Modern Asian Studies

(The median citation count of Modern Asian Studies is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-04-01 to 2024-04-01.)
Abortion in South Asia, 1860–1947: A medico-legal history16
‘Cyclone Not Above Politics’ : East Pakistan, disaster politics, and the 1970 Bhola Cyclone11
Constructing a caste in the past: Revisionist histories and competitive authority in South India7
‘Our Grandmother Used to Sing Whilst Weeding’: Oral histories, millet food culture, and farming rituals among women smallholders in Ramanagara district, Karnataka6
Caravan Trade to Neoliberal Spaces: Fifty years of Pakistan-China connectivity across the Karakoram Mountains5
The Fractured Centre: ‘Two-headed government’ and threats to the peace process in Myanmar5
Caught between Two Nationalisms: The Iran League of Bombay and the political anxieties of an Indian minority5
The Politics of Our Selves: Left self-fashioning and the production of representative claims in everyday Indian campus politics4
Reform in fragments: Sovereignty, colonialism, and the Sikh tradition3
Allies among Enemies: Political authority and party (dis)loyalty in Bangladesh3
India and overseas Indians in Ceylon and Burma, 1946–1965: Experiments in post-imperial sovereignty3
Myanmar Traditional Medicine: The making of a national heritage3
Compradors, Neo-colonialism, and Transnational Class Struggle: PRC relations with Algeria and India, 1953–19653
Enacting Border Governance through Multi-scalar Violence: Exclusion and discrimination of Rohingya people in Rakhine state3
Boundary Making in Myanmar's Electoral Process: Where elections do not take place3
Inventing the ‘Maritime Silk Road’3
The privilege of the Indian passport (1947–1967): Caste, class, and the afterlives of indenture in Indian diplomacy3
Rapsodia Ibero-Indiana: Transoceanic creolization and the mando of Goa3
Rediscovering Afghan Fine Arts: The life of an Afghan student in Germany, Abdul Ghafur Brechna3
The Ahl-e-Hadith: From British India to Britain3
Sanskrit and the labour of gender in early modern South India3
Islamic Traditionalism in a Globalizing World: Sunni Muslim identity in Kerala, South India3
Informality, Temporariness, and the Production of Illegitimate Geographies: The rise of a Muslim sub-city in Ahmedabad, India (1970s–2000s)2
Cosmopolitan Visions and Intellectual Passions: Macanese publics in British Hong Kong2
Stolen Skin and Children Thrown: Governing sex and abortion in early modern South Asia2
Fendou:A keyword of Chinese modernity2
‘Enemy Agents at Work’: A microhistory of the 1954 Adamjee and Karnaphuli riots in East Pakistan2
‘Buddhism Has Been Insulted. Take Immediate Steps’: Burmese fascism and the origins of Burmese Islamophobia, 1936–382
Frontier Governance: Contested and plural authorities in a Karen village after the ceasefire2
Language Shift and Identity Reproduction among Diaspora Sindhis in India and Southeast Asia2
Refugee Policy as Border Governance: Refugee return, peacebuilding, and Myanmar's politics of transition2
Implementing Partition: Proceedings of the Punjab Partition Committee, July–August, 19472
Ritual cursing as an oath of submission: The problem of religious difference across Safavid Iran and modern Pakistan2
Perceptions and purpose of the bomb: Explaining India's nuclear restraint against China2
Sulh-i kull as an oath of peace: Mughal political theology in history, theory, and comparison2
Earth's Amphibious Transformation: Tange Kenzo, Buckminster Fuller, and marine urbanization in global environmental thought (1950s–present)2
Exercises in peace: Āẕar Kayvānī universalism and comparison in the School of Doctrines2
The Unbearable Lightness of Trust: Trade, conviviality, and the life-world of Indian export agents in Yiwu, China2
Framing the Fifth Schedule: Tribal agency and the making of the Indian Constitution (1937–1950)2
The Indian City and its ‘Restive Publics’2
Commemorative contention: The Taipei National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine and the politics of death1
Product, equipment, uniform: Material environment and the consumption of work in New Delhi, India1
Trans-Imperial Anarchism: Cooperatist communalist theory and practice in imperial Japan1
The modernity of tradition: Women and ‘healthy progress’ in late colonial Java and Sumatra1
Chinggisid pluralism and religious competition: Buddhists, Muslims, and the question of violence and sovereignty in Ilkhanid Iran1
Everyday rehearsal of death and the dilemmas of dying in super-ageing Japan1
Pashtun homelands in an Indo-Afghan hagiographical collection1
Find the river: Discovering the Tsangpo-Brahmaputra in the age of empire1
ASS volume 54 issue 3 Cover and Back matter1
Mediating Sovereignty: The Qing legation in London and its diplomatic representation of China, 1876–19011
Cosmopolitan Capitalists and Colonial Rule. The business structure and corporate culture of the Swiss merchant house Volkart Bros., 1850s–1960s1
Communities of skill in the age of capitalism: Handloom weavers in twentieth-century United Provinces, India1
Mehmed the Conqueror between Sulh-i Kull and Prisca Theologia1
Thailand's First Revolution? The role of religious mobilization and ‘the people’ in the Ayutthaya rebellion of 16881
‘Great Northern Wilderness’-style environmentalism: Nature preservation and the legacies of Mao-era land reclamation in China’s northeast borderland1
Mobilizing Bodies and Body Parts, from Myanmar to Manipur: Medical connections through borderlands in ‘transition’1
The Sedan Chair vs the Steamboat: The Sichuan Route and the Maritime Route in the making of modern Sino-Tibetan relations1
Beyond Repression and Resistance: Worker agency and corporatism in occupied Nanjing1
Neoplatonism and the Pax Mongolica in the making of ṣulḥ-i kull. A view from Akbar's millennial history1
Homeland, magnet, and refuge: Mecca in the travels and imaginaries of Chinese Muslims1
Anger and Atonement in Mughal India: An alternative account of Akbar's 1578 hunt1
The Modernity of Caste and the Market Economy—ERRATUM1
A Diplomatic Counter-revolution: Indonesian diplomacy and the invasion of East Timor1
Towards a Burma-inclusive South Asian Studies: A Roundtable1
Dam(n)ing the hills: Indigeneity, American aid, and Cold War politics in the Kaptai Dam, East Pakistan, 1957–19641
Glorious pasts of forest dwellers: Memories of land in the ex-zamindari of Borasambar, Central Provinces, 1861–19051
A Mongol-Mughal lens on religion and empire in Eurasian history: An introduction1
The prison-handicraft complex: Convict labour in colonial India1
Was Aśoka really a secularist avant-la-lettre? Ancient Indian pluralism and toleration in historical perspective1
Peasants, Colonialism, and Sovereignty: The Garo rebellions in eastern India1
China’s and Japan’s winding path to the Refugee Convention: State identity transformations and the evolving international refugee regime1
Doing ‘coolie’ work in a ‘gentlemanly’ way: Gender and caste on the famine public works in colonial North India1
A Roundtable on Rupa Viswanath'sThe Pariah Problem: Caste, Religion, and the Social in Modern Indiaand the Study of Caste1
Entanglements in the colony: Jewish–Muslim connected histories in colonial India1
Representations of disaster victimhood: Framing suffering and loss after the 1934 Bihar-Nepal earthquake1
Pahalwan Baba Ramdev: Wrestling with yoga and middle-class masculinity in India1
Muslim pasts and presents: Displacement and city-making in a Delhi neighbourhood1
Of Music and the Maharaja: Gender, affect, and power in Ranjit Singh's Lahore – CORRIGENDUM1
‘Winning the Peace’: The Chinese Maritime Customs Service, foreign technocrats, and planning the rehabilitation of post-war China, 1943–19451
A political sociology of empire: Mughal historians on the making of Mughal paramountcy1
Vietnamese Buddhist encounters with South Asia in the 1950s0
‘Rahman’ before Muhammad: A pre-history of the First Peace (Sulh) in Islam0
ASS volume 54 issue 4 Cover and Front matter0
The Oraons of Chhotanagpur: A journey through colonial ethnography0
Facsimiles of yore: printing technology and the page image in the Japanese Government General of Korea’s reproduction of historical sources0
Hearts and minds in Hong Kong’s New Territories: Agriculture and vegetable marketing in a Cold War borderland,circa1946–19670
An Inheritance of Loss: The king's debt, women's wills, and public charity in princely Mysore0
Reshaping the figure of the Shudra: Tukaram Padwal’s Jatibhed Viveksar (Reflections on the Institution of Caste)0
Wearing fire and chewing iron: Oaths of peace and the suspension of monotheism in contemporary Alevism0
From collaboration to commemoration: Zhang Wojun and the ambiguities of identity for intellectuals from Taiwan0
Justifying the use of excessive force: A critical discourse analysis of Chinese police individual WeChat Subscription Accounts0
ASS volume 55 issue 6 Cover and Back matter0
Poetics of the People: The politics of debating local identity in Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement and its literature (2014–16)0
The paradox of authenticity: The Korean Product Showroom of Mitsukoshi department store in colonial Seoul0
Afforestation, Propaganda, and Agency: The case of Hangzhou in Mao's China0
City of lights, city of pylons: Infrastructures of illumination in colonial Hanoi, 1880s–1920s0
‘In the interest of your bank and our country’: Two encounters between China and the International Chamber of Commerce0
ASS volume 56 issue 1 Cover and Back matter0
‘The Jews of Ceylon’: Antisemitism, prejudice, and the Moors of Ceylon0
And red flows the Koina river: Adivasi resistance to the ‘loot’ of their land and resources in eastern India, 1980–20200
ASS volume 57 issue 1 Cover and Back matter0
The Last Hump: The Lahore Elementary Flying Training School, the Chinese Civil War, and the final days of the British Raj0
A tale of a tyre: National space, infrastructure, and narration in S. H. Vatsyayan’s ‘Parśurām se tūrxam’0
The Ethnic Ecocritical Animal: Animal protagonists and ethnic environmentalism in contemporary Sino-Mongolian literature and art0
‘It all comes from me’: Bahu Begam and the making of the Awadhnawabi, circa1765–18150
Poetry for linguistic description: The Maldives inside and outside the Arabic cosmopolis in 18900
Taiwanese DNA versus Chinese DNA: Genetic science and identity politics across the Taiwan Straits0
An anti-secularist pan-Asianist from Europe: Paul Richard in Japan, 1916–19200
An Eastern hero: Biographies of Muhammad in imperial Japan0
A Song of Fallen Flowers: Miyazaki Tōten and the making of naniwabushi as a mode of popular dissent in transwar Japan, 1902–19090
ASS volume 56 issue 4 Cover and Front matter0
Broadcasting the ‘(anti)colonial sublime’: Radio SEAC, Congress Radio, and the Second World War in South Asia0
ASS volume 55 issue 6 Cover and Front matter0
ASS volume 57 issue 5 Cover and Back matter0
ASS volume 55 issue 1 Cover and Back matter0
The Sufi method behind the Mughal ‘Peace with All’ religions: A study of Ibn ‘Arabi's ‘taḥqīq’ in Abu al-Fazl's preface to the Razmnāma0
ASS volume 55 issue 5 Cover and Back matter0
Contested Colonial Metrological Sovereignty: The daching riot and the regulation of weights and measures in British Malaya0
ASS volume 56 issue 3 Cover and Back matter0
ASS volume 56 issue 5 Cover and Front matter0
Special issue: Multiple worlds of the Adivasi. An introduction0
Flagstone empire: Materiality and technical expertise in Japanese road construction in northeast China (1905–1945)0
ASS volume 57 issue 6 Cover and Front matter0
The decline of multilingualism in a divided public sphere: The Indian Press and cultural politics in colonial Allahabad (1890–1920)0
Relocated tigers and relocated villagers: Ferality and human–animal entanglement in Indian conservation0
Insurgent law: Bengal Regulation III and the Chin-Lushai expeditions (1872–1898)0
ASS volume 56 issue 1 Cover and Front matter0
Revisiting Rabindranath Tagore’s critique of nationalism0
‘Made in Hong Kong’: Deriving value from the place-of-origin label, 1950s and now0
Cohabiting a textualized world: Elbow room and Adivasi resurgence0
ASS volume 54 issue 3 Cover and Front matter0
Crafting literary Urdu: Mirza Hatim’s engagement with Vali Dakhani0
Delinking ‘the two rupees’: The devaluation dilemma and economic divergence in the decolonized subcontinent, September 1949–February 19510
ASS volume 56 issue 2 Cover and Back matter0
The Trans-Asian Pathways of ‘Oriental Products’: Navigating the prohibition of narcotics between Turkey, China, and Japan, 1918–19380
The grey zones of antiquarian pursuits: The 1938 Barger expedition to the princely state of Swat0
Real abstractions: Markets, moralities, and social segmentation in modern India0
The lure of land: Peasant politics, frontier colonization and the cunning state in Sri Lanka0
The point of death: Religious conversion and the self in South India0
The many swords of Shivaji: Searching for a weapon, finding a nation0
ASS volume 56 issue 4 Cover and Back matter0
Looking out from Goa, 1648: Perspectives on a crisis of the Estado da Índia0
Can migrants be indigenous? Affirmative action, space, and belonging in the Andaman Islands0
Beyond conservation: Royal picnics at Elephanta and the legitimization of empire0
Ethnic politics, the Cold War and sub-national dynamics: the Indonesian Communist Party, the ethnic Chinese minority and anti-Chinese activities in West Java, 1949–670
Cosmopolitan collaboration and wartime collaborationism: The Chinese Maritime Customs Service and its staff, 1932–19410
ASS volume 57 issue 6 Cover and Back matter0
ASS volume 57 issue 2 Cover and Front matter0
A secular empire? Estates,nom, and religions in the Mongol empire0
Saving China and admiring Japan: Cultural traitor Qian Daosun0
The secret of September: The 1949 oil agreements between the United States and South Korea0
ASS volume 55 issue 4 Cover and Back matter0
ASS volume 54 issue 6 Cover and Back matter0
Life of a Dalit magistrate: Ideologies and politics in Dalit life in North India, 1920–19540
Brahman wives and pedagogies of conscience in mid-nineteenth century British India0
Rethinking the Second World War in South Asia: Between theatres and beyond battles0
Measuring the Tibetan nation: Anthropometry in 1950s Kalimpong0
Siblings, comrades, friends: Kin(g)ship, hierarchy, and equality in Thailand’s youth struggle for democracy0
Empires of Opportunity: German naturalists in British India and the frictions of transnational science0
Know Your Rights: The (un)making of the colonial legal subjects in rural North India, circa 1770–18570
‘Enjoying life’: Consumption, changing meanings, and social differentiation in Kerala, India0
Imperial inheritance: The transnational lives of Gurkha families in Asian contexts, 1948–1971 – ERRATUM0
From fascism to famine: Complicity, conscience, and the narrative of ‘peasant passivity’ in Bengal, 1941–19450
Chen Mengzhao's storeroom in Park Street, Calcutta. Wartime India-China smuggling, 1942–19450
ASS volume 57 issue 5 Cover and Front matter0
Religion, political parties, and Thailand’s 2019 election: Cosmopolitan royalism and its rivals0
The Roots of Comparative Alterity in Siam: Depicting, describing, and defining the peoples of the world, 1830s–1850s0
Media wars: Remaking the logics of propaganda in India’s wartime cine-ecologies0
ASS volume 57 issue 1 Cover and Front matter0
ASS volume 56 issue 6 Cover and Front matter0
The point of death: Religious conversion and the self in South India – CORRIGENDUM0
Border Governance: Reframing political transition in Myanmar0
Building a ‘Lofty, Beloved People's Amusement Centre’: The socialist transformation of Shanghai's Great World (Dashijie) (1950–58)0
ASS volume 55 issue 1 Cover and Front matter0
No ‘Signs of Weakness’: Gendered violence and masculine authority on the North-West Frontier of British India0
Bulldozing the dead: Chinese, citizenry, and cemetery in post-colonial South Korea0
Jainism in Danger? Temple entry and the rhetoric of religion and reform in post-colonial India0
Possessing Christianity in Northeast India: Kelkang, 19370
Tribal land alienation and Adivasis’ struggle for autonomy: The case of Bhadrachalam Scheduled Area, Telangana, India0
Trishul vs Cross’: Hindutva, Church, and the politics of secularism in Christian-majority states of North-east India0
ASS volume 56 issue 3 Cover and Front matter0
ASS volume 56 issue 2 Cover and Front matter0
The transnational historiography of a dynastic transition: Writing the Ming-Qing transition in seventeenth-century China, Korea, and Japan0
Adivasi images, Adivasi voices. The resonance of the Eickstedt collection0
ASS volume 54 issue 6 Cover and Front matter0
A region in dispute: Racialized anticommunism and Manila’s role in the origins of Konfrontasi, 1961–630
‘Willing’ ethnic-nationalists, diffusion, and resentment in India: A micro-foundational account0
Border Governance in Kachin State, Myanmar: Un/caring states and aspirant state building during humanitarian crises0
Minakata Kumagusu and the emergence of queer nature: Civilization theory, Buddhist science, and microbes, 1887–18920
ASS volume 57 issue 3 Cover and Back matter0
Sulh-i kull to Vedānta: The Dādū Panth and the Mughal-Rajput imperial paradigm0
ASS volume 54 issue 4 Cover and Back matter0
Dilemmas of Democratic Deepening in India: Notes from two North Indian states0
ASS volume 55 issue 5 Cover and Front matter0
The fetish in the market0
‘East Punjab must not lag behind’: Partition, museums, and identity in independent India0
Placement agencies for care-domestic labour: Everyday mediation, regimes of punishment, civilizing missions, and training in globalized India0
How the first revolution affected the second: The setback of 1927 for the Chinese Communist Party Revolution in the 1920s0
ASS volume 55 issue 2 Cover and Front matter0
Imprimatur as Adversary: Press freedom and colonial governance in India, 1780–18230
ASS volume 55 issue 2 Cover and Back matter0
Caldwell's Dravidians: Knowledge production and the representational strategies of missionary scholars in colonial South India0
Simultaneously ‘national medicine’ and ‘East Asian medicine’: A cross-boundary network of medical exchange in wartime East Asia0
Afro-Asian resonances: Staging the Congo Crisis in 1960s’ Chinese theatre0
Whom can a Muslim Woman Represent? Begum Jahanara Shah Nawaz and the politics of party building in late colonial India0
Cleansing Macau's Image as the ‘Wickedest City in the World’: Eurasia,Long Way, and Luso-tropical film production in Macau in the 1950s0
Introduction to the Forum: Mediating collaborationism: Cosmopolitism, Asianism, and the recounting of history0
‘Elections can wait!’ The politics of constructing a ‘Hindu atmosphere’ in Kerala, South India0
Irrigation pumps in late colonial Taiwan: Farmers’ utilization of technology and the transition to rice cultivation0
ASS volume 54 issue 5 Cover and Back matter0
‘Farewell, My Uyghur Language’: Linguistic anxiety and resistance in Uyghur poetry and songs, 1990s–2010s0
Wormwood, nomads’ rights, and capitalism: the birth of a chemical industry in Russian Turkestan (1870s–1914)0
ASS volume 56 issue 5 Cover and Back matter0
Torn between the nation and the world: D. F. Karaka and Indian journalism in the Second World War0
From ‘mystic synthesis’ to ‘Jesuit plot’: The Society of Jesus and the making of religious policy in Indonesia0
Overcoming a stigmatic past: National Central University students in Nanjing, China, and the politics of wartime history0
The ‘theory of the unity of all classes and races against foreign capital’ in Malaya: Socialism, communalism, and uneven development in the thought of James Puthucheary0
Crafting a nation, fishing for power: The Universal Exposition of 1906 and fisheries governance in Late Qing China0
Imperial inheritance: The transnational lives of Gurkha families in Asian contexts, 1948–19710
ASS volume 57 issue 2 Cover and Back matter0
Translating transactions: Markets as epistemic and moral spheres0
Translating and Transliterating Marxism in Indonesia0
Epistemological Exercises: Encyclopedias of world cultural history in twentieth-century Japan0
Rethinking markets to rethink economics0
Between Industry and Islam: Stonework and tomb construction in colonial-era India0
A forgotten famine of ’43? Travancore’s muffled ‘cry of distress’0
Informal diplomacy in Chosŏn Korea and new engagement with the West and Westernized Japan, 1873–18760
Parallel lives or interconnected histories? Anagarika Dharmapala and Muhammad Barkatullah's ‘world religioning’ in Japan0
ASS volume 54 issue 5 Cover and Front matter0
Saving Homeless Children of War, Making Citizens for ‘Peace’: The politics of post-war rehabilitation in US-occupied Japan and beyond0
Struggles about class and Adivasi-ness in an eastern Indian steel plant0
ASS volume 55 issue 3 Cover and Back matter0
Sanskrit and the labour of gender in early modern South India – CORRIGENDUM0
Rewriting the hills: Youth sociality as a mode of navigating unemployment in a context of outmigration in North India0
The making of ‘public opinion’: Media and open diplomacy in China’s strategy at Versailles and the May Fourth Movement0
ASS volume 56 issue 6 Cover and Back matter0
The Politics of Pleasure: Wajid ‘Ali Shah and his manuscript,‘Ishqnama0
ASS volume 55 issue 3 Cover and Front matter0
Free sea or territorial waters? The Sino-Japanese Xiongyue fishing dispute, 1906–19120
ASS volume 57 issue 4 Cover and Front matter0
Santal indigenous knowledge, cultural heritage, and the politics of representation0
ASS volume 55 issue 4 Cover and Front matter0
ASS volume 57 issue 3 Cover and Front matter0
ASS volume 57 issue 4 Cover and Back matter0
To Be or Not To Be … a Global Citizen: Three doctors, three empires, and one subcontinent0
Strategic forgetting: Britain, China, and the South China Sea, 1894–19380
The entanglements of exchange in India0
Art diplomacy: Drawing China-Indonesia relations in the early Cold War, 1949–19560
Everywhere a market: Rethinking embedded exchange in modern India0