Modern Asian Studies

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Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Founded in: 1967
URL: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/modern-asian-studies
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Category: Area Studies

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Latest papers

Pawangs on the Frontier: Miracles, prophets, and divinities in the ricefields of modern Malaya
Modern Asian Studies 2019-02-15

Interrupted Sovereignties in the North-East Frontier of British India, 1787–1870
Modern Asian Studies 2019-01-31

Civil Address and the Early Colonial Petition in Madras
Modern Asian Studies 2019-01-30

Cows and Constitutionalism
Modern Asian Studies 2019-01-30

A Bureaucracy of Rejection: Petitioning and the impoverished paternalism of the British-Indian Raj
Modern Asian Studies 2019-01-30

In the Presence of Witnesses: Petitioning and judicial ‘publics’ in western India, circa 1600–1820
Modern Asian Studies 2019-01-30

Indian Petitioning and Colonial State-Formation in Eighteenth-Century Bengal
Modern Asian Studies 2019-01-30

Illegal Border Crossers and Unruly Citizens: Burma-Pakistan-Indian borderlands from the nineteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries
Modern Asian Studies 2019-01-28

Publicity, Civil Liberties, and Political Life in Princely Hyderabad
Modern Asian Studies 2019-01-25

‘If I Speak, They Will Kill Me, to Remain Silent Is to Die’: Poetry of resistance in General Zia's Pakistan (1977–88)
Modern Asian Studies 2019-01-23

Chinese Asianism in the Early Republic: Guomindang intellectuals and the brief internationalist turn
Modern Asian Studies 2019-01-11

Re-Orienting the Philippines: The KALIBAPI party and the application of Japanese Pan-Asianism, 1942–45
Modern Asian Studies 2019-01-11

From Buddha Bones to Bo Trees: Nehruvian India, Buddhism, and the poetics of power, 1947–1956
Modern Asian Studies 2019-01-04

‘A Day in the Life’: Nation-building the Republic of Ngô Đình Diệm, 26 October 1956, symbolically
Modern Asian Studies 2018-12-11

The School Diary in Wartime Japan: Cultivating morale and self-discipline
Modern Asian Studies 2018-12-07

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