Finland
Environmental Politics 2019-06-03

Prospective environmental injustice: insights from anti-mining struggles in Romania and Bulgaria
Environmental Politics 2019-06-03

Creative and disruptive elements in Norway´s climate policy mix: the small-state perspective
Environmental Politics 2019-06-03

Does size matter? Comparing the party politics of climate change in Australia and Norway
Environmental Politics 2019-06-03

The Czech Republic’s approach to the EU 2030 climate and energy framework
Environmental Politics 2019-06-03

The politics of carbon taxation: how varieties of policy style matter
Environmental Politics 2019-05-31

Climate justice: integrating economics and philosophy
Environmental Politics 2019-05-20

NIMBYs and partisans: how material interests and partisanship shape public response to shale gas development
Environmental Politics 2019-05-08

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