Modern Asian Studies

(The H4-Index of Modern Asian Studies is 16. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-06-01 to 2023-06-01.)
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The Office of Akhbār Nawīs: The Transition from Mughal to British Forms32
MarketizingHindutva: The state, society, and markets in Hindu nationalism29
Dutch Income in and from Indonesia 1700–193827
From Gandhi to Violence: Ahmedabad's 1985 Riots in Historical Perspective26
Violence, Reconstruction and Islamic Reform—Stories from the Muslim ‘Ghetto’21
Waiting for the ‘Just King’: The Agrarian World of South-Central Java from Giyanti (1755) to the Java War (1825–30)19
Cows and Constitutionalism19
From Land to the Tiller to Land Liberalisation: The Political Economy of Gujarat's Shifting Land Policy18
From Plantation to Padi-field: The Origins of the Nineteenth Century Transformation of Java's Sugar Industry17
From Kabul to Kiev: Afghan trading networks across the former Soviet Union17
Death and Celebration among Muslim Women: A Case Study from Pakistan17
Measuring Living Standards in Different Colonial Systems: Some Evidence from South East Asia, 1900–194216
From Crisis to Community Definition: The Dynamics of Eighteenth-Century Parsi Philanthropy16
The Modernity of Caste and the Market Economy16