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SPID: A New Database for Inferring Public Policy Innovativeness and Diffusion Networks
Policy Studies Journal 2019-06-12

To Lobby or Not to Lobby? Examining the Determinants of Nonprofit Organizations Taking the IRS 501(h) Election
Policy Studies Journal 2019-05-22

Deserving to Whom? Investigating Heterogeneity in the Impact of Social Constructions of Target Populations on Support for Affirmative Action
Policy Studies Journal 2019-05-15

Credibility in Policy Expertise: The Function of Boundaries Between Research and Policy
Policy Studies Journal 2019-04-27

Multiple Partial Couplings in the Multiple Streams Framework: The Case of Extreme Weather and Climate Change Adaptation
Policy Studies Journal 2019-04-24

The 2019 Public Policy Yearbook : Tracking a Decade of Trends in Public Policy Research
Policy Studies Journal 2019-04-24

Reconceptualizing the Policy Subsystem: Integration with Complexity Theory and Social Network Analysis
Policy Studies Journal 2019-04-24

Understanding the Field of Public Affairs through the Lens of Ranked Ph.D. Programs in the United States
Policy Studies Journal 2019-04-24

Thinking in Public about Public Affairs: A Response to, and Expansion of, Zuo, Qian, and Zhao
Policy Studies Journal 2019-04-24

Social Policy Perspectives on Economic Inequality in Wealthy Countries
Policy Studies Journal 2019-04-24

Thinking in Public about Public Affairs: Rejoinder
Policy Studies Journal 2019-04-24

Applying Policy Process Theories to Environmental Governance Research: Themes and New Directions
Policy Studies Journal 2019-04-24

Weathering the Storm: Social Policy and the Great Recession
Policy Studies Journal 2019-04-24

A Review of the Environmental Policy Literature from 2014 to 2017 with a Closer Look at the Energy Justice Field
Policy Studies Journal 2019-04-24

Sustainability Policy Research: A Review and Synthesis
Policy Studies Journal 2019-04-24

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