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Latest papers

Found childhood as a practice of child as method
Childrens Geographies 2019-01-14

The becoming of a Swedish preschool child? Migrant children and everyday nationalism
Childrens Geographies 2019-01-11

Crossing the border from ‘migrant’ to ‘expert’: exploring migrant learners perspectives on inclusion in a primary school in England
Childrens Geographies 2018-12-13

Rights, participatory spaces and the daily fabric of children and young people’s voices in Switzerland
Childrens Geographies 2018-11-26

‘Nature makes people happy, that’s what it sort of means:’ children’s definitions and perceptions of nature in rural Northwestern Ontario
Childrens Geographies 2018-11-26

‘That street is taking us to home’: young children’s photographs of public spaces
Childrens Geographies 2018-11-25

Grassroots youth work: Policy, passion and resistance in practice
Childrens Geographies 2018-11-20

Playing with mud- becoming stuck, becoming free? … The negotiation of gendered/class identities when learning outdoors
Childrens Geographies 2018-11-14

Youth transitions: mobility and the travel intentions of 12–20 year olds, Reading, UK
Childrens Geographies 2018-11-11

Geographies of youth – a generational perspective
Childrens Geographies 2018-11-08

The ‘youth-fullness’ of youth geographies: ‘coming of age’?
Childrens Geographies 2018-11-08

What happened to adventurous young people and their cool places?
Childrens Geographies 2018-11-08

Neon bright: Cool Places, youth cultures and hopeful political-theoretical futures
Childrens Geographies 2018-11-08

Where in the world are youth geographies going? Reflections on the journey and directions for the future
Childrens Geographies 2018-11-08

Youthful geographies: from Cool Places to hyper-dynamic Asia
Childrens Geographies 2018-11-08

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