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Latest papers

Becoming Gamesworkers: Diversity, Higher Education, and the Future of the Game Industry
Television & New Media 2019-05-24

The Moral Calculus of Vocational Passion in Digital Gaming
Television & New Media 2019-05-24

Binge-watching Serialized Video Content: A Transdisciplinary Review
Television & New Media 2019-05-23

Book Review: Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism, by Safiya Umoja Noble
Television & New Media 2019-05-10

Development Distribution? EU Aid for Formal Audiovisual Distribution and the Case of Africa’s First Video-on-Demand Platform
Television & New Media 2019-05-03

“Everyone Working a Little More Closely Together”: Transnationalization of Creative Production in TV Production Conglomerates
Television & New Media 2019-05-03

Push, Pull, Rerun: Television Reruns and Streaming Media
Television & New Media 2019-04-30

Big Data from the South(s): Beyond Data Universalism
Television & New Media 2019-04-12

“Don’t You See What’s Going on Here?” Seinfeld and Badiou on Situations and Events
Television & New Media 2019-03-28

Makeovers Made Over: Ubuntu and Decolonization in Reality TV
Television & New Media 2019-03-21

Between Data Capitalism and Data Citizenship
Television & New Media 2019-03-13

Data Epistemologies, Coloniality of Power, and Resistance
Television & New Media 2019-03-09

Telecommunications Companies as Digital Broadcasters: The Importance of Net Neutrality in Competitive Markets
Television & New Media 2019-03-07

Skeuomorphic Domestic Television’s Analog Divide: Television and Social Stratification in Singapore
Television & New Media 2019-02-27

#NiUnaMenos: Data Activism From the Global South
Television & New Media 2019-02-22

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