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Using affinity diagramming to generate a codebook: a case study on young military veterans and community reintegration
Qualitative Research 2019-06-21

Surfacing assumptions via ‘metaxic’ method: an arts-based method for team fieldwork
Qualitative Research 2019-06-19

Toward a transnational feminist methodology of encounter
Qualitative Research 2019-06-09

Reflections on the affective contributions to research success in two participatory projects in Colombia
Qualitative Research 2019-05-29

The necessity of a relational ethics alongside Noddings’ ethics of care in narrative inquiry
Qualitative Research 2019-05-28

Discovering dimensions of research ethics in doing oral history: going public in the case of the Ghent orphanages
Qualitative Research 2019-05-28

Relinquishing control in focus groups: the use of activities in feminist research with young people to improve moderator performance
Qualitative Research 2019-05-14

QR in reflexive mode: The participatory turn and interpretive social science
Qualitative Research 2019-05-10

Book review: DEBORAH FINFGELD-CONNETT, A Guide to Qualitative Meta-Synthesis
Qualitative Research 2019-04-24

Book review: FREDERIC CHARLES SCHAFFER, Elucidating Social Science Concepts. An Interpretivist Guide
Qualitative Research 2019-04-24

Ethics and positionality in qualitative research with vulnerable and marginal groups
Qualitative Research 2019-04-16

Reflexive embodied ethnography with applied sensibilities: methodological reflections on involved qualitative research
Qualitative Research 2019-04-12

Book Review: James Paul Gee, An Introduction to Discourse Analysis: Theory and Method (Fourth edition)
Qualitative Research 2019-03-20

Researching embodied relationships with place: rehabilitating the sit-down interview
Qualitative Research 2019-03-13

Assemblage analysis: an experimental new-materialist method for analysing narrative data
Qualitative Research 2019-03-04

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