Modern Asian Studies

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Latest papers

Manly Civilization in China: Harry R. Caldwell, the ‘Blue Tiger’, and the American Museum of Natural History
Modern Asian Studies 2019-05-21

Hero or Villain? The evolving legacy of Shi Lang in China and Taiwan
Modern Asian Studies 2019-05-15

Toddy, Race, and Urban Space in Colonial Singapore, 1900–59
Modern Asian Studies 2019-05-14

Embodying Maoism: The swimming craze, the Mao cult, and body politics in Communist China, 1950s–1970s
Modern Asian Studies 2019-05-14

Solidarity in Three Acts: Narrating US black freedom movements in China, 1961–66
Modern Asian Studies 2019-05-14

‘For how Long can your Pīharwāle Intervene?’: Accessing natal kin support in rural North India
Modern Asian Studies 2019-05-07

In the Name of Anticommunism: Chinese practices of ideological accommodation in the early Cold War Philippines
Modern Asian Studies 2019-05-07

Marginal Hubs: On conviviality beyond the urban in Asia: Introduction
Modern Asian Studies 2019-03-28

Volatile Conviviality: Joking relations in Moscow's marginal marketplace
Modern Asian Studies 2019-03-28

‘Performed Conviviality’: Space, bordering, and silence in the city
Modern Asian Studies 2019-03-28

Danger and Difference: Teatime at the northeast India-Bangladesh border
Modern Asian Studies 2019-03-28

Jiagongchang Household Workshops as Marginal Hubs of Women's Subcontracted Labour in Guangzhou, China
Modern Asian Studies 2019-03-28

Regulating the Terminal Economy: Difference, disruption, and governance in a Papuan commercial hub
Modern Asian Studies 2019-03-28

Producing a Distant Centre: The role of wilderness in the post-Mao Tibetan Buddhist revival
Modern Asian Studies 2019-03-28

Pawangs on the Frontier: Miracles, prophets, and divinities in the ricefields of modern Malaya
Modern Asian Studies 2019-02-15

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